6 Steps to Choosing the Perfect Business Coach for You

Hiring a business coach may be the best thing you do for your coaching business. If you pick the right one, of course. 

There are many coaches out there who can help you build the business of your dreams. They have the lifestyle you’re craving to experience, a brand you adore and totally resonate with, and their signature program promises you everything you’ve been fantasizing about for a while now.

Except there’s one problem. You don’t know how to pick ‘The One’.

How do you know if someone is the right coach for you? Why do some people get magnificent results from working with a particular coach, whereas some others feel disillusioned with their services? It all comes down to picking the right coach for your business, your needs and your desires.

Whether you’re considering hiring one to help you find your first paying clients, massively explode your reach and audience, or go to the next income level, here are the first steps you should take.

Step #1: Get clear on your goals when searchingg for a business coach 

Business coaching is merely a tool to help you achieve desired results faster. It cannot replace your own vision for your business.

So before hiring one, take stock of your current situation. For instance, are you a new coach just getting your business off the ground or are you a 6-figure coach looking to get to the next income level?

Then, get clear on where you want to go from here and who you want to serve. Where do you want to be 3 to 6 months from now? What big goals do you want to achieve?

Do you want to be traveling the world and living the laptop lifestyle, or do you want to bring in some extra income from a side business? Do you want to design high-end VIP programs and retreats, or do you want to bring in leveraged income through products and courses?

It’s important so that you pick someone who can support you in getting there.

Step #2: Get clear on your WHY  

Once you know where you want to go, figure out what’s stopping you from getting there. Why do you need a business coach right now?

To keep you accountable to take the right actions? To help you get over your own limiting beliefs, fears or mind blocks? Or to map out a strategic and actionable marketing plan for you?

Now is the time to get absolutely clear on your exact needs so you can choose the right expert for you.

Step #3: Focus on the next step 

Source: Jigsaw Thinking

Once you’ve identified your exact needs, start seeking out expert coaches in your desired niche.

At this point, it can get tempting to join that coveted program from your favorite 7-figure entrepreneur, or join that mega-popular online course full of a thousand other students, when what you actually need is just some extra help with the next step in your business.

So, instead of getting swayed by all the buzz of perfectly executed launches, keep your eye on the prize. What do you need right now, in this moment, to go to the next level? 

Pick someone who has been where you are, and is just a few steps ahead of you, not too far ahead in the journey themselves. They remember what it’s like to be where you are, and can help you best.

Step #4: Try a sample of their work  

This one is important, and may be a key factor in determining whether a coach is right for you. Try and sample the work of a few selected coaches.

While quite a few people may be able to guide you in your journey, each coach will have his or her own unique approach, signature style of working with clients, and methods and strategies they swear by.

Instead of diving in headfirst, dip your toes in and try a sample of their work. Sign up for a free course or a challenge they may be offering. Or attend their live trainings, workshops or webinars to get a flavor.

Do you resonate with their style? Do they inspire you? Will you enjoy working with them? These are all important questions to ask yourself at this stage.

Step #5: Ask a potential business coach the right questions  

Source: Beacon Business Coaching

Once you’ve decided on a few coaches you would love to work with, have open and honest conversations with them around your needs, struggles and desires. Give them a transparent assessment of where you’re at in your business, so they can help you best.

Also take this opportunity to understand them better. Figure out what their business model and lifestyle is like. Does he or she work online entirely, or do they host in-person retreats and workshops? Do they have a team of 20 people helping them, or do they work from their home office all alone? This will better help you to decide if you’re a good fit.

Whatever your goal is in your business, you need to make sure your coach believes in and supports that vision.

Step #6: Trust your instincts  

So here’s the most important piece of advice – trust your instincts. Yes, you can ask for references, read up on testimonials and do your research, but ultimately, go with your gut feeling.

Working with the right coaches can be the best business investment. Whether it is seeking expertise, accountability or just a partner to help get out of your own way, you will likely experience significant spurts of growth by working with the right people at different stages of your business.

It all comes down to what you need a coach for.

It’s also really important to remember not to give up your power at any stage of the process. Don’t let someone intimidate you into making a decision that isn’t right for you. Remember, this is your business. And you have the ultimate authority to decide what’s best for you.

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