How We Use These 5 Advanced Blogger SEO Guides To Rank High On Google

SEO is constantly changing, you need a proper guide on it. Things are becoming harder, technology has evolved and you need a space to create something worth dying for. Every day, you surf the internet looking for a proper Blogger SEO Guide that solves your endless needs. All because you knew the benefit of ranking well on Google, but a different strategy was put forth to you. You sit and work on it but it’s as if you didn’t do it. Instead, you go ahead and abandon a Blogger blog for others. We won’t criticize the habit, probably you did that for the purpose of ranking well on Google. Yet, you still find it difficult to rank after switching over. But if you’re the type reading this post right now, stay courageous and steadfast with Blogger blogs. This post is likely for you and the benefits in it are bountiful. 

In this post, let’s see how we use these 5 advanced Blogger SEO Guides to rank high on Google.

Find A Proper SEO Keyword For Your Blogger Blog 

As technology is networking along with SEO, things started becoming harder for bloggers and content marketers. Publishers barely fold their arms anymore, instead, they look for ways to get their content rank higher on SERP. Like all that seems as good, the by-product of it is still to get some quick leads and rank #No1 on Google. 

No matter the stress and hard work that should be your goals. If so, Google has algorithms rolled on to check up on something real quick. And if you miss out on it, you become second fiddles. You stay and wait while others rank. And to start, it’s better to incorporate some vital keywords on your Blogger blog. It’s better to do so, the purpose of it is to have a keyword that your Blogger blog ranks for. Here’s an example of it below:

We gave our website a keyword, it makes search engines understand what our website is all about. And the keyword we want to rank for. This means, aside from the web pages that rank, the homepage has the ability to rank high for different search terms. 

Adding another traffic foot and increasing our Blogger blog visibility. Not stopping over yet, all these have an aim, we want to achieve something for success.

And this aim is about staying on every search query – exclude the web pages for now. To get it done there should be a special-purpose why you want it to happen. Because if you miss out on that, it will make you invest much time on things that you won’t solve. To avoid it, clearly, know your goals. 

As for us, our goal is to generate traffic and if possible convert them to subscribers. The message is clear. That way, you should also have a goal. We have seen instances where big business ventures run their website on Blogger. All they did was change the domain name and get a professional theme to back it up. If not told, you won’t ever dream the website is run on a Blogger platform. In fact, some business owners prefer using the Blogger platform over WordPress because it’s less stressful in terms of technical issues.

Now, to give a keyword to your Blogger SEO that makes your blog homepage rank well, follow these steps below. 

Know Your Niche

Maybe you’ve heard of it, if not. Sure, you will need to do that first, it’s not a fantasy or slang used anymore. It’s just about the truth being said, a couple of times we put our mind off it. We hardly differentiate between passion and talent. And to us, both don’t go peer to peer. For you to get noticed on the Blogger platform, knowing what you intend to do in there is what works. It doesn’t matter whether it’s highly competitive or low, what you should aim at is what you love doing.

We believe when you leverage that, to stay relevant and crank up content over time shouldn’t be an issue for you. Then, ask yourself, what are you good at? Begin your journey on that, cement it and drive along with it. 

Know Your Audience

After all, let’s say you concluded to blog on making money online, it’s fine. Meaning you’ve got a solid background of what to do there. But, there’s an issue, what matters now is how to attract the right audience. And the easiest way to get that done, if truly you can, is because it’s quite important. It is to blog the right way and one thing that helps if possible you listen to do it is. If you can blog in a way that solves their real-time needs, you may want to doubt us. 

But, we’re secretly telling you what works and it’s fundamental that requires polishing(structuring of content). Although we don’t want it to look spontaneous for now, maybe the whole thing as of now still sounds weird to you. But, never mind, you’ll request for more of it in years to come.

Write Based On Search Intent

As we said above, you’ll request an understanding of all that and this is one of them. If you may think now, how do you think we compose a Blogger post that made you find this post? You should know it can’t be possible to do all that just based on our thoughts. That’s what we think it is – it is not possible.

Even though we leverage that (based on our thoughts), we will hardly find our SEO opportunity. Sure, everyone keeps saying this(keyword research), it can be great to start with that. And what it does solve for you should be the following:

  • What your competitors are up to(the keywords that help them rank on the first page, shares, backlinks) – The truth is this, the data can’t depict all to you.
  • How competitive is the keyword? – you can simply start that way. 
  • How long is their content? 
  • Who stays on the No 1 page of the search term? 

What else again? After all, you did that, what exactly does it solve? After implementing the whole thing you still do not rank on Google’s first page. That means the whole marketing tool used(whether paid or free) sucks. 

We’re sure what ranks a Blogger blog on Google happens in two ways. Structuring and freshness score of the content – On-page factors, renewal of the same content, and the quality in it. The click-through rate of the content.

You may likely say, what about backlinks, domain age, domain, and page score. Sure, all that also contributes but that doesn’t really matter for now. Give yourself another try of this and see the result. For instance, a Blogger post in our blog starts to rank for several search terms. We never spam it or build unnatural backlinks in it. All we did is this, we navigated over to organic search engine-related searches. We firmly look for ways to find our SEO opportunity.

Naturally, after we’d finished reasoning about what keyword to rank for, the next thing we did was to write according to the audience’s search intent. In that post, we didn’t leverage keyword research. All we did to the post was to optimize it for multiple keywords. The same way we did to this post you’re reading. 

Believe it or not, On-page strategy matters but when added with search intent make it rank better. Of course, to rank higher than WordPress blogs, you will need to dig deeper than you can. And one thing that makes you compete and rank high, doing it naturally, is when you structure your Blogger post according to the user’s search intent. It’s just as simple as that.

Great Headline Still Works 

What makes great content looks great, it’s the headline. Here’s what Tom Southern said about writing a great headline. When deciding what content to share, the headline says it all. The headline is what people notice first. It’s the headline that makes a piece of content stand out, get shared, and go viral. We also share emotional, attention-grabbing content, because it helps us to get noticed. Perfectly said, right? 

One thing that has helped our Blogger blog rank now aside from writing based on the end-consumer’s search intent. It’s the headline, the headline says it all and it’s what keeps improving our click-through rate on Google. Not that we had a good page rank, domain score, and backlinks. Yet, we keep ranking now just by making our headlines more search engine friendly. we will say, this is quite important.

For example, you may know people’s search intent, but find it hard to resonate it to a more compelling headline. That way, to rank higher and get some organic traffic on Google will be a bit difficult. In this case, writing your headline in long-tail-keyword works.

Because that’s where you find your SEO opportunity. Even at that, learn not to use headlines that look the same as others. Make sure yours is more compelling and what people won’t resist clicking on. It’s better you think that way. 

Learn Blogger SEO

It’s better for you to know how SEO works on bloggers which we know this article here will be of help in. As per Blogger, all that is needed has been embedded in it to rank. Fortunately, Google bothers you less about the technical audit. Leaving you to optimize your Blogger blog post for SEO. On average, over 10 percent of bloggers are using the Blogspot platform. And 0.8 of Blogspot publishers rank their Blogger blog on different search terms. This makes it why Blogger blogs are less visible on SERP compared to their major counterparts(WordPress).

In simplicity, we need to advance in order to stay up to any SEO changes made. For us, it will be better for us to develop such a mentality and rank high. If not, we won’t compete in anyways and WordPress blogs will keep dominantly over Blogger blog users. 

Long Blog Post Works For SEO

In the year 2021, we know it is another year to change our ways of writing content. What makes great content is not the word count but the ingredient in it that engages readers to it. That’s maximizing the concept and with the intent of structuring it for search engines and people. Really make it great content. 

Use bullet points and numbers. More of an active voice. Good readability fetch score. Internal links. External links. Alt tag. Headlines – this improves the readability score. Sentence length. Well-written search description. Keyword density. Infographics – to show more expertise. Video – to show facts and illustrations into the topic at hand. User’s search intent. All these are basic things needed to rank high on Google. 


You quite need all that to rank to avoid becoming second fiddles. We hope this Blogger SEO Guide is of help to you? So, how do you intend to rank your Blogger blog highly on Google? 

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