Affiliate Marketing – Finding Your Market Niche

Finding your market niche is the first thing you have to do before you start promoting offers as an affiliate.
Many people just jump into affiliate marketing before even thinking it through. Let’s take an offline business as an example. Who would start an offline business without knowing who their potential buyers might be or knowing anything about the industry?
The same thing applies to affiliate marketing. It is a serious business that requires a marketing strategy like any other. If you don’t know where you are going, don’t complain if you can’t get there. Just imagine one Sunday morning you suddenly decide to go to the car boot sale. You don’t have anything to sell, so you just grab half of the stuff in the attic and a blanket, as you have no signs, no table, no price tags, and you are late, get the worst spot on the top of that, how much profit can you expect? None.

how to choose a niche for affiliate marketing

Here’s the easiest and proven way to get started: As with all marketing strategy, we have to first find the people to market to, though, and that is the hardest thing about being an affiliate marketer. Finding the people who are ready to buy the product/service you have got to offer is not always that easy.

Research your niche.

Before you decide to sell a product, research the market. Where are other marketers trying to reach potential customers/subscribers? Read niche blogs, study strategies and look around on advertising websites for ads that relate to products/services similar to yours.

Check the Alexa Rankings of the sites you think your potential customers are visiting.
A more important aspect to search for is whether people in your selected market niche have a problem that needs a solution. Try searching Google for different how-to questions or anything that relates to your niche. If there are sponsored ads or affiliate links on the results page, that means there is a need and demand for those products, and there might be a gap you can fill.

Features To Look For In A Niche

Try not to go into a broad niche; find the one solution you can provide, so it can be your specialty. That will help you brand yourself as well. For example, don’t just go after “lose weight”. Instead, try to break it down – “how to lose weight after giving birth” or ” best exercises that burn fat.”

  • Find a niche that has a lot of products sold daily.
  • Easy to monetize (people in that market niche have money to spend)
  • Gets at least around 2-3000 searches monthly
  • Not too competitive

Where can you research?

You would be surprised by the tremendous amount of information you can come up with using a simple Google search. Check out eBay trends as well. See what people are searching for. Try to find the question your potential customers might be typing into their own search engines. See if there is an answer already or there is a gap you can get in with an information product, e-zine or program that can solve people’s problems. Try to ask yourself: is this a problem that people are so desperate to solve that they are ready to buy a solution?

Visit forums, blogs to get an idea about how your potential market works. Sign up for newsletters, other people’s autoresponder sequences, see what they are doing well and what could you do better than them.

Find a product and create content.

Once you have found your market niche and selected appropriate products, you must find ways to add the affiliate links to content you create. Remember that as a content creator your main goal is to make content that people will an to read (or watch, or listen to). As long as your content is engaging and interesting, you can expect some money as an affiliate marketer.

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