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6 Best Small Business SEO Services for 2023

Small Business SEO ServiceBest For
Straight North(Best Overall) Small businesses seeking affordable month-to-month, industry-specialized SEO services
SEO.comSmall businesses wanting a Google Certified partner for SEO management
WebiMaxSmall businesses seeking low-priced SEO services and free SEO tools
Digital Marketing AgencyBusinesses that need multilingual SEO services
BoostabilitySmall B2B service companies seeking cloud-based SEO management software
FiverrSmall businesses that need to complete one-off SEO tasks

How We Evaluated Small Business SEO Services

To help small businesses rank higher on Google and other online search engines for specific keywords, good SEO service providers must perform affordable on-page as well as off-page SEO planning, optimization, and management based on the latest best practices. They must also tailor their SEO plan to client business goals as well as increase overall online ranking and search visibility.

Based on our readers’ needs, the criteria we used to evaluate the best SEO services include:

  • Pricing: Firstly, we searched for SEO service providers that offer budget-friendly packages that can be catered to individual business needs.
  • Reviews: Afterwards, we looked for SEO service providers with 4.5- to five-star reviews on popular service review sites.
  • Comprehensive toolkit: In addition to specializations, an SEO service provider should offer, at minimum, a standard toolkit that includes key SEO services like keyword research, competitive analysis, link building, SEO copywriting, and more.
  • Tracking and reporting: We looked for SEO service providers that offer full transparency into how they implement strategies, progress, and results, so brands can decide for themselves if they are happy with the service or prefer to find another provider.
  • Free resources: Many SEO service providers offer free SEO tools like SEO audits and website analysis so brands can understand where they need to prioritize their budgets before hiring a service provider.
  • Specializations: Many SEO service providers offer specializations that make them a better fit for some businesses. Things such as certifications, target audience expertise, and more. Therefore, we assessed and listed these specializations to inform our readers how brands can best meet their unique business needs.
  • Design: Good small business SEO services shouldn’t just offer written copy optimized for search engines, but also web designs and infographics that can help businesses rank well.

Based on the criteria above, we believe that Straight North is the best option for small businesses needing to boost and maintain a competitive SEO strategy to respond to their specific target markets at an affordable price.

Best Overall Small Business SEO Service: Straight North

Source: SN

Straight North is a market-specific agency with SEO services starting at $1,000 per month. It specializes in industry and niche-specific SEO planning, implementation, tracking, reporting as well as optimization, thanks to a unique staff of industry specialists. Straight North best serves small and growing businesses looking for industry and niche-specific services. Including food, hospitality, automotive, agriculture, retail, finance, health, and other industries.


Straight North’s small business SEO pricing starts at $1,000 per month for location-specific campaigns targeting small to mid-sized cities. National campaigns have a $3,000 minimum price tag, with moderate-sized campaigns falling in between. It therefore offers custom pricing based on an assessment of your domain authority, page authority, backlinks, referring domains, backlink quality, and more.

Straight North Features

Straight North offers a comprehensive toolkit to fulfill your small and growing business’ SEO needs, including copywriting, graphic design, front-end and website development, link building, and Google penalty recovery. It specializes in industry-and niche-specific SEO strategies and offers comprehensive and fully transparent progress and tracking reports, along with free SEO and competitor SEO audits.

Comprehensive Toolkit

Straight North offers a standard and comprehensive toolkit that can be tailored to your business and goals, including content-strategy development, copywriting, graphic design, front- and back-end development, and more. Unlike, it focuses on static visual SEO, not video SEO.

Here are the key tools Straight North offers its clients:

  • Copywriting: It creates high-quality, informative and engaging business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) content to increase off-site and on-site link building.
  • Graphic design: It creates infographics, slide presentations, and other visual content to increase the likelihood of organic link building.
  • Consulting: If you like to do SEO in-house or aren’t ready for a fully managed campaign, Straight North is happy to provide consulting services to help you find your way.
  • Front-end development: It creates interactive content like online calculators, inquiry forms, and more to increase the potential for link building.
  • Lead generation: North Star’s SEO strategies revolve around revenue, not vanity metrics like traffic.
  • Strategy development: First, it asks and researches questions about your business goals, products, services, competitors, target keywords, and more, then creates an SEO strategy that maximizes your strengths.
  • Web development: Straight North can advise you on website changes to help improve your SEO, including removing broken links, improving your site speed, and more, or it can implement such changes for you.
  • Google penalty recovery: Straight North helps businesses that suspect they’ve experienced a Google penalty isolate the cause of the penalty, take proper recovery steps, and then notify Google to stop and undo as much ranking damage as possible.
  • Link building: Straight North offers a variety of link building techniques, including link-magnet content and high-quality, unique content for third-party and high-authority publication.

Tracking & Reporting

Straight North tracks progress via Google Analytics, Google Search Console, your backlink profile, your social activity, and conversions. While other services like Boostability offer real-time reports to clients, Straight North provides a less frequent monthly report with a summary of actions completed, progress, and upcoming-month strategies, in addition to where you stand in terms of traffic, backlinks, content optimization, competitor benchmarking research, and conversions.


Straight North offers industry-specific specializations with proven success and industry-specific resources in a long list of industries. Some of its industry specializations include agriculture, automotive, technology, construction, food and beverage, financial services, franchises, human resources (HR), manufacturing, health, nonprofit, real estate, hospitality, retail and eCommerce, legal industries, and more. For international SEO, however, consider Digital Marketing Agency.

Free Resources

Straight North offers a free SEO audit and a competitive analysis. You can access it by filling out its free audit form. In 15 seconds, you will receive an analysis report of more than 50 ranking factors including keyword usage, keyword ranking against competitors, social media activity, mobile-friendliness, page links, and more. In addition, you will receive a list of actions you can take to optimize your website and earn more traffic. For more free tools, however, review WebiMax’s offerings.

What Straight North Is Missing

Straight North does not offer the international and multilingual SEO specializations Digital Marketing Agency does. It also doesn’t offer real-time analysis of campaigns to clients as Boostability does or video SEO like does.

What Users Think About Straight North

Users like that Straight North has a transparent, collaborative, and industry-specific approach to its SEO strategies. It communicates well, is deadline-driven, and offers to manage as much of the strategy as the client wants. A couple of reviewers said it didn’t deliver small tasks before the deadline but that this didn’t affect their overall results. Another said they could get cheaper SEO if they outsource their SEO outside of the United States.

Best Google-certified SEO Service:

Source: is a digital marketing agency that stands out as a Google-certified partner, offering Google specialty SEO products and training for industries like eCommerce, retail, technology, and more. It’s best for startups and growing businesses needing Google-certified SEO training and implementation both on-site and off-site. Prices are custom but can start as low as $1,000 per month. Pricing offers custom packages with custom pricing to match client SEO needs. However, one client with 1,000 or more employees reported spending $5,000 a month for SEO services. Smaller companies can expect to pay less, starting at $1,750 per month for the Local Plan, $3000/month for the National Plan, and $5000/month for the Enterprise plan. Prices change depending on the state of your website and your competition. Features offers a full toolkit for SEO performance, including keyword research, competitive analysis, link building, content creation, and even mobile, local, and video SEO. As a Google-certified partner, it can also offer expert training in SEO strategy across industries, including retail, technology, eCommerce, and more, but not across languages like Digital Marketing Agency can.

Comprehensive Toolkit offers a full SEO toolkit to grow online visibility. Tools it implements include keyword research, competitive analysis, link building, local and mobile SEO strategies, content creation, and more.

Here’s an in-depth look at’s toolkit:

  • Keyword research: first identifies the keywords that will help you rank in target markets by learning about your customers’ search behaviors; then, it creates optimized content to help you incorporate keywords sitewide.
  • Competitive analysis: It analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of competitors that are competing for market share based on the same search terms you’re targeting; then, it develops a strategy that plays on your strengths to grow your brand’s online presence.
  • Link building: helps you find opportunities to earn links from high-authority and relevant industry sites, thereby increasing your Google authority and ranking.
  • Content creation: It uses its keyword and competitive analysis to generate website content that creates a superior user experience and, therefore, ranks better on Google and other search engines.
  • Local SEO: helps you increase your brand visibility on Google, Apple, and Bing Maps by displaying correct company information like your business name, contact information, industry category, and more on your website and across directory listings and business profiles. Then, it builds your engagement and reviews, resolves and prevents negative feedback, and more for a brand presence Google that is likely to rank well.
  • Mobile SEO: It helps brands create an online brand experience that’s mobile-responsive and provides superior user experiences for mobile traffic, allowing brands to rank well on mobile devices.
  • Video SEO: Unlike Straight North, uses competitor research to help you create and optimize video content for better search engine ranking, which includes creating high-quality and relevant content and maximizing your metadata for greatest visibility.

Tracking & Reporting caters to reporting to their client’s needs. It offers two reports a month to show the roadmap of tasks being completed and their progress. Reports include keyword visibility, number targeted, and ranking, a month-to-month and year-to-year (as applicable) comparison of organic traffic and paid traffic as well as website conversion rates, and website SEO health based on its website health score.

Specializations has partnered with Google to certify its knowledge of Google applications and tools. This means it can offer Google training and specialized products via a Google representative. Its Google knowledge extends across retail, eCommerce, technology, dentistry, B2B, and other industries.

Free Resources’s homepage “Tools” tab offers an instant SEO keyword audit and a local listing checkup. These provide a free opportunity to discover where you stand in terms of SEO best practices and pinpoint any online business listing issues so you can resolve them. Unlike WebiMax, it doesn’t offer a free competitive or website analysis and recommendations for improvement.

What Is Missing offers a standard small business SEO services toolkit but does not specialize in global or multilingual services like Digital Marketing Agency. Unlike Straight North, it also doesn’t boast a plethora of SEO account managers who have worked in the niche fields for which they create SEO strategies.

What Users Think About clients like that they are knowledgeable in SEO and professional. It never takes shortcuts that can jeopardize brand reputations and are willing to start with a low-cost campaign to ensure a good working fit. One client said that, overall, it was very responsive but, every once in a while, the client experienced some delays in communication about their SEO campaigns.

Best SEO Service for Free SEO Tools: WebiMax

Source: webimax

WebiMax is a full-service but comparatively affordable digital marketing agency with a solid collection of free SEO tools. It carefully works within clients’ budgets and leverages free online tools to minimize costs, including their proprietary and tools. It’s the best option for small and growing businesses like solopreneurs and startups with limited budgets.

WebiMax Pricing

A more affordable option than and Straight North, WebiMax pricing for small businesses seeking SEO services on one website starts at $400 for lead generation. If you are a marketing agency that would like to refer clients for SEO services, it then works with you to decide a referral percentage for the partnership.

WebiMax Features

WebiMax offers a standard SEO services toolkit, which includes link building, social engagement, local SEO, on-site optimization, Google penalty resolution, link removal, and eCommerce SEO services. What sets it apart is its free tools, which help brands keep SEO service costs at a minimum. These tools include their proprietary Web Analysis and Competitive Analysis tools, which offer information on both what brands are doing wrong as well as how to fix them.

Comprehensive Toolkit

WebiMax offers a standard but comprehensive SEO toolkit complete with link building, local and eCommerce SEO, link removal and Google penalty resolution services, website design, and more. It also offers off-site SEO services, including business and social media profiles. It does not offer video SEO or the niche specializations or Straight North do.

Here is a more in-depth look at WebiMax’s SEO tools:

  • Social engagement: WebiMax helps you create and manage a social media engagement strategy to improve brand ranking in search engines.
  • Link building: WebiMax produces relevant and high-quality content to attract links to your website; it also reaches out to build relationships with high-authority publications, thereby helping brands to build a high-quality inbound link portfolio.
  • Local SEO: WebiMax updates websites to reflect the keyword research and site optimizations that earn local traffic; it also creates off-site business profiles to help you earn attention in SERPs.
  • On-site optimization: It helps you create an SEO-friendly website conducive to search engine ranking and conversions.
  • Google penalty resolution: WebiMax helps companies learn the root cause of Google penalties, resolve them, and then ultimately works with Google on penalty removal.
  • Link removal services: WebiMax offers link analysis and link removal services to resolve or prevent Google penalties.
  • eCommerce SEO: WebiMax partners with Magento — an ecommerce content management system — to offer an SEO-friendly storefront; then, it incorporates its expert strategies in ecommerce SEO and landing page optimization, as well as competitive analysis, to design conversion-primed shopping experiences that beat the competition.

Tracking & Reporting

WebiMax’s Client Center allows brands to view, in real-time, all efforts being made to implement their SEO strategy successfully. Metrics viewable via its Client Center include rankings, social engagement, keyword research, competitive analysis, analytics, and reports.

WebiMax’s Free Resources

WebiMax offers two proprietary free tools, including and It also directs clients to a plethora of free tools it can use to keep its small business SEO services costs at a minimum. These include tools to track social engagement across platforms, the performance of HTML code, search engine performance, and ranking for non-Google search engines like Bing and more.

Here is a more in-depth look at its proprietary free tools:

  • This tool sends a free website analysis report with clear and categorized instructions on how to improve your website yourself; it includes information on your website’s SEO, social media engagement, website usability, website security, website performance, link profile, body content, and more.
  • This tool offers a full report about your competitors’ websites so you can understand what helps them perform well online, then use the insights to improve your own strategies.

What WebiMax Is Missing

WebiMax only offers its services in English. If you need SEO services to target global or multilingual markets, consider Digital Marketing Agency. It also doesn’t specialize in as many industry niches as Straight North does.

What Users Think About WebiMax

WebiMax’s clients like that it has a high work ethic, a very knowledgeable team. With great customer service and transparency in all it does. They report WebiMax is at the forefront of its industry, offering superior idea creation and best-practice knowledge. Users also said they wished results would come faster. But WebiMax does everything possible to deliver quick results in an industry that requires time for results to build.

Best Service for Multilingual SEO: Digital Marketing Agency

Source: DMA

Digital Marketing Agency is a marketing agency that specializes in multilingual and international SEO. It has an in-house team of SEO specialists and translators who are native speakers of their respective languages. It’s best for brands in retail, food and beverage, travel and hospitality, manufacturing. As well as other industries, particularly those who market internationally.

Digital Marketing Agency Pricing

Digital Marketing Agency offers a custom quote for each SEO campaign depending on its clients’ unique challenges and goals. We reached out to get a starting-point price from a sales representative but didn’t receive a reply. You can request a custom quote of its SEO services for your business on its website.

Digital Marketing Agency Features

Digital Marketing Agency offers a full toolkit of SEO services. Such as link building, competitive analysis, SEO audits and strategy plans, on- and off-page SEO, continual optimization. And even SEO-friendly website design. What sets it apart is its focus on international and multilingual SEO strategies. This is to help brands target different cultures, languages, and dialects. Unlike Straight North, it focuses on regions more than on industry specializations.

Comprehensive Toolkit

Digital Marketing Agency offers a comprehensive toolkit for local, eCommerce, and enterprise SEO. Including on-page and off-page SEO, link building, audit as well as strategies that take into account target audiences, keyword research, and in-depth competitive analysis. Like, it offers video SEO.

Here are the tools you will find in Digital Marketing Agency’s SEO toolkit:

  • Link building: It establishes its clients as authorities in its industries by creating campaigns that attract high-quality incoming links as well as reaching out to place off-site links.
  • Competitive analysis: It looks at competitors’ SEO practices and keyword targeting to understand how you can compete against them.
  • Audit and strategy: It analyzes your goals. Where does your SEO currently stand? It takes into account competitive analysis research to develop a detailed SEO strategy.
  • On-page SEO: It updates your entire website to reflect SEO best practices around content and keyword optimization.
  • Ongoing optimization: Once an SEO campaign has been implemented, it continues to reassess strategies. And results to find areas of improvement and implements new strategies for greater results.
  • Website development: It offers complete website development to create an SEO-friendly foundation. You can then build on for higher Google rankings.
  • Social media: It offers social media optimization for platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. This is to improve your off-site online presence and visibility.
  • Video SEO: With keyword optimization, tagging, and other SEO strategies, it helps your videos perform well before target markets.
  • Mobile SEO: Digital Marketing Agency updates your site to perform well on mobile devices. In terms of things such as appearance, navigation, searchability, and relevance.

Tracking & Reporting

Digital Marketing Agency offers periodic assessments of all its SEO efforts. Each SEO campaign is tracked via a dashboard. It then shares with its clients, which breaks down all its efforts and the results achieved with them. From there, it offers recommendations on how to improve the strategy to build on past successes.


The SEO service that sets Digital Marketing Agency apart is its focus on Spanish and international SEO services. It has an in-house staff of language experts who are native to the regions they specialize in. Consequently, resulting in not just standard translations but optimization for regional target markets.

Its Spanish and International SEO services include the following:

  • Spanish SEO: Its in-house translators work with SEO experts to offer fully optimized content around cultural preferences and even regional dialects.
  • Project analysis: It seeks to understand your audience and their intent, and then offers content that serves them uniquely.
  • Regional analysis: It offers translations catered to the region so that each piece of content. That, uniquely aligns with regional sentiment and user experience preferences.
  • Keyword research: It analyzes the specific demographics you’re targeting. And then offers keyword optimization to align with audience intent, such as cultural preferences and regional dialects.
  • Competitive analysis: It assesses your competitors to understand their SEO strategies. And then uses the insights to offer greater brand engagement both on your website and throughout your online presence.
  • Off-page SEO/web development: It works to restructure your website for international and multilingual audiences. Creating a better user experience that is more likely to rank high in the search engines non-English speakers use.
  • Ongoing optimization: It offers you a custom report telling you how your website and content are performing on the search engines foreign language speakers use as well as how this traffic has affected your business goals; periodically, it reassesses its implemented strategies and results to ensure ongoing success.

Free Resources

Digital Marketing Agency offers a free SEO analysis but no free competitive analysis like Straight North offers. Click on its SEO tab from its homepage, then on “Free SEO analysis” from the drop-down menu. You can fill out a form and receive your analysis within 24 hours. It also offers a free website analysis. Just fill out the form on its homepage.

What Digital Marketing Agency Is Missing

Digital Marketing Agency’s specializations don’t revolve around industries or niches. But instead revolve around regions and the dialects that are popular in them. For more industry-specific specializations, consider Straight North.

What Users Think About Digital Marketing Agency

Users like that they are very communicative and transparent in what they are doing and why. They are also very knowledgeable in pinpointing target audiences and revolving SEO strategies around them to achieve business goals. Users didn’t like that they tend to be on the pricier end of SEO service providers.

Best Cloud-based B2B SEO Service: Boostability

Source: Boostability

Boostability is a B2B online marketing agency with proprietary tracking, analytics, as well as a workflow-management platform. LaunchPad helps service agencies that manage marketing strategies for multiple clients. It best serves local service companies like marketing agencies and media brands with several locations or clients. Prices start at $40 per hour for their services.

Boostability Pricing

Boostability charges a flat rate of $40 per hour for all SEO services. It uses a pricing tool to determine how much time your SEO goals would take to accomplish. Then multiply the estimated hours by $40. Lastly, it will review its proposal with you to confirm a budget-friendly SEO strategy that accomplishes your goals.

Boostability Features

Boostability offers a comprehensive toolkit for service organizations to implement and manage SEO campaigns. Tools and services it offers include link building, its LaunchPad analytics, and workflow platform. Also, business profile development, SEO-friendly website development, custom content production. And finally, social media engagement management. It focuses on agency B2B SEO instead of niche-specific or region-specific SEO like Straight North and do.

Comprehensive Toolkit

Boostability offers a standard but comprehensive SEO toolkit. Such as keyword research and optimization, website optimization, link-building, SEO content creation, social media, and local listing services, and more. It does not offer video SEO or international SEO like or Digital Marketing Agency, respectively. It integrates SEO strategies across all online activities and platforms for optimal visibility before target markets.

Here is a more in-depth look at Boostability’s SEO tools and services:

  • Keyword optimization: Boostability researches your market to understand which keywords will help you rank and compete for ranking against competitors. Then it incorporates those keywords into your website to boost your search engine rankings.
  • Website optimization: Boostability updates your website code and streamlines your website to offer target markets. Such as the user experience search engines like Google expect.
  • Business profile development: Brand visibility in search engines must extend beyond websites to business directories. Boostability creates brand presences on key business directories to help you become more visible and ensures your company is accurately represented.
  • Link portfolio development: It reaches out to your industry’s publications and builds relationships that turn into inbound links, including industry sites, news sites, high-authority industry blogs, and more.
  • Custom content creation: Boostability creates SEO-friendly and targeted content to build inbound links to your site and help you be most visible to target markets. it also creates high-quality guest posts for high-authority site publications that increase brand visibility and the quality inbound links.
  • Ongoing SEO consultation: Boostability helps brands maintain high search engine ranking by constantly updating your SEO strategy and implementation.
  • Social media: Boostability ensures your social media profiles and engagement help your business become more visible in search engine rankings.
  • Local SEO: Whether you own a single location, franchise, or national company, Boostability caters its SEO strategies to help local consumers find your stores; it does so via keyword optimization, business profile creation and maintenance, local map listings, and more.
  • Mobile SEO: Boostability can design your website and content for mobile, offering ideal user experiences that can result in higher ranking on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines.

Tracking & Reporting

Unlike Straight North’s monthly reporting, all Boostability clients are given a login into LaunchPad to view real-time tracking and performance metrics around SEO campaigns, including the progress of each task, what tasks still need to be addressed, and how long each task takes to complete. The goal is to provide minute-by-minute transparency into how your SEO or clients’ dollars are spent and its effectiveness under Boostability’s services.


Boostability’s LaunchPad technology offers service businesses like marketing agencies and media companies a scalable and affordable SEO management infrastructure for analytics and task tracking and management. Businesses can manage SEO activities within LaunchPad, including the workflow of tasks like content production, campaign strategies around local search and directory listings, optimization, link building, onsite SEO, and social media management.

Free Resources

Boostability offers a free website analysis but no competitive analysis like WebiMax does. The resulting report tells you how well your website attracts leads via a score, how well your website ranks by target keywords, how well your social media engagement generates leads, and how well your mobile website performs. Lastly, a free phone call with a Boostability representative helps you begin to plan your SEO strategy.

What Boostability Is Missing

Boostability isn’t knowledgeable about researching and implementing region-specific SEO strategies for international markets. For this specialization, consider Digital Marketing Agency’s services. It also sometimes struggles with highly-niche SEO. Companies targeting smaller niches should consider Straight North’s services.

What Users Think About Boostability

Users like that Boostability is knowledgeable about integrating SEO strategies into online business platforms and activities. They say the team is polite, communicative, and transparent in managing SEO campaigns. Some clients said the firm isn’t great at learning international regions and niches for optimal keyword targeting. For international and niche-specific SEO strategies, you might consider Straight North or Digital Marketing Agency, respectively.

Best for Task-specific SEO Services: Fiverr

Source: Fiverr

Fiverr is an online service-provider marketplace where businesses can hire individuals or agencies to complete one-off SEO projects. What makes it most convenient for small businesses is the ability to source service providers on a task basis. It’s best for small businesses that want to build a custom team for only the tasks they need outsourced and have them completed on a tight budget.

Fiverr Pricing

Fiverr’s SEO service providers’ starting prices are well below the average agency’s starting price, ranging from $10 for a gig to more than $400 for premium monthly packages. Many providers offer tiered SEO packages. Those with low pricing often only perform SEO updates, not from scratch SEO planning and strategy. Many then provide plans for you to maintain your SEO from there.

Fiverr Features

Based on the provider and package you choose, you can then access a full toolkit of premium SEO services. Individual provider services such as PR services, unique content creation, website development, social media management. As well as a basic SEO update with just keyword research and on-site content updates.

Comprehensive Toolkit

Fiverr SEO service providers offer a range of basic, standard, and premium SEO services. Some basic tool kits include keyword research and on-page updates. Many premium packages offer unique SEO content, Google penalty resolution, PR services, local business listings, sitemap setup, duplicate content checks, and more. To learn about individual providers’ offerings, visit its Fiverr store and view its packages.

Tracking & Reporting

Depending on the service provider and the packages you choose with each provider, you can expect a monthly action report or real-time reporting access via a login for ongoing analytics, search engine ranking reports, SEO reports, and more. For the greatest transparency into your SEO budget’s effectiveness, it’s best to ask any providers you interview what processes are put in place for transparency in analytics, task completion, and results reporting.


Individual Fiverr providers have specializations you can search for. For example, you can get regional or language-specific SEO specialists, as well as those who focus on specific industries. If you search for “automotive SEO,” for instance, you will likely find providers with SEO specialization in car sales. In addition, if you’d like to find a Spanish SEO service provider, search for “Spanish SEO” in Fiverr’s search bar. From there, view what each provider has to offer.

Free Resources

Some Fiverr SEO service providers offer free tasks that are searchable under “free SEO.” Those who offer free work are often new Fiverr providers and need to build their reviews to attract more clients. You can vet new providers with few reviews by asking for their LinkedIn profiles or other online storefronts or business listings where you can access authentic reviews off-platform clients have posted. For always-free tools with no strings attached, visit WebiMax.

What Fiverr Is Missing

The Fiverr platform does not offer all the quality or security an established, highly reviewed agency offers. Users must do their due diligence to ensure the service provider has proven results in their fields and this often requires more upfront work than using an established service provider like or Boostability.

What Users Think About Fiverr

To learn more about buyers’ overall reviews of the Fiverr platform, read our Fiverr reviews page. To get a sense of what clients think of individual Fiverr SEO service providers, click on their profiles and scroll down to the review section. Peruse the bottom left-hand corner of the tiles representing each provider. You will see a star rating and, in parenthesis, the number of clients who’ve reviewed them. Try to look for a provider with at least a 4.5- to a 5-star rating and with lots of reviews.

The Bottom Line

Small business SEO services offer a competitive advantage by using comprehensive toolkits and strategies complete with link building, on-site and off-site optimization of copy and platforms, Google compliance, and more. These services build brand awareness and grow sales with customized SEO strategies designed around business characteristics, target markets, industries, and conversion objectives.

For small businesses on time constraints, consistent SEO auditing, planning, and implementation may be daunting. But, regardless of your industry or niche, Straight North can offer you a catered SEO strategy and management to meet your goals. Get a free and custom quote from its homepage by selecting “Request quote” and filling out the form.


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