Article Marketing – 10 Days to Making Money Writing

If you are reading this, you are probably familiar on some level with article marketing. You may have even begun to do some article marketing research because you’re thinking of making money writing. But for those who may not know, let’s take a quick look at this simple, effective way to earn an income online, then I will give you a simple, A – B – C, step-by-step plan to making money within 7 to 10 days.

There are several ways to make money by writing articles online, but the most common are :

1 – Affiliate Marketing, How to get traffic for affiliate marketing

Some vendors will pay you a percentage of their profits to direct customers of their product. It’s the easier way of making money writing. This saves them time and money and multiplies their efforts many times, thus allowing them to reach a massive audience without a financial outlay. They do not pay you until you get a customer to buy from them. There are affiliate marketers who write articles, then submit those articles to article submission sites, blogs and websites. The articles contain a resource box or bio box that contains a link to the vendor’s sales page. If a purchase is made, the article writer gets a percentage of the sale, anywhere from 4% from vendors like Amazon, up to a whopping 75% from vendors on sites like Clickbank.

2 – Upfront Payment 

This is a great way for article writers to generate instant income. A writer can write articles on popular niches (topics) like “Losing Weight” or “Making Money Online”, and then sell those to marketers who need content for websites, blogs and article submission accounts. Many article submission sites also pay upfront for quality content. Payment ranges anywhere from $2 to $30 per article, depending on a wide range of variables.

3 – Performance Payment 

A relatively new way of making money writing articles is performance payment. An article is written and then submitted to article submission sites that offer a specific amount of money per thousand page views. This may sound like pennies but can actually add up to a nice monthly payment when one hundred or more high-quality articles are out there, using keywords with a lot of searches.

As you can see, these three methods all have one thing in common. You have to write articles! When I started out, one article seemed like a lot. Then I did some article marketing research and discovered that most articles on the internet were between 300 and 500 words. That is because the internet is not like paper article advertising. People want quick, relevant information on the net. This means it is entirely possible to have 100 articles out there earning you money in only a month or two. (I still type with two fingers, and crank out between 5 and 20 articles every day.)

There are literally dozens of article submission sites out there that operate differently. Some offer one form of payment or another, and they are all different. I have found a site that allows you to earn money all three ways at once. HubPages, the site you are reading this article on, allows you to submit articles for upfront payment and performance payments, while containing a link to a relevant site. In this way, you hit the trifecta! Let me lay out the steps you need to take today to make money within 10 days.

A – Open an account with HubPages. This takes all of 5 minutes. It is easy and quick, and you are under no obligation of any kind. 

B – Read their Terms of Service. Basically, you want to submit ORIGINAL content that has not been submitted anywhere else, but you need to read the T.O.S. and be familiar with it. 

C – Go to Clickbank and register. They are the largest supplier of digital products in the world, and this is where vendors go to list their e-books for affiliates like you to sell. 

D – In the article marketing research is everything. Do some keyword research and find terms that are getting searched for 100 or more times a day. This makes making money writing a lot simpler because your articles are more likely to be viewed. There are a lot of other excellent keyword search tools out there, but Google’s keyword tool is free, easy to use, and has all sorts of parameters. Go to Google and type in Keyword Tool to access it. When you type in a keyword, Google will return a listing of related words and display how many times a month they are searched. 

E – Take that keyword back to Clickbank and search “the Marketplace”. When you find a vendor selling that type of product, click “promote this product”, and you will be given the Html code you need to add a link to your article. (Many of these vendors have done a lot of article marketing research, and will provide you help to sell their products!) 

F – Write a 350 – 500 word article on the keyword phrase you researched, making sure to credit any sources you may have used, and adding your affiliate link at the end. 

G – Submit the article to HubPages. There are several different submission guidelines, so choose the correct one that allows for upfront payments, and performance payments, and calls for original content. 

H – Write your next article.

That’s it! HubPages generally takes a week to 10 days to review an article. If they turn you down for upfront payment, don’t fret. You can still submit for performance payments, and your affiliate link will always be there. And they will tell you exactly what you need to do in the future to be accepted.

This is a bare-bones method of making money writing , but can be refined, and made to fit your personal style. There is a great community of accomplished writers on HubPages who are very giving and will answer any questions you may have.

If you improve your knowledge of keyword research, keyword density, article marketing research, article title creation, and affiliate marketing, you will find yourself receiving more money upfront, AND getting more page views.

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