7 Ways Bloggers Can Increase Traffic and Rank Higher with Infographics

Infographics are a great way to increase your traffic to your website through your blog. If you do not have a blog, you should consider getting one. Your blog is an essential part of your online marketing strategy, just like your website and social media pages are.

Once you have a blog, you will want to create an infographic. If you already work with infographics, you understand the value of having this tool to help you increase traffic and get valuable leads that will lead to increase revenue for your business.

We researched this topic for you and came up with some ideas on our own as to how you can use infographics to increase your traffic.

Remember that what you want is targeted traffic; not just ordinary traffic. In other words, you need quality leads that bring in the people that are most interested in your product line or services. Having increased traffic that is generic and not specific to your niche area is wasted.

You need to make the most of your ROI (return on investment) and your time by focusing on targeted traffic to reach your intended audience.

7 Actionable Tips Bloggers Can Increase Targeted Traffic with Infographics

Below are seven different techniques that you may try to increase your targeted traffic with your infographics.

Get your graphic listed in searches

One way that having an infographic on your blog will increase your targeted traffic is that it gets you listed in another way. When you create an infographic, Google automatically lists this as a picture or image file. People searching for specific information in a given area are allowed to choose to search for “images only” or images as well as video, text, and other content.

By putting an infographic to work for you on your blog or website, you will get leads from people you would not ordinarily get through graphics listings. To give your infographic a boost, be sure to submit to these free directories. Each of them a free to use and provide their audience with hundreds of new infographic designs on a monthly basis.

Reach More People with Stunning Visual Content

Source: Microsoft Tech Community

According to Top Marketing Schools.com, having an infographic on your page increases your potential audience by up to 15 million people! Granted, you are not going to get that many to see your infographic, but that is your potential audience. Think about the number of people in that group who just might like what you have to offer.

Even if you could only corner a portion of that amount of traffic, you could see your sales and revenue skyrocket. Focus on making your infographics stunning and unique to increase your chances of more views.

Share your Infographics with social media

You don’t want to forget your social media audience when you create your infographic. Social media is still one of the best possible ways to get your message out there in large numbers and encourage others to share your message. An infographic is easily shareable across many different social media platforms. So make sure that you share your message this way and promote your infographic on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Since an infographic is already in picture format, it is compatible with Instagram as well as the other platforms.

Use these working social sharing tips and methods to help with the process of getting others to easily share your infographic once people see them live on your site.

Include good data and back it with research

One way you can increase traffic with your infographics is to create excellent infographics, to begin with. Make sure your data is sound, up-to-date, and relevant to your key audience. If you are featuring content on your blog about how to save money, then make an infographic with a money tree as a main image and then research ways to save money that is backed by statistics and facts.

By using both the visual element of the graphic and the sound data and information that is based on sound research, you will please your target audience who are looking for information they can trust.

This also increases your level of credibility in the eyes of your customers and potential customers. And that is priceless when it comes to online sales.

Create unique headings and titles in your infographics

Source: Pinterest

Another way to increase blog traffic through your infographics is to create a unique and interesting title and heading. For example, this graphic which focuses on design plays off the “Star Wars theme.” It has lettering that resembles the original Star Wars logo that is associated with the movie. The title reads, “Star Wars: Design with the Force.” This makes the infographic appeal more to people who remember both the original Star Wars series and the recent remake. Using a play on words from popular movies, music, and culture can go a long way toward increasing your audience base.

Include coupon codes or other perks

If you want to make an impact with your infographics within your blog and send people reeling to your site, how about including a coupon or discount code at the bottom of your infographic? We recommend putting it at the bottom because that will usually result in people reading through your entire infographic before seeing the code. You may want to mention earlier in the infographic that there is a code at the bottom so that you get people who may not read all the way through.

However, by focusing the graphic on visuals and not text, including valid and interesting data that your key audience will respond to, and promise a discount at the end, you will create an interest in your brand that may keep people coming back.

After all, everyone loves a sale, and if they think they are getting something just for reading your infographic, you can bet they’ll return to see when you will do this again!

Gamify your infographic

Do you have a game or a fun page for kids or others that you could include? Or maybe you just want to spruce up your infographic to make it more engaging for your audience. Whatever the case, by putting a game such as a link to a mobile app, game page, or another perk, you can increase the engagement level on your infographic.

Try these seven tips to increase interest and targeted traffic to your blog

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