The COVID pandemic has brought forth an unimaginable situation in front of humanity. This article focuses on the effects of the pandemic, and how video marketing during COVID. As well as in the post-pandemic world is used.

How Has the Lockdown Change The Situation?

The lockdown, series of unlocks, increasing coronavirus cases, towering recovery, and everything associated with the pandemic. Everything has been so massive that we know things will never be the same again. From being more cautious about personal hygiene and immunity building to valuing relationships. People have experienced a change in personal outlook.

The change is not restricted to the personal level. The businesses are trying to adapt to the new normal by making suitable amends to their work culture. The world of advertising has been quick to keep up with the change. It has resorted to the use of video to get their message across.

From better retention to giving people something to enjoy while practicing social distancing, video content has played an important role in helping businesses survive difficult times.

It is reassuring that an average person consumes 80% more video content than what they did a few years ago. Today video is the most highly consumed form of content. In such a situation, it becomes increasingly important for brands to look for ways to include video as a part of their advertising activities.

If you are someone who has been toying with this idea for some time but is unsure of where to begin, then the tips discussed in this article will be of help to you.

Video Marketing During COVID – Decide on the Purpose

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The present situation is a complicated one, and your customers are just as confused as you. Use videos content to convey your take on COVID. Inform them of the steps you are taking to keep your employees and customers safe is a good idea.

This will reassure your loyal customers and tell them how you, as a brand, are standing with them at this difficult hour.

If you are a service-based firm, any changes in your area of operation or working hours can also be conveyed through video. For businesses that are temporarily shutting down due to the pandemic, having a video by the business owner helps in conveying the emotions and gathers customer sympathy. This makes it more likely for the customers to choose your business when you resume operations in a post-COVID world.

There are businesses that are going out of their way to give back to society by contributing to the fight against COVID. Preparing a video on the CSR initiative will strike the right chord with the viewers. However, before you get down to using a YouTube Intro maker like InVideo to create a video. Especially for the pandemic times. Make sure you are clear on what you want to achieve from the video.

Video Marketing During COVID – Be Authentic in Your Videos

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Being indoors and spending more time online has ensured that your target audience is now overwhelmed with digital content. Considering that video is the most popular form of content and hundreds of hours of video content are uploaded to YouTube every day unless you come up with something unique, there is no way by which you can survive this competition.

The simplest way to stand out is to create original videos that are in alignment with your company’s personality. It is important to incorporate your brand colors and logo into the video. A lot of effort goes into experimenting with content that looks, feels, and tastes like your brand. However, all of it will be worth the effort since an average individual’s retention of video content is much longer than that of textual matter and having an authentic video is more likely to evoke an emotional response from the viewer.

Video Marketing During COVID – Work on Improving the Reach of Your Video

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Once you have a video created, the next step is ensuring its maximum reach. For that, here are the steps that you can follow.

Step 1: Make Your Video Mobile Friendly

For most people, the lockdown has ensured that the mobile becomes the best friend. Despite having access to other devices, people have got comfortable with their phones, and having your video in portrait mode increases its chances of being viewed and shared. If your video is not shot in portrait mode, edit it to optimize for mobile viewing.

Step 2: Cross-promote Your Video

As a brand, you will know a lot of effort goes into the preparation of a video. One of the most efficient ways of you utilizing the videos to their full potential is by cross-promoting them across multiple platforms. For example, if you upload a video on YouTube, the same can be shared on your brand’s Facebook page. Similarly, an IGTV video can be shared over Instagram.

Step 3: Do not Ignore the Audio Editing

The reason why video is the most well-received form of content is that it caters to both the visual and the audio abilities of an individual. If you are using a video editor such as InVideo, do not make the mistake of finalizing the video once you are satisfied with the images. For a viewer, having appropriate background music and audible narration are the essentials of an engaging video.

Step 4: Include Video in Emails

The combination of email and video is a stellar one because they bring together the best of both worlds. While email beings in a personal touch, videos help in getting the message across to the viewer. This is especially important in COVID times when people are skeptical about receiving physical mails and are spending lesser time outdoors.

Step 5: Make the Most of Video Advertising

The purpose of any video advertising is to get your message across to the target audience. The increase in the popularity of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram makes it an ideal place for you to market your business.

Video Marketing During COVID – Conclusion

There you have it. This is what you should do to ensure the success of your video marketing during COVID. No matter how challenging the times may be, we must remember that mankind has risen above every challenge in the pages of history. As businesses look to adapt to the new normal, it is the video that will give them the power to survive the difficult COVID days and emerge victorious in their advertising journey.

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