15 Easiest Ways to Make Money Online in South Africa: Cryptocurrency, Blogging, eBook Publishing, Stock Photography, YouTube Channel

How To Make Money Online In South Africa

In South Africa, it has never been possible to earn money online. Learning the skill of making money online can help you solve problems and change your lifestyle. By earning money online, you can enjoy your dream lifestyle.

Learn how to make money online through our personal experience and lucrative methods we have discovered. While there are countless ways to earn online, this article will focus on the several ways we have found effective.

The 15 easiest ways to make money online in South Africa

The internet is a valuable resource for earning money. There are numerous methods for earning money online, but it’s more trustworthy than others.

If you’re looking for ways to make money online, this post will outline 15 various possibilities. We want to emphasize that these are not the only ways to generate money online; nonetheless, they are the most common.

Invest in cryptocurrency

In South Africa, there are numerous ways to make money online, and cryptocurrency is one of them. The majority of people seek to make money online to gain economic independence. It’s important to keep in mind that money isn’t the only thing that matters, but it does matter a lot.

You should invest in cryptocurrencies if you want to earn money online. The problem is that most people don’t know how to do this, so they don’t invest in it. If you want to learn how to invest in cryptocurrency, read this article from start to finish.

To start, research various coins and their values. Notable options are Bitcoin and Ethereum. Purchase these from exchanges such as Coinbase or CEX.io and sell when prices rise.

In addition, you should research ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings). These are new coins that are being released onto the market by companies who have created them themselves and want investors so they can raise money for their projects or products. Because there are so many options in this sector, this is a wonderful way to make money online.

Start a blog

Blogging is a highly effective way to earn money online. By writing about a topic that interests you and your audience might find useful, you can build an audience for your blog and make money from advertising or paid posts.

You can also utilize your blog to network with other industry influencers who can help you market your items and/or services.

If you’re just getting started with blogging, here’s how to get started:

Consider creating a blog on WordPress, Blogger.com, or Tumblr. These platforms are accessible but have limited functionality. To sell advertising space, upgrading to a paid account is necessary. If you have web development or coding experience, it’s advisable to learn HTML and CSS to build your website instead.

Create diverse content (articles, lists, tutorials) relevant to your business. For instance, if you sell e-commerce software, write articles on optimizing its use or create step-by-step guides for online store setup.

Write an eBook

Source: Financial Affairs With Nosipho

If you want to earn money from home with a legitimate source of income, try the eBook publishing business. Sell your eBook through your website or platforms like Amazon and Barnes & Noble. You can also get assistance from iUniverse and Xlibris for marketing and selling your book.

The second option is self-publishing, which involves printing and selling copies of your book through door-to-door sales or at local fairs and events. While it may be more challenging compared to online retail, it can still be profitable if executed properly.

Become a stock photographer

If you’re looking to make money online, you need to decide what type of work you want to do. There are several different ways to make money online, but we will focus on one particular niche: stock photography.

Stock photography is a profitable model for photographers, providing various benefits and opportunities. With excellent photography skills, you can earn more compared to selling prints or working as a wedding or event photographer.

Stock photography gives non-photographers (e.g. marketing firms and publishers) access to affordable, professional-looking photos, saving time and effort in their projects and increasing their willingness to pay.

Stock photos are versatile and used for various purposes like ads, websites, ebooks, cards, and calendars. They typically feature landscapes, food, and people.

Create a YouTube channel

Generating money online is a common topic, considering the internet’s vast popularity. Billions of people rely on it daily for shopping, information, videos, and more.

With so many people using the internet daily, there are many ways that you can earn money from home. The best part about this is that it doesn’t matter what skills or experience you have — anyone can start making money online.

There are quite a few ways to make money online, but today we will be talking about YouTube videos as this is one of the most popular ways people make money online.

A video-sharing website that has more than one billion monthly users, YouTube is one of the most famous on the internet. This site is so popular that anyone can upload their own videos, which means there are thousands upon thousands of videos available for people to view at any time.

There are multiple options available. You can create and upload videos on your own channel. You have the opportunity to earn income from your YouTube videos through various methods.

  • Advertising: You can put ads on your videos and earn money every time someone views them.
  • Affiliate Programs: You can also get paid when people click through your video and buy something from an advertiser using special links designed just for this purpose (affiliate links).

Become a freelancer

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You might be curious about how to make money online. There are many profits to be made online, but not all are easy or fast. The best way to start making money online is by selling your skills and services as a freelancer.

Freelancers make money through various avenues like web/app design, blogging, writing, photography, graphics, and software development. Your skills determine the possibilities.

The initial step is having potential clients evaluate your skills to determine whether you are capable of fulfilling their requirements. This necessitates developing a portfolio that showcases your past work and demonstrates your proficiency in handling current projects.

Freelancing has no extra costs and is a great way to start your own career. Use websites like Upwork or Fiverr to find clients, or check Facebook groups or Craigslist. As your reputation and customer base grow, you can increase your rates and expand your business.

Sell your photos online

Selling images online may be a lucrative business. However, there are also more considerations to make before releasing your images. The first thing you must consider is how you will offer your photographs. There are many different ways you can go about this, and it will depend on what kind of photography you do.

There are different types of photography:
  • Portrait Photography: Portrait photographers take pictures of people and families. They can be done in a studio or outdoors, mostly indoors because of lighting conditions. Some portrait photographers also specialize in weddings and event photography.
  • Macro Photography: Macro photography is a type of close-up photography where the subject is usually smaller than life-size. This type of photography is used for nature and landscape pictures and objects such as insects, flowers, or different food products like fruit or vegetables. The photographer needs special equipment such as macro lenses, which allow them to take better quality photos at close range to capture small details accurately in their images.
  • Landscape Photography: Landscape photographers take pictures of landscapes such as mountains, lakes, oceans or rivers, etc. They also include animals like birds or insects in their photos and people sometimes when they are out hiking.

Start an online business

If you’re finding ways to make extra income, you’ve come to the right place. As a business person, we’ve developed a list of possibilities for you to make it worthwhile. These aren’t just suggestions; they’re tried and true solutions that everyone can adopt.

The first stage is identifying a niche market for your product or solution. You can choose from gaming to health and wellness products or even books and music. Once you have chosen your niche market, it’s time to create your website and write content for it.

Here are some ways to make money:

Write engaging content to boost your online presence. This is a lucrative opportunity to showcase your expertise and connect with potential customers.

Create YouTube videos about topics related to your niche market or showcase the benefits of using your product or service. Additionally, you can demonstrate the positive impact your offering has had on others.

Write for other blogs or websites and earn money

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Writing for blogs and websites is a lucrative online money-making opportunity. You can write about anything and get paid for it, making it a great alternative to boost your income.

How do you start?

First off, you need to come up with ideas for topics that people want to read about. Make sure they’re engaging and informative at the same time.

Search for guest post opportunities on search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Ensure your content aligns with the website’s readership and follow their submission guidelines to avoid rejection.

Some other option is to speak about whatever you want, but it’s better if you speak about something you’re interested in. You can write on health and fitness, beauty, entertainment, technology, and travel.

You can find freelance writing jobs on sites like Upwork and Freelancer.

These websites might also help you identify consumers afford to offer for your dissertation writing. Many websites will pay you for writing blog posts or articles on specific topics related to their websites. Some examples include:

  • Blogs with a focus on personal development (such as Mindvalley)
  • Health and wellness blogs (such as Men’s Health)
  • Fitness blogs (such as Men’s Fitness)

Be part of an affiliate program

Source: Marshall Malaba

Affiliate marketing in South Africa offers a great online money-making opportunity. Many people are successfully earning a living through this method, and we will share simple tips on joining an affiliate network to generate digital income.

To join an affiliate program, find a company with a product or service to promote. Choose information products, an easy option among various offerings.

Once you have found a product that you want to promote, there are two ways that they will pay you for selling their product:

  • Commission: This is where they will compensate you for every sale made over your URL or webpage. For example, if someone bought their product for R500, they would pay me R50 (10% commission).
  • Recurring Commission: This is where once somebody has bought their product through your link or website, they become a member and continue paying for the product each month until either party decides to stop it (usually after 1 year).

Sell your handmade items online

Do you have a rare product or service? Sell it globally online! For example, if you have a unique food item, you can sell it on the web.

To make sure that your product sells well, here are some things to consider:

Make sure your product is something people want badly enough that they will pay good money for it no matter where they live. If your product is only popular in one country, don’t waste time trying to sell it everywhere else.

Research the market before choosing a website and business model. Many make the mistake of deciding on a business model first and then finding a niche market. This can be challenging due to the numerous options available. Thinking of starting an e-commerce store just because it’s popular may not work if your product lacks uniqueness.

Sell stuff on eBay, Gumtree or OLX

Selling on eBay, Gumtree or OLX is a lucrative online option. eBay is a massive global marketplace with 1 billion active buyers and sellers. It’s ideal for finding specific items or nostalgic treasures. Many begin by reselling locally purchased items on eBay, known as arbitrage, which can be highly profitable if executed well.

Gumtree, a South African website founded by Robert Kalmanowitz in 2001, is like Craigslist but with fewer users and less traffic. It allows free ad postings. OLX, launched in 2006, offers a platform to buy and sell without listing fees, unlike Craigslist or Gumtree.

Becoming a virtual assistant

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Consider becoming a virtual assistant to earn money online. Virtual assistants work from home, helping with tasks like banking, data entry, website design, and administrative duties. While not a get-rich-quick scheme, these jobs offer resume-building and valuable experience.

Virtual assistants offer online services, assisting clients with tasks related to personal or business matters, such as tax filing and travel reservations. Some virtual assistants specialize in healthcare administration and documentation.

Whether you’re new or experienced as a virtual assistant, there are job opportunities available. Find clients on Facebook or freelance websites like Upwork or Freelancer.com. Choose your desired role as a customer service assistant, data entry professional, or blogger. The options are endless.

Being a virtual assistant has numerous benefits, including with:

  • Flexibility – You can choose your own working hours, whether it be early morning or late at night. You also can work from home or in coffee shops if you prefer not to work at home.
  • Ability: With the right skills and knowledge, anyone can become a VA. If you’re good with computers and know how to use popular software such as Microsoft Office, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try it out.

Starting your own website and advertising it

You don’t have to be a pro to build a website and earn online. First, buy a unique domain name. Use GoDaddy or HostGator for better options. Free platforms are okay too.

After registering your domain name, find a web-hosting company. Many offer free hosting for new customers, or you can opt for paid packages.

After setting up, proceed to create pages on your site and add content, including text and images. Although this process may take some time, it will become easier with practice.

To earn money online, create a website with useful content, like health tips or computer support. However, without visitors, these ideas won’t generate much income.

Doing surveys online from home

Surveys generate income online and allow you to earn money from home alongside your full-time job. They’re a simple and quick way to make extra cash, as paid survey sites value your opinion and offer rewards like cash and gift cards.

It’s important to note that these opportunities are not universally available. The most reliable sources to explore are websites such as Swagbucks or MySurvey, which offer numerous paid survey options. Additionally, Amazon’s MTurk service provides some excellent opportunities.

There are various surveys that pay for your time. They ask about toothpaste and ice cream preferences, paying based on response time.

Become a Proofreader

Proofreading is essential for editing and involves checking for grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors. Proofreaders collaborate with writers and editors to ensure error-free content. They review documents before writing, printing, publishing, or distribution.

Proofreading is a great work-from-home option. All you need is an internet connection and a computer. No special skills or experience required, just attention to detail and patience. In South Africa, proofreaders earn an average of R148 ($12) per hour or R1,846 ($130) per year.

Get paid to play games

Interested in an online business opportunity? Want more time with loved ones? Good news! Earn money from home by playing games like Fortnite or Call of Duty.

To start earning rewards on Swagbucks, create an account and complete activities like surveys, shopping, and watching videos. Redeem your points for money or gift vouchers.

Swagbucks has recently partnered with Twitch Prime, offering linked accounts free monthly loot and exclusive emotes and chat badges.

Get paid to watch videos

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If you are looking for a way to make money online, this is the right place. Many people nowadays choose to devote their time online. Whether it’s watching funny videos, reading an interesting article. Or just browsing through social media, we spend most of our time on the internet.

In recent years, many websites have been created that paid users to view some of these websites or view ads that appear on them. These sites are called “PTC” or “Paid To Click” sites.

Clixsense is amongst the most prominent PTC sites. This site allows users to earn money by viewing advertisements and performing tasks like taking surveys, testing products, and more. The best thing about Clixsense is that there are no limits on how much money you can earn per month.

Teach English Language Online

No formal qualifications needed for teaching English online. Experience in teaching is beneficial. Resources available for beginners to create lesson plans.

Teaching English online is a profitable way to earn money. With Skype or video conferencing, you can help people worldwide who want to learn English for travel or work purposes. If you excel at simplifying complex ideas, this could be a rewarding opportunity.

No formal qualifications needed to teach English online. Some teaching experience helps, but resources available for beginners to create a lesson plan.

ESL teaching is a popular way to earn money online, with teachers making $20-$40 per hour.

Software Development

One of several finest ways to generate payments online is to provide your personal software. But it’s perhaps one of the most strong competitors.

If you want to sell your own software, you need to build a product that solves a problem people are willing to pay for. You can’t just build something that you think is cool and hope someone will buy it. Don’t concern if you don’t know how to respond; we’ve got you beat.

Here are some tips for creating a successful software product:

  • Identify the problem that needs solving.
  • Create a working sample (or mockup) of the proposed alternative.
  • Get feedback from potential customers on how they would use the product in their everyday life before building anything else.

Social Media Consulting

In recent years, a new business model emerged: social media consultants. They utilize their expertise in platforms like Facebook and Instagram to help companies expand their business.

Social media consulting is a new role helping companies convey their message effectively. Many struggled to use social media and either ignored it or used it without understanding.

Thanks to the internet and platforms like Facebook and Twitter, businesses can now directly connect with customers without intermediaries like TV stations or newspapers.

So if you are looking for ways to make money online, consider becoming a social media consultant because this is one industry that will continue growing exponentially over the next few years.


Dropshipping is your greatest option if you want to generate money internet in South Africa. It’s a straightforward business concept everyone can implement and doesn’t require much capital. It’s even possible to accomplish it with no money.

Dropshipping is basically when you leverage a company’s existing infrastructure that sells products and services to fulfill orders placed by customers. You don’t have to purchase inventory upfront or even carry inventory at all, which makes it very appealing to newbies.

The wonderful thing about dropshipping is that it leads to making money without having your unique goods. That means you can use this method without money or resources behind you. You only get internet access and a laptop or tablet computer to get started. You can start generating cash flow in less than 24 hours.

Be A Graphic Designer

Looking for a career change or extra money? Check out popular freelance websites like Upwork, DesignCrowd, and Freelancer. Local design communities like Behance and Dribbble also offer opportunities with local businesses.

To get a graphic design job, know what employers want. Update your portfolio, showcase skills, and submit a cover letter. Designers create visuals for print or screen, and may create brand identities.

The wisest choice about being a graphic designer is how simple it is to begin. You don’t need any prior experience or training as you can learn everything you need online through free resources like CreativeLive and YouTube.

Final Thoughts

Many scams exist online that promise ways to earn money, making people skeptical about making a living online. These scams often ask for upfront payments or subscriptions in exchange for information on how to make money online.

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