10 Best Password Managers In 2022: Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Password Managers: In the last couple of years, the internet has surely blown up and most people now have multiple online accounts. Each of these accounts will require a password and some sort of username, but remembering all of these can be quite tricky. If you are still using your son’s birthday as your password, you might be in for a surprise when hackers reach all of your accounts.

In this article, we have taken a look at the top 10 password managers currently available on the market today. These password managers have been tested by numerous experts to ensure the quality and that they will hold up. While you can choose any of them, we like KeePass as the number one option and they have also been in the market for quite some time, picking up all the tips and tricks needed to keep you and your accounts safe

Best Password Managers Top Pick: KeePass

KeePass has been around since 2004 and they first started as a simple Windows desktop password manager, but this has all but changed. The program is now available for Mac and Linux devices as well and it stores all of your passwords in encrypted formats. Accessing your passwords is made easy with system accessibility.

Moreover, all of these credentials can be exported in numerous different file types. This makes it easier to keep all of the passwords on you whenever you feel the need to do so. We highly recommend them as our top pick for the multiple years of experience they have and some of the excellent features can be sure to have when you choose them.


Keeper is somewhat more expensive, but they have an excellent vault feature that enables you to store your passwords in a vault for even more protection. The smartwatch integration fits in perfectly with the advancement of modern technology and should ensure even more functionality when you need to access these passwords.

As one of the ultimate passwords for families, this is the ideal option for the entire family. It can also be ideal for your business to keep the passwords of all the executive members safe when you are not using them. As we have mentioned, they are somewhat more expensive and you will need more than one person to make it worth your money.


LastPass has been highly rated for a couple of years now and they feature a free and premium plan. Both of these plans will offer unlimited password storage to keep your accounts safe. With the addition of a browser extension, it can easily be accessed and you no longer need to go search for your passwords through all of the bunches.

The auto-fill feature is perfect for filling out your passwords and having you connected in virtually no time at all. If you have a lot of passwords and you spent a lot of time on the internet, this will be one of the top options to consider choosing for your work or personal purposes.


Using AES-256 encryption makes DashLane one of the most protected password managers on the market today. They offer numerous passwords features, but you can also use the digital wallet for storing some of your credit card details. They do have a premium version and this will come with a couple of excellent benefits including secure backups and two-factor authentication.

While the free version will work wonders if you are protecting your social media accounts, we recommend the premium version to those with very high-security needs. This will definitely be one to look into for safe password protection.


Simplicity is key when looking at something like Roboform. This is one of the cheaper options and features the basic features you would expect to find in the elite password protectors. Roboform will enable you to store an unlimited number of passwords and login information and this can all be accessed at the touch of a button.

The main drawing factor is the price and this protection service is all about affordability. While they might not have some of the advanced features that many of the others will have, you will be safe when securing all your social media passwords from prying eyes and people.


LogMeOnce makes it easier for the masses when in need of a password protector. They offer some of the basic features with a digital wallet that enables you to keep all of your credit card details safe as well. The system will enable you to see your password strength and recommend details as you see fit to improve this quality.

If you have a massive backlog of older passwords, this will be one of the top options to consider. The system will automatically sort all of your passwords, making life as much easier for you as possible. We highly recommend this software for social media accounts and online banking protection for all of your details.


Enpass is another great password system that features AES-256 encryption and this has been rated as the best level of encryption currently available for password managers. One of the top features will be the password generator and if you lack some creativity, this will enable you to create your very own passwords of maximum strength.

It is one of the best systems to use for children as they might not yet understand the importance of a quality password. We would recommend this to your individuals who might not be in the creative position of coming up with excellent passwords to keep all of their accounts protected. It also teaches them from a young age not to use the same password over and over again.

Authentic8 Silo

Authentic8 Silo is one of the top password protectors that work on virtually any device. It can help you keep all of your accounts protected with excellent encryption and offers you fast access to your passwords whenever you need some access to them. The system also keeps your browser protected from any malicious software that may be harmful.

If you need to go on the web and you have some troubles with viruses and software on your PC, this is one of the top password protectors to help you ensure you are safe. The pricing is surprisingly affordable, making it one of the top options that we would definitely recommend to any user, using virtually any device.


There is absolutely no way you can forget the name of this password protector and it certainly stands out as one of the most user-friendly options on the market today. The software features AES-256 encryption and as we have mentioned, this has been rated as the best form of protection you can currently find.

With access from any device and the auto-fill feature, you can save time and have the passwords you need whenever they are needed. The passwords are carefully sorted, making them perfect for anyone to use. We would highly recommend this software as a great option, and the name just sounds so interesting.

True Key

Designed by McAfee, the True Key password protector is one of the most trusted on the market today. The system has taken a new step in password protection and they now implement fingerprint and facial recognition software to help you stay on top of any malicious hacker. However, you only get 15 passwords to be stored for free, and from there on, you need to invest in the premium version.

We highly recommend the True Key system when it comes to affordability. If you need something for free if you only have a handful of accounts, this will be one of the top options to choose from.

Final Verdict

Having excellent password protection is fundamentally important in the modern age. Hackers are constantly searching for ways to breach your accounts and retrieve the passwords you store on your PC in a word file. We would choose KeePass as the number one option for the experience they have in the industry.

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