Start a Money Making Blog – 8 Simple Steps

So you want to start a money making blog. That’s great! We know many people who have quit their full time jobs because of the amount of money they are making from blogging!

So…how do you do it? What are the exact steps one must take to actually get a blog up and running and make money from it? Well, today we are going to go over those steps. We have made them super easy for you, too.

By the time you finish reading this blog, if following these steps thoroughly, you will have a finished, completely monetization-ready blog! So, here we go.

8 Simple Steps to Start a Money-Making Blog

#1 – First things first. Sign up with WordPress.

WordPress is one of the most popular tools for setting up a website (mainly blogs). We absolutely love WordPress. It is super easy to use and has so many thousands of themes to choose from that you really can’t go wrong. Plus, WordPress is free! So, go sign up now so that you can get your blog ready to go for hosting, which is next.

Start a Money Making Blog #2 – Self-Host through companies.

If you want to make money blogging, you must make sure that you are self-hosted. Self-hosting is when you pay a webhost company to host your website on the Internet so that it can be viewed online. This means that you own your website, and allows you unlimited capabilities as to what you want to do with it (aka monetization).

Start a Money Making Blog #3 – Take a Blogging Course.

If there is one thing (besides number 1 and 2, which are mandatory), that you do before you launch your blog to the world, make sure that you sign up to take a blogging course.
Find a course that goes through everything – how to set up your blog in terms of style and aesthetics, how to get sponsorships (including a list of sponsorship companies you can start with today), how to use Pinterest and your email list to drive web traffic and make money, etc.

3b. Take a Pinterest Course.

Find a course that discusses Pinterest and how to make it work for your blog. You need to dive in way further and outline step-by-step exactly how to set up your Pinterest account and make and pin pins so that you are driving the most traffic possible to your blog. Did you know that Pinterest is the #1 way to drive traffic to your blog? It sure is! About 80% of a blog traffic can come from Pinterest alone. So please, do yourself a favor and sign up for a Pinterest course today!

So, go sign up for your courses now and then move to Step 4.

Start a Money Making Blog #4 – Set Up an Email Service.

While you may be thinking “but I don’t even have subscribers yet!” don’t worry – you will. And because of that, you will need an email list.

You want to set up your email service as soon as you start your blog so that you can go ahead and begin incorporating features like email landing pages, email marketing, and more into your blog posts for max monetization.

Find something that makes it so easy to generate emails whether to one person or hundreds of people, and whether manual or automated. They should really help you keep in touch and build a relationship with your readers, which is crucial for monetization.

Start a Money Making Blog #5 – Set Up Your Social Media Platforms.

So…have you:

  • Set up your blog on WordPress?
  • Become self-hosted?
  • Taken the blogging course?
  • Taken the Pinterest course?
  • Set up your email list?

If you answered “yes” to all of these questions, then congrats! Your blog is ready for content!
So, you can start writing your blog posts now – or you can take it a step further and ensure you will start making money by getting your name out there. How do you do that? Easy. Make sure you are on social media.

We recommend, first and foremost, a Pinterest Business Account. Pinterest, like previously mentioned, is the number most bloggers who make money drive traffic. Head over to Pinterest now to set up your Business Account.

You also want to make sure you are on Instagram (again, using a Business Account), Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube (even if you don’t plan on making videos right now).

The more places you are, the more chance of people finding you.

Start a Money Making Blog #6 – Set Up a Planner for Your Blog & Business

Even when you are brand new, you want to make sure you are keeping track of everything within your blogging and social media business. Trust us! This is important.

You have to remain organized in the blogging & social media business. Have to. It’s easy to get sidetracked when working online – so easy!

Your planner should contain pages for just about anything you can imagine for keeping your business organized, including:

  • monthly goals broken down by social media platform
  • monthly stats broken down by platform
  • monthly plans
  • weekly plans broken down by platform
  • a content planner for larger projects like blogs or YouTube videos
  • topic & date scheduler
  • to do list & task list
  • collab tracker
  • works in progress tracker
  • expense tracker
  • monthly recurring fees tracker
  • income tracker
  • brainstorm pages

and more!

6b. Schedule and Organize your Pinterest Pins

Schedule your Pinterest pins. This is a lifesaver and will help drive you tens of thousands of views on your blog (not to mention millions of views on Pinterest). Determine what the best times are to pin & set those times up for you – all you do is determine which pins you want it to pin! It’s easy and really will be a game changer in terms of driving traffic to your Pinterest account and blog.

Start a Money Making Blog #7 – Make Your Money, Honey!

Ok – bet you are most excited about this part! “How do I make money from all of this?” you ask! Well, we am going to tell you the short of it here. It’s not just one thing – it’s a combination of things. But for starters, let’s talk about doing what you can do right now to make money.

There are so many ways to get paid blogging – from reaching out to companies you love to applying via various websites to being discovered on social media to developing a product your customers truly love and need. The possibilities are endless.

Now onto the final step, Step 8.

Start a Money Making Blog #8 – Resources.

There are so many resources out there about blogging and how to start a blog and the websites you should bookmark, etc. So, make sure you bookmark sites and refer back to it frequently as possible and do update it a lot.


That’s all! You have completely set up your blog and are open for business (or at least, ready whenever you are ready to launch)! Thanks for reading, friends, and as always – take care.

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