The 21 Best Product Marketing Tools You Should Not Miss in 2022


If you want your business to grow and thrive, then you certainly need to look for some powerful marketing tools. Nowadays, marketing has been growing at a surprisingly rapid pace with the enhancement of new technologies and tools. Product marketing tools come in various forms, including social media campaigns, automated email marketing campaigns, and many more.

Anyone who wants his business to grow uses the appropriate and powerful marketing tools. The question here is how to come up with the most effective method or an appropriate tool for your business among a sea of choice.

You don’t have to worry because we dare your valuable time and we’ve done the hard part for you and show you the best efficient product marketing tools which can help to develop your business drastically.

Digital Product Marketing Tools

1. Trello Is a Sound Digital Marketing Practice That Allows You to Manage Projects And Keep Updated with Your Team

For beginners in content marketing, Trello seems to be another social network that’s emerged overnight. That’s not true. It is an amazing organizational tool that can support you and your marketing team significantly.

Trello allows you to manage projects and keep updated with your team. For instance, you can share blog posts on Trello before publishing them. This enables your team members to review the posts, evaluate and make changes that can improve the piece before you publish it.

In short, with the help of Trello, everything involved in your marketing strategy can be shared in one place. You just need several minutes to set up a board and invite your entire staff.

Backlinking is a crucial goal of content marketing as it can reinforce your website authority, drive more traffic, and prove that content is worthwhile. SEMrush’s backlink tool will provide you with all the backlinks your content is getting, so you can easily assess your progress.

Their new SEO Writing Assistant is also an excellent tool. It evaluates your content with SEO’s best standards and makes suggestions to enhance your writing. Moreover, the tool offers you some equivalent content that performs well, so you can get a better idea of what to include and what not.

3. Ion Interactive – The perfect Choice for Creating an Interactive Content

Ion Interactive is a good choice to create interactive content. The tool provides various templates for quizzes, e-books, calculators, landing pages, assessments, infographics, and so on.

Ion Interactive also lets you analyze the interaction of the public with your content. Therefore, your pieces can be optimized regularly, bringing good experiences to users.

Moreover, the platform has its dashboard, where you can track at which stage of the purchaser’s journey your persona is. That gives more information about potential customers to the sales team.

4. Visme Is a Powerful Tool To Build Infographics to an Interactive Content Approach

Infographics can always be an exciting and effective method to convey information.

A lot of content is divided into small bits that are easy to adsorb. Hence, you need to add infographics to your marketing campaign.

Well, how can you create infographics that catch your audience’s attention and differ from what they can see on competitors’ sites?

Now Visme turns out to be a powerful tool that helps you to build infographics to an interactive content approach. The tool is filled with templates you can use to generate stunning interactive infographics. They can be displayed online, added to your site, sent by encrypted link, and downloaded.

5. Canva – a Graphic Design Platform, Used to Create a Visual Content

The relevant and good quality content alone will not make a story. You need to improve your content with visuals to capture your audience’s attention. For instance, you could utilize high-quality images to keep your readers intrigued, provide motivating quote graphics, visualize complex data with beautiful graphs, and build appealing infographics.

Canva is a perfect choice that covers all these things. With Canva, you can leverage images that are already shown on the website, upload and polish your photos, or generate new ones.

It’s important to know that there’s no need for any graphic design experience to use this tool because Canva has drag-and-drop features. Canva gives you a large number of photo editing options, color palettes, custom image sizes, and font combinations.

Social Media Product Marketing Tools

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6. Biteable – You Should Know About This Social Media Tool

Videos are considered to be one of the best ways to engage with the audience.

Biteable is a social media marketing tool to build captivating and informative short videos with ease.

It provides a wide variety of templates, footage, and music as well.

Besides, the platform is intuitive, making it easy for inexperienced users with videos to understand how it works.

7. Find out What Hootsuite Can Offer for Your Social Media

Hootsuite offers a central management platform for all your social media channels. In addition, it enables you to schedule posts in advance, so that you can prepare all your social media content for the next weeks or months in a single session.

Moreover, there are also advanced reporting tools that allow you to monitor which social media campaigns are working most efficiently and utilize this data to calculate ROI. Besides, you can keep track of the frequency of your brand mentions and handle responses.

8. What Is Sprout Social Tool And What Does It Include?

Social media is essential for your business, and the platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn are getting equal to the Internet. Nevertheless, it can be challenging to manage and optimize posts across business accounts. If your business wants to have an advantage, you’ll need a strategy for each platform and arrange posts to improve your online presence.

Here we have Sprout Social. This tool combines social media platforms in a clean and straightforward interface.

Some appealing offers from Sprout Social include:

  1. Content planning and publishing
  2. Evaluation and optimization tools
  3. Customized reporting tools
  4. Strategy and conversation management

9. Instasize – The Most Flexible Mobile Editing App

There are numerous mobile editing apps, but Instasize stays among the most flexible and easy to use.

This toolkit helps you resize your photos, build creative collages, play around with borders, and overlay text with stunning free fonts.

Instasize often updates its features, so you’ll never get bored of using them. The newest iOS update allows you to reach Unplash’s massive library of creative photos by designers worldwide.

This feature is a significant benefit as professional images are sent directly to your app. You don’t have to go online to look for free pictures. Plus, you can capitalize on smart tools, such as recommended filters and beauty tools.

Furthermore, the premium edition opens an impressive list of additional filters, borders, patterns, and text styles, with a fee of $4.49 per month.

Email Marketing Tools

10. MailChimp- an Email Marketing Tool for Small And Large Businesses

MailChimp is considered to be one of the most high-rated email marketing apps in the digital marketing realm. With this tool, it is possible to send one mail to many people at one time. The service provides both free and paid editions, with prices according to the size and demands of your business.

MailChimp not only supports sending emails to your consumers at the right time but also provides detailed analytics that can be beneficial in boosting your business.

Users can also create complete emails with photos, gifs, personalized fonts, and implement A/B testing for their campaigns.

11. AVADA Email Marketing -It Can Automate Emails And Make Email Campaign Creation a Breeze

AVADA Email Marketing is an all-in-one option in product marketing automation tools to find, engage, and convert leads into your customers. The solution allows you to send different types of automation emails, such as welcomes, abandoned cart emails, order/shipping confirmations, cross-sell/ up-sell, etc.

This marketing tool will influence customers who leave their carts behind at checkout without any payment. The abandoned cart email will be sent to those buyers to encourage them to come back and complete the order. Store admins can freely set up the number of emails and time sending, based on your shoppers’ behavior.

Besides, the app comes with numerous ready-made email templates that you can apply right away. Additionally, the drag and drop email builder is also a big plus of Avada Email Marketing. That can help users create any automation email without hiring a developer or a designer.

12. Emma- an Email Marketing Platform for Creating And Sending Email Campaigns to Reach the Right Customer at the Right Time

Emma is a great platform that will help you do both, approach customers, and bring better experiences to them. It covers a set of tools that can support companies to generate and test email marketing campaigns.

In addition, it does a good job of understanding customers’ behaviors.

Besides A/B Content Testing, Emma offers Dynamic Content blocks that can be utilized to convey various messages to each customer, based on how they are grouped.

These blocks facilitate creating different designs in a short period of time and excel at jumpstarting big campaigns. Moreover, it has its own app – Metric. This app will show you how your campaigns are performing wherever you are.

13. Marketo Helps Organizations to Automate and Measure Marketing Engagement, Tasks and Workflows.

Marketo is a comprehensive digital marketing tool that can support customers “from acquisition to advocacy”.

With the help of Marketo, you can draw complete strategies for your email marketing efforts, customer base marketing, and lead management. This platform comes with some important features, including:

  1. Channel integration
  2. Resources to create better buyer journeys

Email marketing tools highly personalized to help your business learn when it designs email marketing campaigns

14. Benchmark Email – for an Effective Email Marketing

Benchmark Email provides similar mail-building tools that can be applied to other platforms like content blocks and ready-to-roll layouts. These product marketing tools also capitalize on a company’s information to make your campaigns work effectively.

Benchmark comes packed with automation tools according to triggers that help you to gain more out of the sales funnel. So, it is one of the most incredible automation tools is abandoned cart automation, supporting e-commerce stores to earn more sales.

In addition, Benchmark Email also provides data to deeper comprehend how customers react to your business’s emails. Thus, you can get a better idea of sending the right message to the right person.

SEO Tools

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The Importance of SEO Tools in Online Product Marketing

SEO is one of the ultimate elements of online product marketing, and you need to get it right to develop your website. SEO ensures not only your website to be structured appropriately and optimized for mobile devices, but also your content includes the keywords that your readers are looking for. That brings your site to a higher ranking position on search engines.

15. KWFinder

KWFinder, a keyword research tool, comes with more appealing features with a reasonable fee per month. You just enter a seed keyword, and the tool shows tons of recommendations, trends, search volume data, and a ranking difficulty score for every word or phrase. This is the perfect SEO tool for product marketing.

16. SEMRush (SEO)

SEMRush is a powerful software that monitors the keywords you rank for, recommends related keywords, and shows your competitors’ rankings.

You can take advantage of this tool to conduct your keyword research, follow the progress of your competition keyword strategy, implement an SEO audit of your blog, and search for backlinking chances, etc.

Moreover, in 2020, SEMRush has cranked out new features, including a site audit function and site health. This allows you to track a ranking percentage of how your technical SEO and backlinks stack up against your organic competitors, with suggestions on how to enhance this.

17. Surfer (SEO)- The Method of Optimizing Each Web Page

On-page SEO is the method of optimizing each web page to rank better and drive more relevant traffic in search engines. It seems to be hard to get how to invent the perfect content to stay on page one of Google. However, there has been an emergence of SEO tools to help in this task and boost your content ranking.

Surfer is an excellent SEO tool that explains why top pages have good rankings for your keywords. Based on that data, you can find out what you need to do to produce content that you can rank higher than your competitors.

The platform supports two key areas: producing/outsourcing new optimized content and optimizing current pages.

After analyzing your content structure, keyword density, page load time, backlinks, phrasing, and so on, the Surfer Content Editor compares them to high-ranking results for similar keywords. That lets you boost the efficiency of your current pages and the success rate of your pieces.

18. All in One SEO Pack

If WordPress is your content management system, you should not miss the All in One SEO Pack plugin from WordPress.

A large part of your online marketing strategy should depend on search engine optimization, and this plugin makes sure that your content is appealing to search engines. Here are some of its unique features:

  • XML Sitemap
  • Automated generation of META tags
  • Advanced Canonical URLs
  • Compatible with most other plugins
  • Automatically informs popular search engines, like Google and Bing, of any website changes

Analytics Tools

19. Google Analytics

When it comes to analytics, Google Analytics is a familiar and helpful tool for marketers. It is free software that offers vital insights about who is browsing your site and where they reach when they arrive.

Google Analytics gives you some valuable data points, including:

  1. The number of visitors to your website according to a day, week, month, or any specific period you decide.
  2. Where are these visitors from – referrals from other sites, organic search, social, ads, or direct.
  3. The keywords they are searching for to find your website.
  4. How long an individual stays on your website and which pages they go to.
  5. The demographics and concerns of your users.

All the information is so worthwhile that you can leverage it to improve your site and optimize your marketing campaigns.

20. Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio was designed for Business Analytics and is integrated well with other Google tools utilized by businesses every day.

It creates a major source to get insight into your digital marketing efforts. What you need to do is to enter your Google Analytics reports, use the platform tools to comprehend data, and show it to your customers.

21. Woopra – The Analytics Tool for E-commerce Business

Woopra is one of the best product marketing analytics tools for e-commerce businesses that concentrate on dealing with their problems, for example, cart abandonment.

Woopra helps you to analyze the experience a customer has on your site to know what is preventing them from purchasing.

The data is accumulated and shown with charts and tables displaying correctly the number of your customers stopping at each stage of the process. Moreover, the tool offers insights on what types of changes can bring your sales team better results.


Better product marketing tools bring better results. The use of the appropriate platforms and software will help your business acquire essential knowledge of how clients behave, which can help create the solutions your company provides.

You can try as many tools as you want before you decide to commit to the best one. 

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