Avoid Making This Common Mistake That Many Marketers Make With Their Content Strategy

What does situational marketing do to keep your company front and center among consumers, even in the worst of economic times? The last thing that distinguishes situational marketing from just a regular marketing effort is the depth in which a business digs into its consumer audience to find out what they need. It goes beyond traditional direct mail or television advertisement campaigns. If you aren’t using it in your content strategy, then you’re missing out.

How To Use Situational Marketing

You can leverage situational marketing by making sure that you are always keeping in touch with local charities in your area. There are so many great reasons to do this. The first is that most people love to help out local charities, and in return, they have given you a reason to get out there and do the legwork for them. If you’re not in your community, you may not even know that there are programs that need assistance. By staying in touch with your local charity, you give them the opportunity to pitch you on one particular item or group of items that they need, and that will result in a warm call back from you. Not only is that a good thing for the charity itself, but if you have done an excellent job with the local charities, it will also be good for your business because you will become an advocate for them in their community.

Another way to take advantage of situational marketing for your business is to design around the specific circumstances of the individual customer. Let’s say, for instance, that you sell car parts to moms who are going on a cross-country trip. When you design around the needs of this particular customer, you will find that you will get more out of this content strategy than if you had marketed the product around general family needs.

One Way To Demonstrate To Your Audience That Your Message Is Designed Specifically For Them Is To Make Your Mesages Personal

In addition to doing the right things around the specific circumstances, another way to take advantage of situational marketing for your company is to connect on a personal level with the customer base. Now, we’re not talking about doing something like cold calling to build your database. There are plenty of other ways to connect with these individuals that are not as intrusive.

Evergreen Content Strategy

For example, some marketers have turned to social media as a means to build a client database. Many marketers have dedicated entire websites and even entire apps to providing content that is evergreen. What do we mean by evergreen content? This means that you can post content repeatedly, and you will never have to worry about it becoming outdated. This has proven to be very effective for many marketers looking to build a solid client base.

However, marketers should also be careful not to become too attached to their evergreen content. In other words, if an individual sees an amazing post and can’t wait to read what you have to say next, they might click on your link without even hearing what you have to say next. This is known as a “click-through” and is one of the biggest reasons why situational marketing is ineffective. The key is to make sure that you are making your content situation and audience-specific. This might be easier said than done when you are working with a mass audience, but this is much easier to do when you are working with a niche market.

Another major mistake that most marketers make is not being aware of how their social media strategy can actually help them to build their brand. Now, we know you’re probably saying that there is nothing more important than your website, but you’d be surprised. Yes, your website is vital to your brand development, but you can take your brand development to a whole new level by creating a social media strategy. If you are aware of the power that social media has to expand your business, you will never make a mistake with your SEO efforts. It can be challenging to get your website ranked high in search engines when many other companies have similar products and SEO strategies. Still, if you understand that your social media strategy can help you grow your brand, you will never make that same mistake again.

As you can see from this quick guide, situational marketing for many brands can be a very tricky business because you need to carefully consider the effects of any given piece of content on your brand and SEO efforts. If you are willing to spend some time thinking about what parts of content will positively affect your SEO strategy, you will create content that helps grow your brand and spread your message. 

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