A Beginners Guide to Marketing Digital Products

In the world of internet marketing, it’s easy to feel like a small fish in a big pond. We’ve noticed that there are a few common problems involved in digital product marketing. For starters, there are hundreds if not thousands of digital products released every week. Your chances of shining through on your first product launch are slim to none. Additionally, consider that most internet marketers have no actual background in marketing of any sort. It is crucial to remember that most successful marketers have been in business for years. Despite this, most internet marketers expect to get rich overnight.

Internet Marketing Isn’t All White-Hat 

Now here is something anyone can agree with: “Get rich quick” doesn’t exist anywhere, no matter how much you want it to. And this is what professional marketers prey on. The average Joe knows nothing about internet marketing. That is why internet marketing is a multi-billion dollar industry, much like multi-level marketing companies, pyramid schemes, and “fortunes made overnight guaranteed” books of the past. Internet marketing has a seedy side too. 

How can you protect yourself ?

  • Never take anything at face value.
  • Stay informed read up on anything and everything you can about internet marketing.
  • Ask questions from marketers with good reputations.

I know what you are thinking right now “how am I supposed to get through to top internet marketers to ask questions” it is actually much easier than you think. The internet marketing world for digital products is tiny in comparison to other big business practices in the corporate world.

Most internet marketers can be contacted directly, and if you find difficulty doing so, check their web pages regularly and keep tabs on upcoming seminars. These seminars are a great way to meet other marketers. They almost always have a Q&A period where you can get the answers you need.

What Do You Need For Selling A Digital Product?

  • A website domain name and hosting.
  • A pdf composer program. These can be found free about 90% of the time
  • Optional: Internet Marketing partners to promote your product to their subscribers.

What Is Consumer Generated Marketing Without Trust?

Let’s say your digital product is your muffins recipe. They are the best muffins you have had your entire life. Would you buy something just because the guy selling it to you said he liked it? Most likely, you wouldn’t, so one thing you need on your web page is unbiased testimonials. If you are a “white hat” marketer, you will get real people’s photos and their real testimonials about how great these muffins are, hopefully not family members but people that have bought them from the farmers market in the past.

“Black hat” marketers will grab the first face they find on Google images and make some bogus testimonials up from Billy Johnson from Nashville, Tennessee. This practice is not recommended. All it takes is one person to see Jerry Rylie’s photo on Google images and realize that it’s not this Billy person you fabricated. To install more trust in your client, get a trust logo, and you can get this by having a privacy policy on your site trust is just one of many ways to give your site the edge it needs for people to buy confidently.

Word-of mouth can be considered a form of consumer generated marketing. Without trust, there is no hope for consumers to market your products for you.

Create Anticipation To Drive Traffic

A month or so before you launch your site, set up a splash page for your product and state that it is “coming soon” on the page; get a script that logs peoples’ names and e-mails. This will secure a list of people interested in your product in advance. You can send out emails and social media posts on the launch date to have instant traffic sent to your site. Most people don’t give up this info willingly, so having a sample e-book or a related e-book (which you own the rights to), gives customers a reason to enter their info to receive a “free gift.” The fact you are giving something away for free makes most people content with your service and will potentially make them future paying customers.

Try Affiliate Marketing

So now you have a site with testimonials and a big list of potential customers. Joining up with an affiliate-based digital product site is key. If you offer 25-75% commissions on every sale, you will get marketers tripping over themselves to market your product. This sounds like a big chunk of change, but if a marketer takes on your product and ends up selling 10,000 units that you would have never sold in the first place taking home 25% isn’t so bad, considering digital products are free to reproduce.

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