4 Sources of Wholesale Products for You to Sell on eBay

Once you have established your niche, and did your homework on who your target market customers are, then you have to figure out where you can get a supply of wholesale products to sell to them.

So, where do you go to find such items? 

First, knowing your target customers is really important. By knowing what interests them and researching what problems they are trying to solve, you can determine what products they may be looking for online. Generally, the wholesale products fall into the tangible form. Meaning they are physical products rather than services. For these types of items you can begin looking in many different places.

Rummage Sales

Rummage sales are a great place to find unique and unusual products that may be hard to find in your standard retail stores. They are generally quite inexpensive and you can find unique one-of-a-kind type items. This can work to your benefit, since your buyers may not be able to find your product elsewhere. The drawback is that you may have a limited supply.

Special Note The following suggestions all have a major “common” drawback. 

You may not know the company or individuals you are dealing with, so if you decide to proceed, please proceed with caution. Ask lots of questions and use every possible precaution available to you. For example, you can use escrow services to aid in your dealings with companies and individuals you do not know. Always make sure you know who you are dealing with and if you ever feel uncomfortable, do not do it. We assume NO responsibility for your actions. This information is only provided for your information and entertainment.


This site is similar to eBay, except that it seems to be focused upon sellers and/or businesses who deal in large quantities. They have many vendors who sell by the pallet (Bulk number of items) in medium to large numbers. Your advantage is that you can buy in quantity and sell the items individually. The bulk purchase reduces your cost per item. 

The drawback is that some companies don’t list every item on a pallet, meaning that they may just indicate that you’ll get 50 items in the electronics category. Others may list the actual content. As always you must do your own homework.

Search Engines

Using your favorite search engine online, you do searches for “Pallets” or “Bulk Sales” or “Wholesale Products”. Many results will be returned. As always, be cautious with your selections and research.


Finally, you can use eBay itself. In many categories, you will see the ability to buy items in bulk or bulk lots. Many times, you can buy an item in quantity and sell them individually for profit. Another good way to search eBay is looking for misspelled words in the Title or mis-categorized items. For example, someone selling sunglasses in the electronics category. Many times these types of items may have less bids since they would be harder to find.  As stated before, always be sure you are cautious and do your homework before diving into any venture.

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