We all recognize how simple Network Marketing can be. We also know that it can be challenging. The level of success in Network Marketing is tied directly to the value we place on these three critical steps.

First, You MUST know why you won’t quit.

Knowing our purpose for building a Network Marketing business is what insulates us from fear, disappointment, and discouragement.

Deciding why you will never quit is the most important key to ensuring success in this business. Knowing the process to decide why is equally critical. The best way for me to discover my purpose was a focused four-step process.

1. Write down everything that is important to you. Just write. 

Include everything you currently have as well as what you do not have, but want. Take your time on this so that you put everything downon paper.

2. Reflect on your list, and after each item ask yourself the following questions (and write down your answers):

  • Why is this so important to me? Or is possessing this so important to me?
  • What does possessing this mean to me? Or what would gaining this mean to me?
  • How would it make me feel if I lost this? Or never obtained this?
  • How would losing this change my life? Or never having this change my life?
  • What does having this represent to me? Or gaining this representation to me?

3. As you reflect on each item you will notice a theme or themes emerging

A picture will develop what REALLY matters to you. Write it down. Simplify it. Re-write it into a single word or phrase. Keep after it until what you have written resonates so strongly with your soul that you just know, this is my purpose!

4. Now dream of your perfect day through the lens of Your Purpose. See it, feel it, taste it, hear it!

Now you know why you will never, ever quit! This is the purpose you wake up for in the morning and the vision you fall asleep with at night. Your only measure of success. When someone asks you why you are building a Network Marketing business you should have to describe it to them, not list it to them in bullet points.

Second, You must truly care about people to find success in network marketing.

Always remember – people do business with people first; products and companies second.

If we think the famous quote, “help enough people get what they want, and you will get what you want” is merely an important key to success, then we simply don’t get it. Do we see others as a means to an end? If we are not careful people will become reduced to “prospects” or “potential clients’ ‘ – and they will know it! They will hear it in our conversation and feel it when we present our opportunity.

If our focus is truly on helping, encouraging, inspiring, and listening to people –because we are that kind of person, they will know that! And the relationship created and cultivated will ensure that they are successful in getting what they want out of our opportunity and therefore ensuring we get what we want too

Third, Do Something of value in your business EVERY DAY!

Activity, Activity, Activity! You must do something – of value – every day! Make a call, pay a visit, begin a conversation, share a sample, etc.

But here’s the interesting thing… if you have the first two things done and affirmed, then number three is easy! Daily activity is natural, fun, and effortless.

If on the other hand, you have not nailed down the first two, then number three will be forced, a struggle, and tiresome.

Having success in network marketing is what we are all after. Making a priority of these three steps will make that happen!

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