3 Insanely Simple SEO Tips You Can Do NOW to Boost Your Google Traffic

Every mover wants more free Google traffic. Organic traffic comes when you rank for terms people search for in Google. To achieve this, follow our SEO Tips 

For instance, people that search for terms like, “Chicago movers”, “Salt Lake City moving companies”, or “movers in Orlando”, see your company’s website if you have such content on it, click on the result and land on your website.   Boom!  You now have an extremely qualified visitor that hopefully you can turn into a customer.

So how do you get on page one for certain terms? Which terms will bring the most traffic?  Which terms can you rank for?   

Great questions! We’ll answer those in this blog post, as well as tell you how to do three simple things today that will get your moving company ranking higher for the best terms within a week or two.

Ok, let’s get you ranking! 

Do these three simple SEO tips today and see your rankings and free traffic jump.

  • Optimize your html title tag to mention your company name, city, and the word “movers”
  • Make sure your html meta description tab contains a snappy description that sells prospects on your company
  • Put your address and phone number on your homepage

Mover SEO Tip #1 – Put Your Company Name and City in Your HTML Title Tag

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This is one of the SEO tips that is ridiculously easy for you or your web developer to make. It should take no more than a few minutes and deliver results within a week or two.

First off, what’s an html title tag? It’s a little piece of code in your website’s HTML code that shows in the browser tab.

Why is this important? Because it’s what Google uses as the title your listing in search results!

Why does that matter?

Consumers use it to decide if they should click on your search result

Google uses it to figure out which search terms your site should appear for.  Did you know consumers search for “Orlando movers” 450 times per month but only search for “Orland moving companies”  250 times per month? Which would you rather rank highly for?

Google watches how many people click your search result versus other search results. If your listing entices searchers to click more than other search results then Google will rank you higher.

Lots of consumers search on mover names! Check out the search volumes for these movers in Chicago we got from SERanking, a great SEO tool we use. 2 Guys and a Van clocks in with 480 searches per month, Coffey Brothers Moving brings in 320, and The Professionals Moving Specialists has 210 Google searches per month. Those numbers nearly match the more generic search numbers we see for Orlando (keep reading to see them

Company name is an important part of the title. Yelp mentions photos and reviews, the BBB brags about themselves, and HireAHelper includes the phrase, “Movers in Orlando”.

To give your mover website the best possible html title tag optimization, we recommend:

  • Putting your company name first
  • Putting a keyword for your city after.  

For good keywords, check out the Google search volumes for these Orlando moving terms.

“Movers Orlando” has the highest search volume, followed by “Orlando Movers” with a bit less.

Using our example, some great html title tags for J&J Metro could be:

“J&J Metro Moving & Storage – Orlando Movers”

“J&J Metro Moving & Storage – Movers Orlando”

Make the change today and see how fast you shoot up the search results for your company name and the keyword you chose!

Mover SEO Tip #2 – Pull Google Searchers in With A Compelling HTML Meta Description

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You may be asking yourself, what the heck is a HTML meta description? In your website’s code, it looks like this.  This example is from Stallion Moving Services in Denver.

Heh? Here’s the important part! Google uses your site’s meta description as the text in your search result!

You’ll notice that the words Google uses come right from the meta description in the code on Stallion’s page.

Why is this important?  

A 2017 study of the top Google ranking factors by SearchEngineLand.com listed your search listing’s Click Through Rate (CTR) as a very important signal to Google as to how high they should rank your site in search results.

This means the more compelling your description, the more people will click on your listing, and the higher Google will rank you.

So how do you craft a crazy-compelling description that makes searchers want to visit your site?   Read these three simple SEO tips to find out:

  • Read the descriptions of the top ranking search results and use them as inspiration.
  • Read the ad copy of the top ads on the page for inspiration.
  • If you run adwords ads, look at your ads that perform the best and see what the ad copy is.  Use that to help you craft a great description.

Mover SEO Tips #3 – Put Your Address and Phone Number on Your Website!

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This sounds incredibly simple and easy, and it is!  

However, the number of mover website we come across that don’t list their address is astounding.  

Here’s why your address and phone can help:

Your address and phone help Google determine where your moving company is! Without it, Google may have trouble knowing if you’re a Boston mover or Austin mover.

Consumers may get frustrated and leave if they can’t easily find your address and phone on your site. You want to know another signal Google uses to figure out how high you should rank? The time people spend on your site after landing on from a Google search. Don’t confuse them and make them leave right away, show them the info they want so they stay and give you a call.

Hopefully you found these three simple SEO tips helpful. Now what are you waiting for? Go make the changes!

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