15 Best Paying Job in Energy

To grasp a job in energy, you ought to learn the subject first and get a pertinent degree to work. There are numerous colleges all over the world where you can select this subject and get professional knowledge. If you are looking for the best paying job in energy then let me tell you that you can earn a satisfactory figure between $50,000 per year and $230,000 per year, depending on your position and specialty.

To get a job in energy you need to have an understanding of some subjects which are science, information technology, mathematics, management, and business. You can study all these subjects in different degrees and for each position, you need different kind of knowledge, so let’s try to understand them better.


You all would have studied science in one of your classes. You can get the best jobs in energy if you have studied this subject well.  Science is generally divided into three parts that are physics, chemistry, and biology. To become a material engineer, chemistry is important as it teaches us about various materials and their properties. We need the study of biology for agricultural engineering, they need to do experiments related to the field. Moving forward to physics there are many jobs where it has utmost importance like data scientist, optical engineer, and aerospace engineering. 

Management And Business 

You will need managerial skills in every area and including energy jobs. To supervise work from top to bottom, we need a proper hierarchy. For all this work and running a business, skills are a must, and they get one of the best jobs in the energy field.

Information Technology

Advances in technology have made work more manageable and less time-consuming, and have also opened up new areas of work. There is no area where you won’t find jobs and same as in energy. You can get one of the best jobs in energy. All it takes is a deep understanding of the subject. It may be work-related to solar energy or radiation, technology helps in every sphere.


Do you think algebra, geometry, calculations, or other mathematical terms are required to get the job? The answer is yes, if you have specialized knowledge in mathematics then definitely you will get a fantastic job. To check the angles of a building or to calculate the material to be used, it is necessary to have a good knowledge of mathematics.

After having trained knowledge.  If you are struggling to find the jobs in the energy industry, this article may solve your issue. We will examine innumerable options, along with the education demanded and the average salary so that it becomes more leisurely for you to choose the best one for you. So let’s commence. 

#1 Petroleum Engineer

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With so many options, what do you think is oil and gas a good choice? I guess yes, this is a career where you can make a fantastic salary, additionally, you will work in one of the vital industries of the world, namely vehicles and industrial applications.

To get a job in this field you must have a bachelor’s or master’s degree, and you can get work with no experience also. The salary may be less in the initial days but as experience will increase, this job profile is lucrative. You may have to work offshore or at the office. 

Although the world is moving towards renewable energy, petroleum still plays an important role, so there are chances of massive growth. So you can start your journey as a petroleum engineer as this is one of the best paying jobs. You can expect a median salary of $150000 per annum. To earn a handsome amount you need an experience of five years

  • Salary: $136000- $200000 per annum
  • Experience: None 
  • Education: Bachelor’s or Master’s degree

#2 Solar Engineer

With the increasing trend of renewable energy, and people installing more solar plants, being a solar engineer can give you good earnings. A master’s degree is needed to know how to use sunlight and generate electricity.

A person looking for the best paying jobs in the field and who has a degree in electrical and electronic engineering can also apply for this job. The primary job of a solar engineer is to create and analyze the design for testing.

The market for solar engineers is increasing day by day. So there is a great scope in this area, and you can expect good growth in terms of status and salary. You can expect an average salary of $120000 per annum and here also you need adequate experience to earn a good amount.

  • Salary- $75000-$185000 per annum
  • Experience-None
  • Education – Bachelor/Master’s degree in Energy Technology. 


Define the term geoscientist? A person who is pursuing or has expertise in earth science. You have to study the physical properties, structure, and composition of the earth. This is a good field because there are many energies that need to be extracted from the ground. 

To become a geoscientist you require three to five years of experience. This field is one of the best in the energy industry. If you are considering making a career out of it, then go ahead without thinking twice. 

Giving an example to make you understand better. Geoscientist plays an important role in finding a suitable location for magnesium drilling and not only research but testing is also done by a geoscientist. A person who has a degree in electrical and electronic engineering can also apply for this job.

To acquire the position you need a  B.Sc./M.Sc. in Geology. Once you have gained the knowledge then you can get a good job at a good pay scale. The average salary of a geoscientist is $174000 per annum. Once you gain experience you can see a better salary. 

  • Salary- $85000-$200000
  • Experience- Three-Five years
  • Education – B.Sc. or M.Sc. in Geology. 

#4 Architect Engineer

An architect-engineer is a combination of two words that is architect and engineer. A person who constructs structural buildings is called an architectural engineer. The main work of an architect-engineer is to understand what the client wants and create a rough image of his building. 

If we’re talking about the average salary than it is around  $120000 per annum so what are you waiting for. The requirement of companies for this job is usually Bachelor’s/master’s degree in architecture. 

Nowadays, people demand to make a building that uses less energy and fewer resources. The best part is if you make your building with the assistance of an architectural engineer, take care of small things, and areas where a typical person can’t even think and use every inch.

They do not only plan the structure of the building but also take care of the efficiency of energy nowadays. Check the accuracy in terms of technology and research to find out how they can utilize the consumption of energy without affecting the house interior. It may take a little more time but in the long term, it is worth it. 

  • Salary- $90000- $200235
  • Experience- One-year at least
  • Education -Degree in architecture.

#5 Atmospheric Scientist

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Experts are needed for the study of a versatile range of winds. The atmospheric scientist knows the weather better, so they can analyze and make predictions about the winds. This is an interesting field. Atmospheric scientists are also popular as metrologists. 

They have the skills to recognize the weather and know better where wind turbines are needed to get better green energy. The research can help a lot in getting a better environment and increasing the use of renewable energy. 

If you are searching for a field job, then this is the best paying job for you. You ought to spend maximum time outdoors to study the climate and its changes. In this field, you can show your skills in a better way. They can also help create an efficient wiring system.

The average salary of an atmospheric scientist is $149000. You need professional knowledge to initiate in this field. There are a lot of chances to grow a lot in this profession.

  • Salary- $80000-$200000
  • Experience – None
  • Education- B. Tech or B.Sc. in Atmospheric Science. 

#6 Civil Engineer

The work of a civil engineer is basically related to infrastructure projects. They build, supervise, construct and maintain these projects. A civil engineer manages transportation projects such as the construction of airports, tunnels, dams, bridges, and roads. 

You can consider this a good career option. The main sectors that come under a civil engineer are the design and management of infrastructure, transportation, and building structures. Technical knowledge and mathematical analysis are required in this field. 

The average salary of a civil engineer is $88650. This, therefore, makes it one of the best jobs in the energy field. Being a civil engineer you have to work in various locations and conditions. Maximum time is spent on-site as they have to operate the work from there.

  • Salary- $70000- $150000
  • Experience-None
  • Education-Bachelors/Masters In Technology

#7 Nuclear Engineering

A nuclear engineer searches the uses of industrial and medical for radioactive material. They work in the production of energy and monitor radiation so that we can have a safe environment. This is one of the best jobs with the scale higher than most others, but there are chances of decline as we are moving very fast in terms of technology. The average salary of a nuclear engineer is $200000.

They detect the performance of equipment, do testing of air, soil, and water and find ways to improve nuclear energy. They measure the radiation and this makes this one of the hard energy jobs. 

  • Salary- $70000-$628000
  • Experience-None
  • Education – Bachelors in Nuclear Science and Technology. 

#8 Materials Engineer

The actual work of the material engineer is to work on various components to create a better product. A deeper knowledge of metals, other materials, ceramic, and plastic is required to work in this profession. 

Is there any relation between energy and material engineering? Have any ideas? I will explain you with an example. Many new vehicles are made using the assistance of material engineers to make a lighter vehicle and also works are done on the efficiency of fuel. You need some knowledge of chemistry, mathematics, and computers. The average salary of a material engineer is $88000. Your salary will escalate with the surge of inexperience.

  • Salary- $60000- $2130000
  • Experience – None
  • Education – Bachelor or master’s degree in material engineering. 

#9 Chemical Engineering

A chemical engineer uses complete scientific knowledge to make a product with chemical processes. You need to have a good knowledge of maths, physics, and chemistry to get into this profession. The subjects are in demand because science plays a vital role in the daily functioning of our lives.

With this profile, you can enjoy foreign tours as you may get a chance to go there for research work. This is a good job overall with opportunities, salary, and travel. Many multinational companies have this post, so you can get a job easily, but you need advancement in your subjects.

In terms of energy, the prima facie work that needs to be done is the study and other related work on fuel products. They work on the development of new technology and the advancement of existing technology. The median salary of a chemical engineer is $80570. You can get more or less than this amount depending on your professional profile, company, and experience.

  • Salary- $50000- $150000
  • Experience-None
  • Education-Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering

#10 Solar Power Plant Operator

With the growing market for renewable energy. Solar power plant operators are in high demand. You may find this job a little uncomfortable in your initial days but with time you will be a master in this.

Earlier there was a need for a diploma for this course but as demand is increasing, modifications and now the qualification required has also changed. Now there are pieces of training and efficient electrical knowledge is a must.

You can earn an average salary of $62540 per annum and with the passage of time and demand, it might have an upward or downward trend. So choose your field by taking care of present as well future trends.

  • Salary- $35210- $92732
  • Experience-None
  • Education-Vocational Training Certificate

#11 Software Developer

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As we have discussed above, technology is required in all spheres and the energy sector also needs technology. Having good knowledge about computers can give you one of the highest paying jobs. The job sitting is maximum in the office only.

Moving ahead, what is the use of software developers in this sector?  To run the machines efficiently we need software. To increase the efficiency of the machine updates are required on regular terms. 

In every segment in this sector, we need technicians that have prompt knowledge of computers and can easily manage the work and work on the flaws. So if you have the talent then you can move further in this job. Thinking about the salary, the median salary is $80350 per annum. The pay will upgrade with your experience. 

  • Salary- $50000-150854
  • Experience-None
  • Education-Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science.

#12 Financial Analyst

Does not like science but is still looking for a high paying job in the field? Here is your answer. You can get a job effortlessly as there is no business or company that does not need a financial analyst. 

You can do calculations and make strategies that are beneficial for the companies, so you can work in this sector. Companies need a person who can do financial analysis for their company and tell them ways how they can improve the old working and make it better. 

To get a job in this field you require a professional degree as you cannot do all the parts without having complete knowledge. Analyzing any business is not an easy task, so some companies may ask you for experience also or may give you training. Going further, the main point that worries everyone is the salary. So, the average salary that you can get is around $80430 per annum.

  • Salary- $54000-$187000
  • Experience-Depend on Company
  • Education – Bachelor’s or Master’s degree

#13 Aerospace Engineer

With the advancement of renewable energy, many jobs have been created in this sector. This is one of the crucial sectors where there are job opportunities.

To work in this field you need a good understanding of physics that is resistance, efficiency, force, and other concepts that are vital in physics and in the working of an aerospace engineer. 

Designing and developing Satellites, aeroplanes, and other crafts are done in this field to bring wind energy to the world. You can earn a handsome salary if you have good skills then both government and private sectors are open for you. Let’s talk about the median salary that you get from this field is approximately $65670 per annum. The salary may be up or down according to location and company.

  • Salary- $50000- $200000
  • Experience-yes 
  • Education-Bachelor’s or Masters in Technology.

#14 Sales Engineer

Every sector makes products or advances the technology to sell in the market. It will be useless to build solar power plants or all the engineers working for energy development if it does not reach the people.

Convincing customers of new technology and why they should use energy-efficient resources is the primary task of the sales engineer. You can get one of the best jobs in energy as a sales executive because now people are willing to invest in these products.

Sales engineer also helps in bringing new projects to the company and helps in knowing what is going on in the market and what other companies are selling, and deep research helps them in advancing their product. 

So, how are they paid you might be thinking? The answer is the average salary that they get is $100000 per annum.

  • Salary- $70654-$129000
  • Experience-Not Required
  • Education – Bachelor’s Degree 

#15 Solar Project Developer

There is another field that is a major part of renewable energy and where you can easily get one of the highest paying job in the field. To initiate any solar project we need a developer. 

Further, for every project, there is permission required, and many legal activities are to be handled by the project developer. He has to take care of the project cost. The solar project developer has many duties and has to deal with engineers and see how the work is going on by each co-worker. Financial analysts and also legal advisors. If you are worried about the average salary of a solar project developer is $100000. So this is a good job position if you want to start your job. 

  • Salary- $510000- $135960
  • Experience- one year
  • Education-Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, Finance, or Science.

Bottom Line

What is your point of view with regard to energy as a career? You can get a job with less burden in the energy field than others. Several multinationals are involved in energy distribution and many jobs in these companies await you.

There are numerous job opportunities which we have discussed above, so you can find the best job in energy for you. You need the right qualification and experience to grow in the field. Overall the demand and salary of nuclear engineers are the most. 

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