15 Most Significant Instagram Trends You Should Understand

When it comes to social media platforms, then it’s unlikely that the name of Instagram doesn’t come up. As it is the most prominent and engaged social network with over 1 billion monthly active users under its region. 

For your information, Instagram was launched back in the year 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. In the year 2012, Facebook owned Instagram in exchange for humongous 1$ billion bucks. By virtue of it, now, Instagram belongs to the list of Facebook’s most successful subsidiaries. 

As we all know, social media is a uniformly changing landscape of the online world. Things change in the social world in a jiffy. That’s why it is moderately critical for you to be on the top of the game vis-a-vis changes happen on social networks like a forerunner. So that, mold your business strategies at the right time and with the right pace. 

No doubt, Instagram has become a mammoth marketing platform for businesses in recent times, irrespective of their scale and vision. As a result, Instagram trends hop in no time. So, if you really want to flourish your business on Instagram, then there is no other way to make this happen rather than embracing yourself with all the Instagram trends surrounding the Internet.  

These are some of the latest Instagram trends you should start following right now right here.

Extensive Use of Instagram Stories: 

According to the studies done in 2019, Instagram story users has surpassed the figure of 500 million. That was 400 million till the June month of the year 2018. To make sure that we’re on the same boat, peruse out the primary information related to Instagram story feature. 

The Instagram story introduced back in the year 2016. It allows users to post a sequence of videos and photographs on the platform that lasted until the 24 hours of getting lived. Right!

It has witnessed that after the birth of the Instagram story feature, people tend to use it more in comparison to standard posts. This facet of Instagram has become immensely celebrated only in a couple of the last few years. From Instagram influencers to celebrities, everyone makes use of it effectively. Instagrammers believe that stories help them to engage more efficiently with their followers. That is somewhat not possible with the use of regular Instagram posts.

To get high engagement rates through Instagram posts is not an easy task. Your content should be top-notch concerning the visual enticing properties and quality. Moreover, we are aware that Instagram posts stay live for all eternity. Whereas, Instagram stories are there only for 24 hours. So, the real-time engagement factor is more in story feature. This is one of the substantial Instagram trends you should look after for. 

Instagram Sticker Marketing Strategies:

There are tons of stickers available to use on the Instagram platform. The year 2018 and 2019 has seen a grand launch of various new Instagram stories stickers like Poll, Question, Location, Mention, Hashtags, GIF, Emoji Slider, Countdown, Shopping, Chat, and lots more. Instagrammers often make use of these stickers in their stories. Well, businesses have seen the mix responses in terms of engagement rates by making use of following stickers in their marketing techniques. 

The conjecture is that some more new Instagram stickers will launch on the landscape, especially according to marketing point-of-view. 

Instagram Explore Tab Users: 

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Is there anyone who doesn’t know about Instagram explore page? Anyone! Instagram explore tab is an excellent feature of the platform that allows users to view all the posts in which they might possibly take an interest. This tab differs from one user to another. Content which you likely to see on the explore page depends on your Instagram surfing activities, regarding the type of posts you were engaged in the past or regularly invest your time in.   

According to a survey, over 200 million people check out their Instagram explore tab every single day. This number is expected to boost-up this year. Instagram has also rolled out some new changes in attributes of the explore tab. Like, shortcut through new feed navigation bar to IGTV and shop. It can help people to reach out to their favorite niche related posts in the twinkling of an eye. Instagrammers can also go through the selection of Instagram stories that will now be fed into the Explore page algorithmically. 

Rise in Instagram Stories Interactiveness:

As we read above, how Instagram stories are enormously used by Instagrammers these days. Story stickers played an essential role in the tremendous success of this Instagram very feature. They don’t only make Instagram stories more lively but also hold viewers for a substantial time.

Based on the Instagram data analyses, 9 out of 10 times, polling sticker tends to people for watching videos again and again. By means of which, videos views increase in less amount of time. So, Instagram is going to reveal more fascinating elements in the story feature in the coming year. 

Instagram Stories With Sound On:

Sounds play a very important role when it comes to involving people entirely through your Instagram stories. As per studies, it has found that 60% of Instagram stories watched with sound. Instagram stories with music or voiceover liked more by people in opposition to ones with sound off. According to statistics, 80% Instagram stories with sound on work better than ads without them. 

Follow this trend of Instagram word-by-word. Make Instagram stories with sound- one of the best Instagram trends. As, it helps viewers to connect with your content quickly and in no time. 

Influencer Marketing Is Leading:

Influencer marketing has become a core element of Instagram. Social media Influencers generally categorized on the base of their fan following and interaction rate of their account. People which consists between 1,000 to 50,000 followers are called micro-influencers. Whereas, users with followers over than 100,000 recognized as macro-influencers. 

Micro-influencers hold fewer followers in comparison to macro-influencers, but their engagement rate is damn high when it comes to interacting with their followers. That’s why, in present times, brands are collaborating with them to reach out the impeccable section of the Instagram. 

Only a selected group of people like Chiara Ferragni, Kylie Jenner, and Vogue have access to feature where they can directly tag their products in their posts, which can buy via Instagram checkout. Also, for now, they can only tag brands involved in the beta checkout procedure. However, you might be able to do some more in the near time. 

Enrichment in Instagram Shoppable Posts:

Source: productsup

Last year, Instagram launched facets like Product tags in feed, brand stickers for stories, and shopping feeds through explore page. No wonder, the Instagram community is moving brilliantly towards transformation regarding a shopping platform. Well, by a study, over 70% of shopping freaks make use of Instagram to explore deeply about different products, fashion brands, and clothing lines. 

More than 130 million taps have noted on Instagram product tags monthly. Also, in March month of 2019, Instagram held a beta in-app checkout feature. That was the Instagram testing process with about 20 brands like Burberry, Nike, Adidas, and many more. 

Instagram impose fees on merchants to use checkout process. However, if Instagram shoppable posts evoke high sales, then only charges don’t stop businesses and brands to take the matter in the court of law. 

Authenticity Is a Great Virtue on Instagram:

2021 has been about #nofilter on Instagram. As they said, authenticity is a great virtue. Well, Instagram users reacted enormously to the concept of the no-filter hashtag. That somewhat shows Instagrammers preferred to see things that are unfiltered, real, and authentic in nature. 

Here’s one of the best Instagram trends, people following these days. Many public figures raised voice against filtering, body shaming, and photo-editing this year. Realness is slowly making its prominent way on Instagram with time. Well, this also contributes positively to society. Yes, social media is about fun, but authenticity should also rewarded sometimes. Right? 

So, don’t surprise, if in the future, come across pictures of Instagram influencers with shabby hairs or without make-up, as this is the most influential trend of Instagram. You should follow this practice and do not shy away from revealing your unfiltered side to the social world. 

Relatable Instagram Influencers Are Emerging:

Without a doubt, many people try to portray their perfect picture on Instagram. But, these kinds of Instagram posts often triggered dichotomy regarding authenticity. As a result, usually, come across trolling and negative comments. That’s why, with time, Instagrammers start categorizing influencers according to a new race called- relatable influencers. People who do not try to showcase the perfect frame of their lives on Instagram. Also, fearlessly put up realistic glimpses of their sad moments on Instagram. 

The best part of the relatable Instagram influencer is that they engage with people going through the same phase instantly. 

Collaborating with Instagram influencers is a valid marketing step to take for growing your account credibility.

Now Concepts of Channel-To-Channel Sharing:

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Instagram consists of multiple media formats on its landscape. From Instagram posts in stories to IGTV videos in the feed, Instagram is trying every possible bit to interlink various media format of its region. In the coming future, you might get to see more crisscross elements on Instagram regarding brands, attributes, and lots more.    

For instance, whenever Instagram altered its algorithm traits, then we see many users “new post” alerts in their stories. Also, IGTV teasers have been coming across directly in the Instagram feed to redirect viewers to the principle channel. Besides, now you will get to stories on Instagram explore tab. The Instagram explorer grid will offer a more personalized experience to users vis-a-vis stories, Tik Tok videos, and all. According to a report, Instagram is working on stories direct link adding process also. 

Increased Influence of Tik Tok:

Tik Tok has become a craze of all millennials. Making videos on it is the most favorite pastime of teens. Due to the unbeatable progression of Tik Tok, Instagram’s IGTV somewhat have not lived to the expectations of people at that more considerable extent. That’s why shortly, you can see a lot of changes in Instagram IGTV module. And there are assumptions already surrounding the online town that they may get inspired from Tik Tok. 

However, they are various updates made by Instagram recently in its IGTV feeds that correlate closely with the features of Tik Tok. The vertical scrolling has introduced, while horizontal scrolling has replaced. Also, as a result of overhaul made in the Instagram algorithm, now, next video gets automatically queues up to view. 

Nowadays, you can also see outstanding Tik Tok challenges in Instagrammer’s feeds. So, it is quite evident that Instagram is going to make the most out of the increased Tik Tok influence for its betterment.  

Enhancement in Twitter Takes on Instagram:

With in the last many years, sharing of Twitter takes has been increasing on Instagram. There are Instagram accounts like @fuckjerry’s and @will_ent that clearly shows that this Instagram trend is here to stay and not going to leave anyhow. They are famous for sharing Twitter- posts, memes, and engaging content on their Instagram account. 

According to Megan Farokhmanesh ( a Verge author), social media platforms like Twitter and Tumblr are canvas, whereas Instagram is a wall to put on display, the work they do.

Hence, it is one of the most trending Instagram trends in present times. You should follow this to make your Twitter presence grow along with Instagram fame and name. 

You can post Tweets on Instagram by forming Instagram-friendly templates. Also, you can pick anything from branded backgrounds to cropped screen snaps. Soon, you might get to see more text-a-gramming and type modeling elements in Instagram stories. That will assist you to sketch anything creative by toying with different text styles and backgrounds. 

Social Activism on Instagram:

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No wonder, these days, social media has become a place for folks to share their strong point-of-views without any hesitation. Well, more power goes to social media. Instagram is a giant social media hub in today’s time, where people share their ideologies, thoughts, beliefs, and ideas openly regarding every possible social issue. 

So, it has become a commonplace nowadays to see some campaign like “I voted” related posts on Instagram. It’s all become a dominant part of this platform. Social activism issues like Donation vis-a-vis non-profit organizations are also prevalent on Instagram in recent times. 

In February 2019, Instagram launched a Donation Sticker in stories, individually to support these kinds of genuine causes. However, this feature is not yet accessible to every  Instagrammer. In the future, people will able to pick a non-profit and customize the name of their funding community too. 

Strict Rules Regarding Abusive Content:

Earlier, Facebook and Twitter have come in front of the radar swaying people regarding elections and hate speech. And according to recent studies, Instagram also has a principal role in this. So, ahead, Instagram possibly takes strict imposition action to control abuse over its territory. Some of them are already visible like enhanced verification and “about this account” inclusion in the profiles with large following base. 

Bans on Facebook can also start to apply on Instagram. As, Far-right personalities like Paul Joseph Watson, Laura Loomer, Louis Farrakhan, Alex Jones, and Milo Yiannopoulos were eliminated from Facebook and Instagram last month. 

Well, Instagram also has a problem relating to Fake accounts. Increase in fake users has been going on the platform for a very long time. As a result, Facebook has started slamming the Instagram bot sellers with lawsuits. So, security protocols are going to increase on Instagram in the future ahead. 

Updates in Instagram Direct Messaging:


Speculation regarding Instagram attempt to make direct messaging a complete solo application is put into rest for now at least. Although, Instagram direct messaging can see some changes relating in-app messaging attribute. 

The latest updates on Instagram DM are GIFs introduction, the inclusion of quick reply tools for businesses to ensure that they can answer queries frequently to users, and many more. Instagram likely to add more filtering options for individual and business accounts on DM. 

For instance, the option to make a complete list of friends for Instagram stories, so DM them in one go. There is conjecture revolving Instagram that it will make DM feature accessible on the desktop too. Well, time only will tell whether these Instagram trends are going to implement or not. 

These were a total of 15 Instagram trends by following which you can take your social media existence to altogether another sphere. However, trends are all about time and the environment. They keep on changing continuously. So, to make yourself equipped with all the ongoing or coming Instagram trends, continue to do analysis work. As, the more your surf, the more you get. 

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