A Common Mistake with Internet Article Marketing – Quantity Vs. Quality

Content has always been “king,” and one model of traffic generation which has gained remarkable popularity of late is Internet article marketing

And no wonder. It is free. It can be used by anyone. It has the potential to draw a significant number of new visitors to your site. Even better, those visitors are generally of a higher quality than those from other modes of traffic. But only a few article writers will enjoy respectable results out of the thousands who utilize it. In this article, we will discuss just one factor in this form of marketing which we have noted as being a common mistake, especially among beginners.

Quantity Vs Quality

A lot of internet article marketing writers have subscribed to the school of thought that “the more articles you have out there, the more exposure you’ll get and therefore the greater results” and so naturally believe that this is the smart way to making the most money, or whatever their desired result is (for example, list generation). While there is merit to this, the danger is that the articles they write will be of a low-standard.

Standards Are Changing

In the past, low-standards were more acceptable, certainly more so than today. You could put up questionable content and no one would flinch. Content which was of a higher quality would of course stand out, but it was not expected or demanded. Today things are altogether different. To survive in the marketplace, you must, at the very least, create respectable content that gives value to your reader. If you do not provide any value, you will lose traffic, and leave a bad taste in your prospects mouths. You will soon disappear and those of your competition who do provide quality will thrive.

Only Write Content Which Provides Value

Today, your prospects and customers are a much tougher crowd to please. Every internet article marketing piece you write that fails to deliver even the most minimal of value to the reader, is an article that you wasted time on.

Therefore, before you run off to write as many articles as you can, just hold on. Think about the content you will be providing. 

Will it give value to your readers? Or will they be forced to hit the back button on their browser?

Five decent and well written articles will outperform 20 badly written ones all day long. That’s the basics of internet article marketing. It’s cringy to read forum threads on how many articles someone has written, and how they aim to have hundreds, even thousands, out there on the Internet. Now, if they are well written articles, then great! But… that is generally not the case. And that is why most of these people fail to get the results they want. They sit there looking at their 100’s of articles wondering what went wrong. It is simple.. they didn’t provide value.

It’s time to give. Give value, give something the reader can take away. Then watch your sales, list and reputation take off!

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