Creating Your Own Product – Reasons To Do It

Creating your own product makes you stand out. Creating your own product makes you special. Creating your own product….well….let’s dive into the reasons.

Establish Your Authority

When you find a successful blogger – through their blog – what do you do next? You likely look around for their eBook, or marketing course or you scour for any product they may have produced.

Sure you’ll spend hours sifting through their blog. You’ll mine nuggets. You’ll be impressed. But you’re likely to want more. You want a soup-to-nuts, helpful eBook, to reference, to read, to digest.

Experts write books, or eBooks, to establish even greater authority. This goes for bloggers, or offline entrepreneurs, or heck, this goes for many folks in a zillion difference niches.

Experts are known for offering eBooks, or marketing courses, or video seminars, or any number of products, which help to establish their expertise.

Get on the product bandwagon.

Creating Your Own Product Helps You Master the Art of Relationship Building

Unless you’re brilliantly proficient in content creation and design, or you’re willing to publish a crappy looking eBook, or you’re willing to publish a dazzling eBook, design-wise, that’s full of text-rubbish, you’ll be partnering with 1 or more people to create a product.

Whatever your strengths, you’ll have some weaknesses which need to be addressed when you create your first product. Addressing these weaknesses requires tapping into your relationship-building skill set.

Relationship-building pros become stupid successful bloggers, because we as bloggers are playing a relationships game more than anything else.

Partnering forces you to learn give and take, and it also teaches you how to simply interact with other professionals to work toward a common goal.

Add Your Personal Stamp to Your Brand

Take a look at the cover of Blogging from Paradise. PD did the design, but whoever snapped that image of the bay, and the coconut tree, and the mountains, from their driveway in Savusavu, Fiji truly won.

That is adding your personal stamp, and that lends to your authenticity, and more than anything, this is a shot, and cover, that no one else on earth can re-create. Unless they:

Visit this crib in Savusavu
Find the same exact spot in our driveway
Snap the shot at the perfect time in the afternoon
Pray for the same weather conditions when snapping the shot

You get the drift. Your product screams YOU, and this unique, special, genuine nature of product creation makes you and your brand stand out from the crowd.

Learn Patience

From beginning to end, your product may take months to launch from the inception of the idea to the actual release date. This is a problem for impatient people, a problem which covers up a blessing.

You can admit it; Everyone has moments where they want to rush the product to market. Doing it right beats rushing to simply do it.

Having an attractive design, professional presentation, expert endorsements, a thorough, comprehensive, detailed sales page packed with glowing benefits and an overall high energy vibe surrounding your product creates a successful launch.

As you may imagine, creating the stuff you can create on your end and getting all of the moving cogs synched up, and waiting for busy pros to complete their part of the equation, and receiving expert endorsements, and finding an online store to launch the product….well…..this takes a ton of time.

Patience, grasshopper. Creating your product takes a ton of patience, but it’s all worth it because:

  • Pro bloggers need to patiently grow their traffic
  • Money flows into pro blogger’s coffers after they patiently persisted in using proven strategies
  • Patient people detach from outcomes, and detached people create the best work…and these people include bloggers
  • Launch a product. Learn how to be patient.

Learn How to Silence the Inner Critic

If you ever launched a product, you know damn well that the voices are going to pop up. The “who the hell is going to read/buy my product?”, type stuff, or the “how in the hell am I going to generate enough ideas to fill an eBook?”, type stuff, WILL surface, believe you me.

As a successful blogger, you’ll learn to address stuff. Yep, the negative, inner critic, which incessantly tells you what you can’t do.

Creating Your Own Product Helps You Hone Your Content Creation Skills

If you’re writing a 30,000 word eBook you’ll get plenty of practice in the content creation department. Ditto for any in-depth video series. Publishing any product requires you to create oodles of content.

Think about it; most bloggers publish 600 to 1,000 word posts. A few more – ahem – publish 2,500 to 3,000 word posts, and other bloggers take it to a new level, posting 5K, or 10K word, or longer posts, much less frequently than once a week.

In any case the amount of content you’ll create through publishing a product will improve your game quickly.

Some bloggers complain about having to reach 1,000 words. Imagine having to reach 50,000 words? Really? If that sounds impossible, it’s the same reason why so few people on earth become professional bloggers.

Most bloggers do not push themselves to publish products, and to create massive amounts of content, so their writing skills either regress, or remain the same. Being a pro’s pro requires serious work, and growth, on your part. Publishing a product will offer you the opportunity to put in serious work, and to grow quickly, so you can develop your writing skills and rock out this blogging thing.

Creating Your Own Product Is Actually Enjoyable as Heck

If you enjoy expressing myself. If you enjoy inspiring folks to retire. If you enjoy writing. If you enjoy creating.

Some bloggers miss out on the enjoyment aspect of this gig. Yep, even the pros, who make a handsome living, forget to enjoy the ride.

Seeing the process from beginning to end is one of the more enjoyable things creating a product can do for you. Being there in the early days, hashing out ideas, brainstorming, these are some of the most fulfilling, fun moments you can have as a blogger.

Creating is a wonderful thing. Creating a product that folks can consume on a large scale is even more wonderful.

This is the deal. When you fall in love with living your dreams and taking folks along for the ride, and your intent becomes more pure, you’re going to enjoy the heck out of creating products.

You’ll Move Up a Few Circles

It’s one thing to be viewed as an authority by newbie bloggers. It’s quite another thing to be viewed as an authority by other authorities.

When you create a helpful, inspiring product, industry pros will be happy to write you glowing testimonials. Reading glowing endorsements from pros inspires other pros to buy in, to trust you and to shout out your product to their followings.

Moving up a few circles is fun. It feels good. It makes you feel all those lonely months or years spent creating blog posts in the trenches, all those long, sleepless nights, and that all of those struggles were worth it.

Creating your own product.

Gain the backing of experts, to move up a few circles, and to live a freeing, happy internet lifestyle.

Moving up a few circles helps you:

  • Make more money
  • See more success with less straining and striving……until you see greater and greater success by having more and more fun
  • Reach an increasing number of people
  • Helps you connect with and learn from the best

Generate More Traffic

If you have a book attached to your name, or a webinar series, or some other helpful product, in most cases you’ll generate a ton more traffic. People are likely to refer you to friends, or other bloggers, or anybody who may be inspired by your work.

It’s the expert thing again.

But it’s also due to the simple fact that an eBook or webinar series offers you another platform through which you can plug your blog.

Explore every chance to market your blog, through every channel possible. That includes posting your blog URL in at least a few spots in your eBooks, or it means shouting out your URL in a few spots within your webinars.

Traffic flows to the expert.

Many product creators are instantly seen as experts.

Get a Hefty Commission Compared to Most Affiliate Ventures

Affiliate marketing is great. It does rock. Creating your own product does have a few benefits over going the affiliate route. It may take a ton more time on the front end to create a product but the earnings and branding potential are much bigger on the back end.

Think about it; if you’re making 50% per sale on an affiliate product, you’re pretty much making a killing. If you’re making 50% per sale on your product, you’re not only being hosed, you’re entirely blind.

Maybe you entered into a prospering business partnership or 2, and released upfront costs to generously bless your partners with a cut of each sale, but you should be taking home all of the proceeds minus any small percentage you may pay out to a cyber store front owner, who peddles your product.

Again, affiliate marketing rocks. Once you gain some experience create your own product to maximize your earnings.

In Virtually All Cases You’ll Never Regret it

Many bloggers admit that they made a ton of mistakes, bungling their way through their first product – or 5. Many bloggers explain how they failed and fell flat on their face, after publishing their first eBook, but nobody has regretted having a product.

There are no noticeable drawbacks, save the time and energy you must spend to create the product….and hey, if you want to be a pro, and island hop, and retire from your current job… gotta put in the time!

Create your own product. Build your brand. Prosper. You won’t regret it.

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