10 Powerful Tips About How to Write Good Title

Writing an article is challenging, but drawing in readers to actually read what you have written is another. One needs to be careful with what you put out into the world as a writer because it will forever be attached to your name. There are some things in life that you can take shortcuts with and some you cannot. If you want to become a successful writer, you need to understand the importance of a good title.

Before someone decides to read your article, the headline will need to catch their attention so they will click to read If that part of your article is not up to scratch, your article might not be read as many times as you would like. This thinking goes into trying to figure out what your audience would like to read about. Here are some ways you can write great headlines.

1. Be Accurate

Before you decide on a good title, you want to make sure that you align your article with it. If your headline says 13 steps, you cannot offer 12 in your article.

Pay attention to the accuracy of your headlines if you want to gain the trust of your readers. You also do not want to oversell anything in your headline that you cannot deliver in your article. If you say something is going to be unique, you must ensure that it is.

2. Make It Go Pop

When we say this, we simply mean that you can glamorize a headline without it being false. Having a little fun with your headline is not wrong and should be encouraged.

It takes time to find the perfect balance, but once you read through a few popping headlines, it will all come together. This is when it is important to know your audience. You will be able to determine how far you can push your boundaries with catchy headlines.

3. Get To The Point

Another tip when writing a good title is to keep it short and to the point. You want to say just enough without overselling anything. There is no word count attached to this, but you need to use your discretion here.

Using 60 characters or less allows your headline to be displayed in full on the search engine pages. This will help your potential click-through rate. Anything more than that will be cut off and does not effectively communicate what you are trying to say through your headline.

4. Make Lists

When you add lists to your title that includes the top 10 or best 5 it can draw in your audience. People online want fast results and lists are a great way to do that to get better conversion rates.

The human eye is automatically drawn to numbers and colors, so it is a good idea to play around with that. When you use lists, it also gives the reader a guide as to how much information they will get. As long as you stick to the number you added to your title, you should be good.

5. Add A Bit Of Education

Everyone goes online to either be entertained or find help. You can use your articles to do any one of these two options. If you are offering bio writing services there is a clear point of teaching.

There are also ways to educate when you write about any topic. All you have to do is go beyond what is already out there. If you add educational value to your title, human beings are likely to check out the rest of the article.

6. Brainstorm Your Ideas

It is important to start the process with a brainstorming session. You want to come up with a few different options that might work and work from there. Perhaps it seems like a long process, but in the end, it is going to be worth it.

Taking time to go through the brainstorming session is going to pay off when you make the right decision. Hard work has never let anyone down. If you are stuck for ideas, search for similar articles and check the headlines other writers use. You don’t want to copy, but the more examples you can find will help you learn how to write compelling headlines.

7. Ask A Question

Another way to make your good title seductive is to use a question in your headline. It’s one of the classic good title formulas. We love to figure things out, and even if the question wasn’t in the reader’s mind, you have just placed it there.

Now the reader has to find out what the answer is and make it more likely that they will read your article. Question headlines also work very well on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

8. Use Your Keywords

This might not be a tip for the human eye, but search engines cannot resist good keywords. Adding keywords to your headline allows your article to be moved up in search engine rankings. A lot more people will see your heading, and if it is good, you will get more traffic for your blog posts.

Keywords are one of the most important SEO tricks used by writers, and it is popular because it works in attracting your target audience.

9. Add Some Emotion

Add some level of emotion to your title if you want to intrigue the readers. This does not have to be overused, but rather balanced with facts. Writing is more than just the technicality of it. There is some level of connection needed between the writer and the reader.

You don’t have to get soppy with this one, but just adding some emotion in there is going to make good clickbait.

10. Be Confident

You want your headline to shout out confidence or even create a sense of urgency. There is no guessing game as far as you are concerned. You need to convince the reader that you know what you are talking about when they are reading the headline.

You want to say, this is going to be a phenomenal article that is going to change their lives. It is possible to go beyond all the tips and write a good title that connects with people. Once you can engage with your audience, you have won.


Writing a powerful and seductive, good title is more than just numbers and colors. You need to speak to those who you are writing for. Knowing your audience is the first step and after that, you just need to make a connection with them.

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