Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic on your site through organic search engine results. This is the definition by No need to remember the definition, like you used to do in your schools days. This article will focus on affordable search engine optimization practices, and the do’s and don’ts you will need to follow.

Whenever you search anything on google or any search engine, it shows tons of results on various pages-1,2,3… Tell us genuinely, don’t you find the concerned information on the first or second page of the search results? Have you ever gone on the fourth page?

According to a survey, 90% of people get satisfying information on the first page of the search results. Only 10% of people go to the second page. Now you may estimate how many people go on the third page of the search results.

So if your site is shown on the first page of the search results on any keywords, then your page is search engine optimized and you will get the organic traffic from search engines. Otherwise, forget the traffic.

In one line, if you are not getting traffic from search engines, you don’t need to put your palms on your head. You can get it from social media like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube.

Practice under SEO

Affordable search engine optimization is not a one-day game. You have to do your work and keep patience for it and let the engine do its job. There are various important practices done to optimize the site under SEO. These are content selection, content optimization, image optimization, backlinking and social sharing.

Types of SEO

1. On-Page SEO: As the name sounds, it is optimizing the content of the page, generally before uploading it on the online server. Optimizing content and image come in this.
2. Off-Page SEO: It is all about outside the page which includes linking your web page to another website and sharing on social media.

There are various other things that come under SEO, but these are the ones in which lots of mistakes are done.

Do and Don’ts for SEO:

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Topic Selection

Topics with high CPC rates are generally with high competition and low search rates. While low CPC Topics are generally with low or medium competition and high search volumes.

If you are a newbie, by coming in greed, don’t select high CPC topics. Select a topic that is more searchable and has very low competition. This will make you a good start in search engine optimization. Once your site gains little reputation, then you can go with medium or high ones. This applies to YouTube also.

Avoid making content about the products or services of a particular big brand. For instance, if you search ‘what is google G-suite‘, the top 4-5 results are from google itself. The last few are from top websites. You can’t out-rank google. Can you?

Content Optimization

  • Title: Your title should be the reflection of your page content. Don’t make it too short or too long. Try to insert the exact searchable phrase in the start of your title.
  • Add some extra phrase for multiple keyword targeting. For instance, if you are making web-page about cloud computing, you can make the title as ‘What is Cloud Computing? | Features | Disadvantages‘.
  • Main Content : Try to use almost all your targeting keywords (without spamming) in the first and second paragraph of your content as search engine give more importance to these two paragraphs.
  • Use a keyword at the starting of all your paragraphs and don’t use the same keyword again and again in the same paragraph as it is considered spam by search engines.
  • Avoid writing long paragraphs and try to make it short as it is loved by search engine and the users. Try to make your content at least 600 words long.

Image Optimization

This is one of the underrated practices in SEO But believe us this really works. A lot of websites are there whose web page doesn’t come in the first page of google search results, but in image search their images come in the first row of the image results and they get traffic from there.

All you need to do is to just make your own image or if you download from the internet, just customize the image a little bit before uploading and provide the searchable keywords in the ‘title’ and ‘alt text’ section of the image.

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This is the practice in which newbies trying their luck with affordable search engine optimization do the majority of mistakes. They make a website with just a few pages and start making lots of backlinks. With the advance of AI, not just the owner of google but also google knows that people make backlinks intentionally to rank the page.

Let’s take an example to understand this clearly. For instance, let’s suppose you are a new teacher and initially only a few students are taught by you. Then even though you are a good teacher, only a few students will refer you to someone for study. If you have lots of referrals, then people will take it as you are intentionally promoting yourself. Over time, more people will refer you to someone as a good teacher.

The same things apply to search engines.

If your site is new with not lots of pages, then according to search engines, it should not have lots of backlinks. We advise you to make at most 10 backlinks in a week. This will be taken by search engines as someone’s site is genuinely referring to your site. With the passage of time, increase the number of backlinks as this will look natural.

Avoid making backlinks from very low-quality or spam-type websites. If you will do this, then instead of ranking your site will be thrown down by search engines.

Avoid purchasing backlinks from any providers to rank your website as they will loot your money. In the name of high-quality backlinks, they provide low-quality ones and fool customers. They are waiting for you to be looted.
Even if you want to purchase it, we will advise you not to purchase it in bulk, which means large numbers. This is because the provider will create a large number of backlinks in a very short period of time and that will be tracked by the search engine.

Social Sharing

Social signal is also very important for the content to be ranked in search engines. If your posts have lots of likes and shares, then Google takes it as a factor to rank them.

Create a Facebook page and pro-looking Twitter account for your website, provide a site link and share your content on daily basis. Share the same posts on your personal account. You can also make a YouTube channel for your website.


Affordable search engine optimization is not a one-day game. You have to do your work and let the search engine do its own. SEO means patience. Make quality content that is valuable for the readers because, in the end, it is quality which matters.

In the name of backlinking, do not do anything which looks unethical. Backlinks are natural things. If your content is worth referring to, other websites will give you backlinks. And ya don’t try to purchase it. Keep all things natural.

Lastly, do your hard work and believe in it. With time you will get huge success which you are logging for. Take care.

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