7 Social Media SEO Strategies For Your Website

We know SEO deals with organic growth but there are some social media SEO strategies to boost SEO and bring tons of traffic to a website that converts.

According to Buffer – Social media marketing refers to the optimum use of social media platforms to connect with your audience for enhancing brand awareness, promoting content, increasing sales, and driving traffic to your website.

Social media can bring great engagement with customers, keep track of competitors and strengthen your brand’s voice.

At the same time, SEO is all about improving your website’s ranking and driving organic traffic on preferred websites. Delay in investing in SEO campaigns can increase the timespan to bring free traffic to your website.

By making strategic use of social media, you can increase your brand awareness, earn backlinks, and gain better visibility and exposure. In fact, reports suggest that 41% of local businesses depend on social media to drive revenue, whereas 44% use social media for brand awareness. These all stats indicate an important relationship between SEO and Social Media Marketing.

Does Social Media impact SEO?

Social media strategies are a part of social media optimization (SMO).

In SMO, social media networks are utilized to manage and grow an organization’s mission and online presence. Facts say, 50% of companies who do not succeed with SEO aren’t integrating social media marketing. Hubspot’s recent reports suggest that 64% of marketers actively invest time in search engine optimization (SEO). These facts tell us that SEO and social media don’t directly influence each other’s performance; however, using them together in a tactical way can generate better overall marketing results.

Why focus on Organic search on social media?

Organic search in social media boosts validity and credibility. Sources show that businesses that produce original content were liked by 61% of the users. The outstanding cost-effectiveness of organic offers a long-term solution for the marketers.

To strengthen your SEO and rankings, you have to make exhilarating social media strategies. These strategies should create the best opportunities for social media to help your SEO.

Here are 7 highly effective Social Media Strategies to Boost Your SEO:

Optimize Social Media Profile

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The world always emphasizes “First Impression of yours.” Making your first impression can bring you lots of attention. So, If your image or profile is not well-defined and clear, you are risking your brand awareness. Thus your profile has to get optimized. Profile optimization includes keeping a company’s logo on ones ’profile photo. Every detail in your bio must match your website description and contain at least 3 to 5 relevant keywords of your focus or interest.

More Mentions equals Better Recognition.

At present day, public relations strategy depends on high quality earned media. Thus, your brand’s mention on higher domain authority sites gets noticed by Google. Moreover, unlinked brand mentions reflect a story about your brand’s expertise and popularity to Google. If your brand becomes a topic of talk among people, that’s opening up your fortune. To be precise, several mentions indicate your brand getting seen, identified, and recognized.

Sharing on Social media

It is sad news that Google doesn’t consider the number of social media shares or followers as a factor to rank a web property. But when you share your posts on your social media, your audience will share them further after liking the content. This increases visibility and improves traffic, and ultimately aids in SEO. Thus, your content must be engaging enough to the right people. Your viewers must find the content useful or resourceful for sharing. Sharing your post, articles, and blogs on social media is one of the best social media strategies.

Strong Network will give you exposure.

Nowadays, social media is all about fostering relationships and forming networks. Influencers, loyal brand fans, and partners can form such a network. Those influencers are genuine and trustworthy and hold relevance to your brand can be a savior to increase your brand’s awareness. Their shoutouts can bring positive endorsement and impression among their audiences is also a good social media strategy.

Working with your true brand fans can get greater exposure to your content and increase positive brand mentions. An ability to bring out User Generated Content via your active followers will multiply your effectiveness. Those individuals who are influential people in your industry can give their valuable suggestions on content creation and enhancing your social audiences.

Caption and hashtag relevant to keyword in social media.

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While posting your content, you must write an enticing, relevant, and engaging caption. The caption must-have trending or branded hashtags. You can use hashtags to categorize content, make content more discoverable, start a campaign or trend, and get featured on a particular trend. A good caption must have an arousing hook sentence followed by the information to be conveyed. These hashtags do not take any cost and help your posts to be discovered by new audiences for the very same time to a longer time.

Optimizing Images on Social media

Alternative text or alt text are designed for blind or visually impaired individuals. These texts are actually read out when such users carry out voice search. Thus, Alt Text is crucial for SEO. You can use appealing images and animated GIFs to optimize your images for social media. Alt-text is also essential for your social media platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn. You can research and work on your ALT Text option on Facebook and Instagram. Thus, keeping your keywords in the alt text will help enhance your SEO even in social media.

Running Q&A session with Live Video.

Various sources refer that by 2021, videos will represent 82 percent of Internet traffic. Also, 80% of consumers prefer it to take content in the form of a live video blog. Almost no content other than the live video will help you connect to your audience more closely. You can run a Q&A session where you can explain the details of your products or service and address the questions of your audience.

Live videos increase page dwell time ( the average amount of time that visitors spend on your page). Fun fact, Search engines reportedly reward websites where people spend a lot of time on. Live streaming videos help to increase your SEO stats. Thus, you should keep your live videos of high quality and inspire the audience for better engagement.

Final Thought

You should make optimum use of social media and adopt social media strategies like:

  • Optimizing Social Media profiles and images.
  • Earning more mentions & shares.
  • Forming a robust social network.
  • Running Live sessions.
  • Keeping your caption and hashtag relevant to keywords

Structured, planned social media strategies and best practices will bring you more significant organic traffic and ultimately uplift your SEO.

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