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6 Best Affordable Local SEO Services 2022

Optimizing for local search engines involves building and maintaining your business’s website and online directories to help customers find you in local search results. We reviewed 30+ top-rated affordable local SEO services, landing on the top six — including the best overall — based on services offered, customer support, and more.

Top 6 Affordable Local SEO Services 2022

Affordable Local SEO ServicesBest For
Hibu(Best Overall) Companies looking for affordable, full-service, on- and off-page local SEO
LSEOCompanies that need tools for in-house SEO maintenance with expert support
Digital Marketing AgencyCompanies looking for multilingual local SEO
VictoriousCompanies looking for real-time SEO tracking and ROI reporting
BoostabilitySmall businesses wanting to optimize SEO for multiple locations
FiverrCompanies seeking a freelancer for one-off local SEO projects

How We Evaluated Local SEO Companies

Many small companies are strapped for time and want to spend their money on energy on direct growth strategies. Like sales and marketing. Affordable Local SEO is still important, however. So we evaluated affordable local SEO services for strong customer service. The range of services small businesses need.

Based on the needs of small businesses, the criteria we used to evaluate the best include:

  • Pricing: We looked for services that offer small business services for growing businesses at affordable monthly prices
  • Range of local SEO services: We looked for companies that offer a full package of affordable local SEO services. Including on-page and off-page SEO. So companies would only have to pay a flat monthly fee for all the services they’ll need.
  • On-page SEO. The goal of on-page SEO is to help website visitors find your site and get the information they need quickly. On-page SEO practices include optimizing meta descriptions, header tags, URLs, and alt tags. For high-ranking keywords as well as ensuring your website is user-friendly
  • Off-page SEO. Offsite SEO work involves building awareness of your brand on the Internet and driving interested customers to your website. This includes growing a social media presence around potential customers’ needs. Building up online business reviews. Earning links from high authority websites that point back to your website and influencer marketing
  • Initial strategy. We looked for companies that spend time understanding your business before implementing any local SEO strategies. Which is essential to a successfully implemented SEO campaign
  • Ongoing strategy. We looked for SEO service providers that implement and maintain clients’ complete SEO programs. Thereby becoming an important part of their marketing departments
  • Customer support. Companies that offer consistent and knowledgeable support to small businesses. To help them through the SEO learning curve and maintain their local SEO campaigns to reach business goals
  • Reporting. For local SEO service providers that are dedicated to transparent reporting. So that small businesses always know how their marketing dollars are being spent and understand the results they’re obtaining

Based on the criteria above, we believe Hibu is the best affordable local SEO service provider. Due to its comprehensive services, and stellar customer service. For $400, Hibu will design your website. And for an additional but reasonable monthly fee, it will use both on-page and off-page SEO strategies to ensure your business is ranked as high as possible on search engines.

“Outsourcing is a good idea if you don’t have the in-house resources to successfully rank your business on a local level. Some industries are easier than others, and it ultimately depends on how saturated the market is. For instance, if you’re trying to rank for a criminal defense attorney in a densely populated, metropolitan area. I would highly recommend hiring a pro since these queries can be very difficult in which to achieve local visibility. If you’re in a relatively low competition niche and/or market. I would recommend reading up on local SEO best practices and managing it on your own.”

― Brandon Seymour, SEO & Digital Marketing Consultant,

Best Overall Local SEO Service for Small Businesses: Hibu

Hibu is a full-service local SEO agency offering everything a small business needs to create their websites from scratch. And help local customers find them. Hibu begins with an SEO audit. That then designs a website and performs ongoing maintenance for best visibility on Google. And an updated and positive presence on business listing sites like Yelp. Because it offers comprehensive services, it is best for solopreneurs without SEO knowledge, like eCommerce and direct sales service companies.

Hibu Pricing

Hibu’s SEO-optimized web design starts at $400, with a $100 per month maintenance fee. It includes both initial on-page SEO and off-page SEO, the latter primarily involving the creation of business listings. This is just a month-to-month contract and includes backend updates and a complete refresh every two years.

Ongoing SEO work starts at $500 a month and can go as high as $1,500 a month. Depending on the type of website. It also requires a six-month contract because SEO takes time to show results.

Range of Local SEO Services

Hibu offers on-page and off-page SEO. On-page SEO services include initial search-optimized website design and content production. Optimization of alt, meta tags, and page titles. Duplicate content detection and site architecture analysis to ensure it fits Google’s expectations for usability. Its affordable off-page SEO services include inbound link building, creation. Plus maintenance of local listings and maps, press releases, review management, and social media marketing.

Here’s a quick look at each of its on-page and off-page services:

  • Website design: Hibu creates an SEO-optimized, mobile-friendly website to compete in your industry, offering user-friendly designs and minimized coding for quick website loading
  • Website optimization: Hibu continually updates your alt. As well as meta tags, page titles, and website content around high-performing keywords. These keywords help your website rank well
  • Content creation: Hibu collaborates with you to create custom and optimized articles, videos, and images. Share on your website, social media profiles, business listings. And on third-party sites to earn links back to your website
  • Link building: Hibu reaches out to third-party sites with content that includes your website links. With a request to publish your content. Once published, these articles point back to your website to build your link profile. Also, Hibu creates link-worthy content that contains high-authority links and lives on your website. All to encourage other websites to link to yours
  • Local listing management: Hibu takes control of your business listings. Then reviews, updates, and manages your business listings continually on more than 60 top sites, directories, and apps.
  • Social media marketing. Hibu offers custom Facebook ads that are also published on Instagram. To build awareness of your brand and drive traffic to your website. Additionally, Hibu will work to build up positive reviews on these platforms
  • Reputation management. They offer a proprietary platform where you can encourage customers to submit company reviews. From there, Hibu encourages positive reviewers to offer their opinions on other business listings. It also resolves any negative reviews before they hit more visible pages like Yelp, Google, and Facebook

Initial Strategy

Hibu offers consultations with digital specialists who go over client businesses and goals. Then, it does an SEO audit and creates a custom plan around your goals, SEO weaknesses, and target markets. While some services like LSEO start with a paid consultation, Hibu lets you begin with a free SEO marketing audit. To help understand what you need to improve. You can also conduct a free business listing scan to learn how your business appears across the web. And how you can improve it.

Ongoing Strategy

Hibu partners a digital services consultant with each client. Meaning you will enjoy ongoing support from someone who knows your company and its goals. And is managing (in an affordable manner) your local SEO success on an ongoing basis. Also, Hibu’s platform offers constant insight into your business listings from one place. So that you can update them as needed. While Hibu professionals regularly update your website’s design, coding, and SEO to meet Google’s expectations.


Unlike many providers, Hibu offers 24/7 access to dashboards so that you always know how local SEO campaigns are doing. For example, it covers metrics around clicks, conversions, and sales on your site. Separate reporting functionality includes a look into how listings drive engagement. And how social media ads perform around your chosen metrics. It also sends a monthly email report with performance reviews of all campaigns.

Customer Support

Unlike Boostability, Hibu offers a dedicated digital marketing specialist whom you can contact as needed with questions about your campaigns. You can contact Hibu via phone from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. Eastern time, Monday through Friday, and 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern time on Saturdays. In addition, you can email your digital marketing specialist or connect with Hibu via live chat on its website.

What Hibu Is Missing

Unlike LSEO and Victorious, Hibu doesn’t offer continuous maintenance of social media accounts. Instead, it only offers social media advertising via Facebook Ads Manager. Which doesn’t contribute as much to achieving local social media search goals. It also doesn’t offer the do-it-yourself SEO tools other providers like LSEO do.

What Users Think About Hibu

Users like the one-to-one support Hibu offers and that campaigns are professionally designed to reach business goals. They also like that Hibu learns about client niches and optimizes websites. As well a online presences to compete in a variety of industries. Hibu services are more affordable than many, are rendered quickly, and produce quick results. They don’t like being locked into contracts, and some services were reported canceled without notice.

Best Local SEO Company for In-house SEO: LSEO

LSEO offers on-page and off-page SEO with do-it-yourself software for brands to conduct their SEO in-house more affordably. The software includes the support of SEO experts with performance tracking, scoring, recommendations, and feedback within the software. The best for growing brands needing to create an in-house SEO department. Including eCommerce stores, travel and hospitality booking websites, and software companies.

LSEO Pricing

LSEO offers local SEO campaigns starting at $1,000 per month. Its SEO audits begin at $1,500 and top $3,500, depending on the complexity of the client’s online presence, competitive environment, and work needed.

Range of Local SEO Services

LSEO offers a combined approach to improving a business’s Google rankings, including social media strategy and development, SEO website optimization and content production, and business listing and review management. It also offers do-it-yourself software for you to develop your own in-house strategy and implementation.

Here’s a quick look at each of LSEO’s affordable local SEO services:

  • DIY SEO software: LSEO’s DIY local SEO software gives you a local SEO score and guidance on Google optimization, social media optimization, website optimization, content marketing, business directories listing maintenance, review updates, and more; as you work to improve your local SEO, LSEO experts rate your work and send you specific recommendations for improvement
  • Content creation: LSEO helps businesses rank well but creating quality and link-worthy website content including web copy, sales copy, listicles, video/audio content and transcripts, interactive FAQs, press releases, infographics, white papers, interviews, and more
  • Website design: As both a local SEO and web design firm, LSEO offers SEO-optimized ecommerce website design, which includes call-to-actions, professional graphic design, mobile responsiveness, and secure web hosting, among other features
  • Business listing development & management: LSEO sets up, verifies, and optimizes Google business listings with accurate business contact and category information; interesting, educational, and insightful images; and videos to grab and keep customer interest
  • Review generation: LSEO helps you maintain business listings with fresh, positive reviews to keep Google and Bing ranking your business in relevant searches
  • Link building: LSEO offers 20 strategies for link-building on both your website and your local pages, including outreach, community participation, and guest posting
  • Social media development & management: LSEO conducts a competitive analysis and performance audit of your social media profiles like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, then (unlike Hibu) improves them based on its findings
  • Keyword research & optimization: LSEO researches the keywords and phrases that help businesses compete for ranking in your industry, then adds these to content, URL structures, page titles, headings, meta descriptions, alt tags, and more

Initial Strategy

LSEO begins its strategy with a thorough SEO analysis using current and enterprise-level analysis tools like Majestic and SEMrush. From there, it creates a report that includes keyword analysis, content relevance, how well your site is performing based on internal and external links, a competitor analysis, recommendations for improvement, and more. It also offers a checklist of SEO tasks to improve your online visibility.

Ongoing Strategy

LSEO assigns you a client services manager, who is your primary contact and is supported by a team of analysts to implement your plan. It reportedly offers a more consistent primary contact than Boostability with constant communication back and forth and more formal biweekly phone or video conference calls. It also learns your business, key in-house contacts, and industry to ensure updates are competitive.


LSEO offers a metrics dashboard that both LSEO and clients can access for ongoing performance tracking. While other service providers do offer dashboards, including Hibu, LSEO goes further with customization options that allow clients to create dashboards that suit their unique needs. It also offers monthly reporting and strategy meetings.

Customer Support

Unlike Boostability, LSEO provides one point of contact who is specifically dedicated to your account. You can call the company from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern time with any questions. It also provides an always-accessible dashboard so that you can understand the ongoing work being done and the progress of your campaigns.

What LSEO Is Missing

Although it one of the frequently used and highly affordable local SEO services, LSEO doesn’t have some of the free initial audit tools like Hibu and other service providers do, including free competitive analyses, SEO audits, business listing reviews, and more. It also doesn’t offer a platform for reviews so that you can encourage positive reviewers to post on more public review platforms.

What Users Think About LSEO

We were unable to find any negative reviews for LSEO. Clients like that the company creates an inflow of qualified leads to business websites, and that websites are professional and attractively designed. They also like that account representatives offer strong communication and develop long and short-term actionable plans around business goals.

Best Affordable Local SEO Services for Multilingual SEO: Digital Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing Agency (DMA) is a web marketing agency specializing in the SEO of international regions. It has international SEO experts who are native to and specialize in the languages of world regions and cater local SEO to foreign language speakers’ search behaviors and intent. It best serves businesses that serve multilingual markets, including multinational brands in the manufacturing, retail, technology, and translation industries.

Digital Marketing Agency Pricing

Digital Marketing Agency offers a custom quote based on SEO campaigns’ complexities, audiences, challenges, and goals. Generally, however, expect local SEO pricing to start at $2,000 per month. If companies cannot afford this, though, DMA reaches out to partners to collaborate on a more affordable package.

Range of Local SEO Services

DMA conducts thorough on-page and off-page local SEO by first conducting competitive analysis and thorough investigation of clients’ SEO standing. Then, it goes to work to improve clients’ link profiles, reviews, business and map listings, keyword targeting, and website to create greater visibility.

Here is a quick look at the affordable services DMA offers its local SEO clients:

  • On-page optimization: DMA conducts a thorough analysis of content strategies and link profiles, then implements changes based on current best practices and Google requirements for better ranking
  • Off-page optimization: DMA works to improve clients’ off-page SEO for greater engagement and inbound linking, helping your business rank higher in local searches
  • Keyword strategy: DMA conducts keyword research, then incorporates top keywords into your business content and website to ensure you’re most visible before those who search for you
  • Content marketing: DMA offers keyword-optimized content marketing production services, including white papers, infographics, social media posts, customer testimonials, and more
  • Website performance updates: DMA regularly reviews your website for coding errors or redundancy and site speed issues
  • Directory & map listings: DMA lists your business on key online directories and maps (like Google My Business) so that your business appears in relevant local searches
  • Online reviews: DMA helps your business develop and implement an engagement strategy that encourages positive reviews and feedback on the review sites that rank well
  • Competitive analysis: DMA conducts a thorough competitive analysis to learn who you compete with on search engine results pages (SERPs) so that you can mimic competitor strengths and take advantage of their weaknesses
  • Local landing pages: To target local markets in all of your business locations, DMA designs website landing pages with the keywords and content most likely to increase visibility
  • International SEO: DMA uniquely offers international SEO in the local languages and dialects your target markets search in, helping you to capture the customers you want, wherever they live across the globe
  • Link profile development: DMA works to earn your business the links from high-authority websites that convince search engines you are an authority worthy of ranking; it also works to remove low-authority and broken links that may be harmful to your ranking
  • Social media management: DMA develops a social media plan around your customers’ needs and competitive analysis results so that your brand is more visible on LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and YouTube, helping to drive traffic back to your website
  • Mobile app development: Digital Marketing Agency works with clients to develop mobile apps and optimizes their presence in app stores

Initial Strategy

Unlike many Fiverr providers, DMA conducts a thorough analysis of clients’ online presences, including a link building audit, full website review, competitor analysis, keyword research, social media audit, directory listing review, and examination of existing content. Based on business objectives, it pinpoints local SEO weaknesses for all business locations. Then, it develops a plan to improve online visibility. Like Boostability, many initial analyses are free.

Ongoing Strategy

Ongoing, complete management includes ongoing link placement and link removal services; ongoing social media analysis and organic and paid search result maintenance (unlike Hibu); website content planning and publishing; and online review generation and management. All online business listings are kept up-to-date and accurate to reflect any business changes.


DMA measures success for each business location, tracking the specific changes that result in higher website traffic, sales, or conversions. It tracks progress via a client-accessible dashboard which includes an overview of projects, competitor analysis, and on-page and off-page SEO efforts. Based on these reports, it recommends future strategies to continue improving local SEO results.

Customer Support

Users report that DMA offers regular communication and prompt reply to all customer inquiries, whether by phone or email. Responses are thorough and, if DMA contacts can’t be thorough, the company at least responds with a reason why. Also, client-accessible reporting dashboards help customers know of any problems that arise and how they’re being resolved.

What Digital Marketing Agency Is Missing

Digital Marketing Agency doesn’t offer DIY local SEO maintenance tools as LSEO does. While it does offer some free tools, it doesn’t offer a free trial of its services.

What Users Think About Digital Marketing Agency

We were unable to find negative feedback on DMA’s services. Any time its campaigns don’t perform well, it quickly adjusts the campaign for better results. Users say they get regular updates on their campaigns and receive reporting that always lets them know the results they’re achieving. Many users report that, while DMA is a little pricier than other agencies, users regularly experienced a threefold increase in conversions.

Best Service for Real-time ROI-Driven SEO: Victorious

Victorious is an SEO company offering local, national, and eCommerce SEO but specializing in return on investment (ROI)-driven local SEO. The platform offers clients 24/7 access to local SEO performance, with metrics that reveal how much clients earn from specific SEO campaigns. Victorious best serves growing mid-sized businesses in ever-shifting industries for which a real-time data-driven approach drives ROI, including tech, design, and medical firms.

Victorious Pricing

Because Victorious is meant for larger firms, it is an expensive option. Large campaign management starts at $3,000 a month, but it will provide custom pricing for each customer based on a full initial analysis.

Range of Local SEO Services

Victorious offers a range of on-page and off-page affordable local SEO services to build on your ongoing SEO success. On-page SEO strategies include content tag optimization, keyword optimization, site layout optimization, site performance optimization, and content production. Its off-site optimization includes link profile development, business directory listing, social media presence development, and more.

Here is a quick look at the SEO strategies Victorious offers for higher local rankings:

  • Link profile development: Victorious helps to build external links that point to your website, signaling to Google your site is authoritative and worth ranking; it also works to create strong internal linking
  • Social media development: Victorious helps you build a local SEO-optimized social media presence to boost traffic to your website
  • Keyword research: Following an initial review of your content and business, Victorious researches the best keywords for ranking and adds them to your content and online profiles
  • Website layout optimization: Victorious assesses your website layout for needed improvements, then implements them to create a quality user experience
  • Tag optimization: Victorious optimizes your meta description, title, and alt tags for local SEO website ranking
  • Content production: Victorious offers high-authority, high-quality, and continually updated long-form articles and visual content with a focus on informative, easy-to-read, and original content that includes high authority links within
  • Business listings: Victorious helps to build your presence on hundreds of business directories and maps, including Google My Business and keeps them up-to-date with accurate business contact information, including your name, address, and phone number

Initial Strategy

Unlike LSEO, Victorious begins with a free on-page analysis to identify local SEO mistakes. It assesses keywords; onsite optimization of page titles, tags, and more; site responsiveness; Google indexing and website performance; internal linking issues; and site errors like broken links. It also offers a free SEO consultation for off-page local SEO, including an analysis of competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. Consultations include a detailed report and recommendations.

Ongoing Strategy

Victorious updates your on-page and off-page local SEO to align with constant Google algorithm updates and SEO requirements. The ongoing strategy includes link building, content creation, site layout, tagging optimization, business listing updates, keyword research, and social media management. It offers updates of all SEO strategies, with clients reporting check-ins every week to every couple of months, depending on updates requested.


Victorious reporting happens in real-time with data to back it up. Upon signing up, clients gain access to Victorious Analytics, which is an analytics reporting platform that tracks all SEO efforts in real-time; success is largely based on how much revenue is generated following SEO changes. You receive 24/7 access to SEO campaign performance, including keyword rankings, organic traffic growth, the return on investment from each campaign, and more.

Customer Support

Unlike Boostability, Victorious offers clients a dedicated account manager who offers weekly email updates and is available to review strategy, questions, and progress via email. Like LSEO, behind that key contact is a team of specialists who weigh in on strategy development and updates. Emails are answered promptly and knowledgeably. Regularly scheduled calls complement its real-time data and tracking dashboard.

What Victorious Is Missing

Victorious doesn’t offer the DIY tools LSEO does, and it tends to focus on long-form content production primarily, meaning those who want short-form content might do well to hire a Fiverr content writer.

What Users Think About Victorious

Users like that Victorious implements effective strategies and campaigns businesses don’t have to micromanage. It offers clients strong communication and customer support. It also boasts professional project management and a deep understanding of client industries and their competitive strategies. One user reported wanting shorter content to appeal to markets with shorter attention spans.

Best Local SEO Company for Multilocation Brands: Boostability

Boostability is a local SEO company that uniquely offers multi-location local SEO for companies with several brick-and-mortar stores. Its affordable services include website design and local SEO, social media profile design and management, local listing management, link building, mobile web design, and SEO, and more. Boostability is best for franchises needing affordable local SEO services, including car dealers, grocery stores, retail stores, and more.

Boostability Pricing

Instead of offering a contract for SEO services as Hibu does, Boostability charges by the hour at $40 per hour. For a quote, it estimates how long it would likely take it to reach your goals, then multiply the hours by $40. This can be scaled back, depending on your budget.

Range of Local SEO Services

Boostability offers a wide range of affordable local SEO services, including website optimization, off-page business listing, and profile development, link building, and mobile website design and SEO. While you’d have to purchase several packages on Fiverr for multiple websites, Boostability uniquely offers local SEO services for brands with multiple store locations with local keyword optimization for each location’s website.

Here is a quick look at all of Boostability’s Local SEO services:

  • Keyword optimization: Boostability conducts research and competitive analysis to learn what keywords will help you rank well, then optimizes your website using them
  • Website optimization: Boostability ensures your website code and speed offer the user experience Google looks for when determining the ranking
  • Business profile development: Boostability ensures your company is listed and accurately represented in key online directories
  • Link development: Boostability reaches out to your industry’s key publications to build relationships that earn your site links on high-authority blogs, news sites, and more
  • Content creation: Boostability produces keyword optimized blog and guest posting content that attract links and traffic to your website
  • Mobile SEO: Boostability designs mobile websites that offer the user experience search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo look for
  • Multiple location SEO: Boostability uniquely combines local search and national search campaigns to create SEO campaigns for businesses with multiple locations; it optimizes each location website for the keywords locals search for to ensure that it’s visible to local customers
  • Site map submission: Boostability will submit your website to major search engines for free so that you are sure to get your website indexed
  • Social media: Boostability analyzes your Facebook social media presence, then helps you to build engagement to drive more traffic back to your website

Initial Strategy

Unlike LSEO, Boostability offers a free website analysis to review your local SEO performance and where you stand against competitors. These reports go further than Hibu’s, offering a website score, an organic search analysis, a Facebook performance analysis, a backlink analysis, an assessment of your local presence, and a mobile analysis. From there, you get a free website consultation call from an SEO consultant who will begin developing your strategy.

Ongoing Strategy

Once you have your initial report in hand and have developed a strategy, Boostability takes it from there to optimize your website, your off-page presence, your social media presence, and build up your link profile for better search engine ranking. It offers to track all SEO efforts so that you can check in to ensure your campaigns are on track.


Boostability offers its proprietary LaunchPad analytics and tracking software for customers to keep track of all their SEO campaigns and how they’re performing. Tasks tracked and measured via LaunchPad include link development, blog content creation, local search and directory listing, business profile optimization, guest postings, onsite SEO edits, and social bookmarking and linking.

Customer Support

Boostability offers easy-to-contact and friendly SEO experts you can contact with questions about your local SEO campaign progress. Unlike LSEO and Victorious, some customers have experienced a change in their primary contacts, but Boostability also schedules regular monthly calls and sends monthly email reports on all campaign progress.

What Boostability Is Missing

Boostability seems to be lacking in customer support. Some users report a change in primary contacts, forcing them to review their accounts with new contacts regularly. It also schedules monthly email reporting instead of weekly reporting like Victorious and some Fiverr providers do.

What Users Think About Boostability

Users like that Boostability offers transparent reporting with its LaunchPad software as well as monthly calls and email progress reports. It offers clients friendly support and a quick and accurate workflow. Some clients didn’t like that they experienced changes in primary Boostability contacts and that it doesn’t have superior knowledge of niche industries.

Best Local SEO Service for One-off Projects: Fiverr

Fiverr is a freelance platform specializing in one-off project completion. Some providers do offer ongoing SEO services for a larger monthly fee. This platform is right for businesses that already have an in-house marketing team and only need occasional SEO project help, like eCommerce or virtual travel booking sites, or for solopreneurs working on a tight budget.

Fiverr Pricing

Unlike the more consistent pricing tiers of agencies, Fiverr pricing depends on individual providers’ offerings and pricing. One-off local SEO tasks like business listings or keyword research start at $5 per task. Initial strategy and ongoing local SEO implementation starts at $160 a month and goes to $400+ a month.

Range of Local SEO Services

Some local SEO experts on Fiverr specialize in aspects of short or ongoing local SEO campaigns, while others offer a full SEO program. Specializations include Google Map listings, business listings, initial strategy, local SEO-optimized website design, language-specific SEO, backlink development, on-page or off-page SEO, keyword research, and more. Some local SEO providers on Fiverr are solopreneurs and some are agencies.

Here’s a closer look at the types of local SEO services you can request on Fiverr:

  • Link building: Many Fiverr local SEO providers will analyze your link profile, then help you build a high-authority and internal linking strategy for higher search engine rankings via guest posting, forum engagement, and content analysis.
  • Google, Bing, and Apple map listings: Freelancers or agencies will set up your map listing with the correct business information, category, and relevant content and walk you through verifying it.
  • Content marketing: Fiverr local SEO providers will develop fresh blog and article writing for website blogs and guest posting, including case studies, white papers, thought leadership articles, press releases, and more.
  • Business directory listings: Some freelancers will claim your business directory listings or create them if they don’t already exist. From there, they will populate your profiles with accurate and up-to-date business information and content, as well as help you generate fresh customer reviews.
  • Optimized website design: Many of Fiverr’s local SEO providers analyze your company and its target audiences and apply their knowledge of Google to create a website that has a high ranking.
  • On-page local SEO packages: Some providers specialize in updating meta tags, titles, doing keyword research and incorporating findings into your website content, creating fresh and optimized content, creating internal linking structures, optimizing your site for ideal site speed so Google can easily index relevant content, and more.
  • Off-page local SEO packages: If you need off-page help, look for local SEO Fiverr providers who specialize in article production and submission to high-authority sites, map listings, directory submission, review generation, and social media management.
  • Multiple location local SEO: Many agencies will work to optimize all of your business location websites around local target market search behavior and intent.
  • Competitive analysis: Providers will do a competitive analysis of a set number of competitors, then offer a report and strategies on how to improve your ranking.
  • Website optimization: Fiverr freelancers and agencies will optimize your website’s speed, alt tags, metadata descriptions, page titles, coding, and design to offer the user experience Google favors.

Initial Strategy

Many Fiverr providers specialize in analyzing your current local SEO standing and offering recommendations for improvement. Initial strategy often includes what business listings you need updated or created, keyword strategy analysis and planning, competitive analysis reporting and planning, link profile weaknesses analysis and improvement planning, social media analysis and recommendations, and much more.

Ongoing Strategy

Unlike agencies, most Fiverr providers specialize in one-off projects. Some do offer ongoing SEO for a monthly fee. Ongoing implementation tasks include content marketing, guest posting, link building, social media management, regular website optimization (including updating tags, coding, page titles, content, and more), business listing updates, online map updates, and much more.


While they don’t often offer dashboards like Boostability, many of Fiverr’s providers offer a login or share spreadsheets that show their efforts. Many also set up Google Analytics for your website and provide you access to its reports so that you can always know what efforts are producing results. In addition, many will provide monthly action reports, including recommendations on strategy changes.

Customer Support

Some service providers set up weekly or monthly calls to go over local SEO strategy and implementation, while others are available on a daily basis via chat, email, or phone. Each provider has different flows for checking in and answering questions. Because many don’t outline their customer support policies on their profiles, ask about what you can expect when you have your initial contact with a provider.

What Fiverr Is Missing

For the most part, Fiverr is intended for single project management, not ongoing local SEO maintenance agencies like Hibu offer. This means you have to introduce new providers to your business and goals regularly. Unlike agencies like Hibu and Digital Marketing Agency, they also don’t guarantee providers are experts, leaving you to vet individual provider expertise yourself. Fiverr also lacks the customer support many agencies provide.

What Users Think About Fiverr

When you hire a Fiverr provider, some offer great quality work while others offer more amateur work, leaving room for very mixed reviews of the platform. Users wish there was more customer support to aid clients when problems arise.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Is Local SEO?

Local search engine optimization (SEO) is a collection of strategies used to help Google and other search engines recognize your local business and rank it highly before local searchers. These strategies include local keyword optimization, online business directory, and map listing maintenance, website design and optimization, link building, mobile SEO, and even social media profile development and maintenance.

Why Is Local SEO Important?

Local SEO helps small businesses be visible in search engines like Google before their local target markets. Good local SEO helps customers find you on the web, then offers them a positive and informative experience so that they’re more likely to buy from you.

How Much Do Local SEO Services Cost?

Professional local SEO services from an agency typically range from $500 to $3,000 a month, depending on the complexity of your online presence, how many business locations you have, what services you want to be included in your local SEO package, and more. To hire a freelance service provider, expect to pay up to $400 per month.

The Bottom Line

Local SEO is a set of online marketing techniques, like keyword optimization and link profile development, that help your business increase ranking on search engines like Google. These techniques ultimately increase traffic to your website, resulting in more sales. Local SEO is best for brick-and-mortar shops that rely on online websites to attract local customers.

Of all of the local SEO services we reviewed, Hibu offers is the best. It offers a full local SEO service, including on-page and off-page strategies. What’s more, it offers knowledgeable customer support, exceptional reporting, and consistent results.


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