BlogSpot Search Engine Optimization-Friendly Tips To Implement in 2022

As statistics show, over 31% of publishers use a WordPress platform due to the flexibility and how SEO-friendly it is. But, how does that affect a BlogSpot site?

Add a Blogspot Website and Build a Better Relationship With Google Search Console

The question is: What happens to a BlogSpot site with no direct association with Google search console?

  • It doesn’t get indexed fast or probably not at all?
  • Does it lack the performance analysis on the web?
  • No footage into the queries pointing to each web page?

Well, for any organization; they are surrounded by protocols and every protocol is well-known by each staff and individual. But, failure to comply with these protocols results in a severe state of condition. In that instance, a blog that fails to comply with the rules and guidelines will get hit and punished. Click on the homepage URL of a website. What do you actually see? Or what do you think happens? The homepage of a website ranks for several queries.

The query “internet marketing blog in Nigeria” also triggers the very homepage to show up on the organic search engine result lists. Also, it ranks for how to rank a blog in Nigeria and several other queries. In other words, the funny truth is that those queries above especially the “digital marketing“, “internet marketing“, and “online marketing blog” in Nigeria that ranks a website in the number 7 and 9 position were once in number 2 for several weeks.

But, due to the fact that they were not deleting some blog posts, they got hit by Google algorithm. Because of that, Google de-indexes those very web pages and the link authority, link equity, etc. were lost. With that, their website and web pages search traffic drops drastically.
That way, every web page position on the organic search engine result list drops. That’s an important lesson to keep in mind for the future.

What’s Your BlogSpotWebsite All About? The Important Of Specifying Your Niche

It may not sound too important to you, but it’s a brilliant idea to let search engines know what keyword your website ranks for. The homepage of a blogspot site can send thousands to millions of traffic overtime?
Back to the illustration above (Nigeria), the homepage of the website receives 185 web clicks and 1870 impressions. That means, the homepage of websites ranks higher than some or even most of the web pages of a blogspot site.

What causes this?

In that instance, because of every homepage consumes many more backlinks than any other web page on a site. Because of that, it has the ability to rank highly on the search engine result list page.

What Does CTR Stand for in Marketing, and How To Improve It Using Search Console Metrics

photo of Click and Collect lighted signage
Image Source: Henrik Dønnestad

CTR, also known as click-through rate is necessary for marketing. Also, it’s a brilliant way to diffuse and infuse your blog for a better click-through-rate. This means that studying the queries pointing to each web page gives a better idea of how to incorporate your title tag for more CTR.

Say you navigate to a web page post on your Google Search Console dashboard. It’s quite easy to integrate and change your previous title tag to the exact query that got to show up for the web page on the webmaster dashboard. Remember that, a web page ranks for several queries and each of the query has a different position for a blog post.

The search console drafts out different queries linking to such posts. Based on that, you can change the title tag of your content to resonate better with the search intent behind those queries. That way, it is easier to rank for such queries because the title tag seems to be an exact match to the search term.

Another important thing to realize is that search console metrics can be misleading, as, for the query digital marketing blog in Nigeria, the position it has on the search console dashboard was number 26.8 position(average). While on the organic search result list was in the number 9 position. That shows that it doesn’t define the real scope behind the truth.
So don’t panic when progress seems slow, it takes processes.

Answering People’s Questions: Understanding the Search Intent of Your Target Audience

How do you solve people’s needs? Is it by asking them what they asked? Or by answering what they asked?

You can navigate to the search engine to better understand how to write a quality post, so you can begin to perceive what people’s search intent (i.e what they’re searching for) actually is, by looking at the related questions post tab. Accordingly, you can write a compelling blog post relevant to your chosen keywords. But, before you do, you can brainstorm on how to go about it, by using Google keyword planner for more in-depth facts.

You can then change the URL of your blog post permalinks to a question referral related to relevant keywords. Additionally, you should also write a meta-description to answer that question, making it easier for search engines to rank your post for the keyword. Thus, more organic traffic will be directed towards your BlogSpot site.

Write an SEO-Friendly and Detailed Blog Post for Better Ranking

Detailed and SEO-friendly content has the ability to rank a keyword for several search terms. As such, it’s a brilliant idea to further your research before penning and publishing a blog post. That can help you devise a better strategy on how you can make your content look better.

Write a Compelling Title Tag and Meta Description for Ranking on Google

There are a few things Google seems to look at for:

  • Click-through-rate
  • Backlinks
  • Time spent on site
  • Pogo sticking
  • Website speed
  • Mobile-friendly site
  • User experience

The click-through-rate metric relies deeply on how compelling a title tag and meta description are on the organic search engines. It mostly serves as a call-to-action and attention seeker on the web. So, if your title tag and meta description are unattractive to the end-consumers, no one will click because that seems to be the end-user first impression on the web. They seem to judge a book by its cover.

So always make sure your title tag and meta description are interesting and contain a detailed description of the scope of the content for more click-through-rate.

A backlink may seem to be of quality, but irrelevant to your audience. Well, just for the purpose of cutting the long story short, Google gives higher preferences and values to quality and relevant backlinks than just merely less relevant backlinks.

Say you wrote content about SEO and an authoritative site from a different niche(fashion blog) point to your domain, what will you call such a backlink? Meaning that the backlink seems to be irrelevant and Google doesn’t give a higher value to such backlinks. And for you to prevent such circumstances from coming to your way, pen down a great article of high resistance that no one in your industry won’t do without pointing a link to.

It seems to be the best method to build your BlogSpot authority and drive new traffic to your site. All you have to do is to write a blog post that adds more value to their readers and embed the links of your site on every of the post. That way, the readers will be prompted to check out your site for a more in-depth analysis. Thus, you’re gradually building authority for your site.


Another method is to embed a social media button on every of your blog post, it makes the whole outlook seem flexible for your readers promotes your content across the social media world.

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