An Introduction To Marketing Strategies

No introduction to marketing would be complete without going over the traditional marketing concept. According to this traditional concept, marketing actually includes those actions that are related to the transfer of financial ownership of products from producers to buyers. In this regard, marketing is considered to be production/sales oriented activity. With the development of computer technology, online marketing has become more important and it has been able to significantly contribute to the growth of online businesses.

Print Advertising 

Print advertising offers a cost-effective and efficient way of reaching out to potential customers. They are likely to be most marketers’ introduction to marketing methods. Print advertising campaigns are often coordinated by marketing firms using a set formula, which consists of several channels to achieve the desired result. These include direct mail, television, radio, and other print media, and coupons.

Direct Mail 

Direct mail offers a highly cost-effective means of promoting and marketing a brand. However, like other offline marketing methods, it can sometimes be ineffective if not effectively used. Direct mail offers favorable results when used to distribute coupons, which helps in building brand recognition, or when used in conjunction with other print ads and services. Other print advertising services such as flyers or brochures are generally of low-cost or are not effective because people tend to disregard them.

Online Marketing Strategies 

The development of digital tools and platforms has made it easier for online business owners to conduct their business. By applying traditional marketing strategies, it is now possible to create digital value by building brand awareness, by offering a unique service or product, by providing a high-quality service or product, and by advertising a particular brand. An introduction to online marketing strategies can also include online customer acquisition via e-mail marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and pay per click marketing campaigns. These strategies have helped business owners in gaining increased visibility and customer base, and have also helped them in increasing sales and profits. Online marketing strategies have also provided a platform for companies to compete with other companies in their particular industry.

Digital Marketing 

In the online marketing context, digital marketing is any technique used to reach out to and capture the attention of target audiences. Some of the common digital marketing techniques include: email marketing, online advertising, live interactive television programming (such as video), digital publishing, instant message service (IMS), mobile media marketing, video content marketing, and search engine marketing.

Banner Ads 

Banner ads are among the most common forms of internet marketing methods. Banner ads can usually be seen on the right side pane or window of websites. This form of online marketing method is very commonly used by business owners to reach out to their target market and has seen increasing use ever since their introduction to marketing methods used by businesses. Effective banner ads should be designed so that they are attractive enough to the target market and must also be able to persuade the target market to make a purchase or at least visit a website.

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising includes websites and online advertisements, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, etc. Digital marketing includes advantages such as reaching a larger audience with less effort than print ads or television. The major advantage of digital marketing is the ability to track the effectiveness of your campaigns through data such as customer demographics, purchase history, geographical location, and more. Digital marketing includes the most effective strategies of all the traditional channels used to build a recognizable brand.

Offline Advertising

Marketing through offline media includes such activities as sending direct mail, making business cards, distributing fliers, and the likes. While these methods are very effective, it does have its limitations. The best way to ensure favorable results is to use traditional techniques while diversifying into new ones. As long as you use your resources wisely, you can be sure to reach your audience’s needs just right.

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