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Buy Organic Traffic For Free – Top Tips To Get Traffic

Want to buy organic traffic for free? Generating traffic lies at the core of any website. Traffic determines how high your blog, video or a business ranks on Google and other search engines. Therefore, driving as much of it as possible is every website owner’s main goal. However, given how fierce the competition is, the process takes time.

There are two options: direct and organic traffic. There are other sub categories like traffic that comes from social media platforms, emails or the one that comes from your paid promotional campaigns on search engines.

The thing with direct VS organic traffic is that purely direct traffic is classified by search engines on the basis of the user typing in the direct URL to your website in a search bar. This way, it’s easy to see that focusing on getting direct traffic will not get you anywhere. You first have to make yourself known to get it. Organic traffic, on the other hand, is a good way to get your business out there.

So You need to focus on increasing organic traffic rate to your website:

But you don’t know where to start. Then this guide is for you. Here’s the first tip: before you start to figure out the most optimal ways to drive organic search traffic to your website.. You need to install the best SEO tools. SEO is the key to generating any engagement to your content whatsoever. Here, we will discuss 16 effective ways that drive more organic search traffic to your blog. Using these 16 methods will power your site to the next level. So, without further delay, let’s look at the list and briefly discuss each of them.

Boost your site ranking on the search engines and drive organic search traffic. 

High Quality Unique Content

If you want to rank on the search engine, then you need to be a quality and most importantly a unique content writer. Well, YOU don’t have to be a writer at all, but as a website owner, whatever you do and whoever you hire, point stands. Good quality content is what gets you rankings and what turns one time visitors into loyal customers.

Good quality content includes everything: linguistic aspect of it, SEO optimization, visuals, relevant formatting and usefulness. Hire a professional in your niche if you are not up to content creation that checks all of these points.

This is one of the most noteworthy tips for all website owners. However, most bloggers out there do not follow it. Or they think they do. But the search engine thinks otherwise. Try to provide in-depth information rich, keyword rich and useful content that could be helpful for human readers. And also search engine bot to sort it out quickly. Owning an extensive, well-structured, high-quality Unique site is a very solid investment in your future.

You read it right: understandable for human readers.

Don’t use online AI tools and bots that promise to generate articles for you. Unless the content it creates is super close to what a human writer would make. But if this is the case it probably costs a lot. Don’t blindly trust various SEO tools that offer article optimization either. While they can be very useful when it comes to SEO, formatting and linguistic aspect if the text will not be as good. Your article may score the maximum points on a certain tool but be irrelevant, non-useful or badly worded.

Google also confirms that without quality content website owners can’t rank on the search engine. Lure potential loyal visitor base in with great content and you will generate organic traffic in no time.

Use A Reliable Web Hosting Platform

It’s very important to use a reliable Web Hosting service to drive more organic search traffic. While crawling a search engine bot, if your site is down frequently it will never rank well. So, you need reliable Web Hosting platform that has minimum server downtime.

If you have a bunch of sites we strongly recommend using different web hosting services to reduce server downtime. Plus points if you are using popular Web Hosting Providers like Bluehost or Hostgator. This is because the downtime is only at 0.01%.

So, choose a reliable web hosting that can help you to rank on the search engine. And by the way, there’s a good kind of downtime every website owner dreams of. This is when you get too much traffic at once. Means, you have made it. But before that happens, you don’t want your site crashing at random. Especially if it’s for business.

Keep Adding New Content

According To Google, half of 3 billion daily organic searches on the platform are for unique keywords. The exact reason behind this is difficult to tell. Guess people just want to know about new things.

How you can benefit from this is through writing a content that will be optimized using unique keywords. Now this is not an easy task by any means. Fortunately, there are digital tools that can help you see whether the keyword you selected is optimal. Meaning, what’s the ranking difficulty, how many referral backlinks you are going to need, what’s the traffic potential, how much you will be paid and such.

Search engine helps rank websites that add new content on a regular basis.

Especially as a beginner blogger or a site owner, you need considerable amount of content for your website to start ranking at all. It’s the same as YouTube limiting minimum amount of content hours, watch hours, subscription rates and overall engagements for a channel to start monetization.

We recommend posting a minimum of one article every few days, 2 article a week is the absolute minimum. Adding articles daily is very good, and adding one article every 8 hours is outstanding. To give you an example, would anyone follow your Twitter account if you tweet once a month? There’s 90% chance nobody would. You need to let the AI know you’re active. The same applies to running a website.

In short, posting and updating your website with regular new content is the way to rank high on a search engine.

Choose A Memorable Domain Name

If you’re launching a new blog or a website then your domain name must be to the point and memorable. The visitors need to remember it. Domain name selection is one of the most important parts of branding. Similar to how a particular article title needs to match the content. Or a title of a YouTube video needs to be about what’s actually in the video. If the matching doesn’t add up, bounce rate will be high. Meaning, you won’t be getting any real engagement.

Try to choose a domain name that won’t confuse people with similar names. No copying popular competitors here. You don’t want people visiting your competitor’s domain when they type in relevant keywords. Especially if hey are doing better than you for a time being. The users will click on the first thing they see. You need to be the first one.

In case you have no inspiration for an original but a relevant name, try handy digital name generators. But again, don’t just trust them blindly. Check whether there’s someone else with a name similar to what you’ve picked using the tool.

Purchasing The Wrong Domain Name

If you think people may confuse your brand with a similar name then you can purchase the wrong domain names. As an example, everyone knows about Facebook. You’d think they would never face such a problem. The truth is, they bought a few wrong domain names to help people direct to the right destination. Meaning, if you search for, search engine will redirect you to Facebook.

It means Facebook knew that people can misspell their name so they bought another domain names to help people find their website. Moreover, it also helps Facebook in generating more traffic.

In addition, you can buy several extensions, other than .com. These are things like .net, .org, etc with your domain name(s). Purchasing your local extension is a must though.

Keyword Research

If you want to get more free organic traffic from search engines then you need to find out the exact keywords which most people are searching for. There are free and paid tools available for finding keywords. But, we recommend using paid tools like SEMrush or Ahrefs, to get more long-tail keywords. Paid tools are simply better because they offer variety of useful services. If you don’t have specific keywords selected you can type in general keyword and see suggestions.

With dozens of useful features that are being added or updated regularly, digital keyword research tools are used by thousands of professionals worldwide. You have to pay, so try to select the best organic SEO tool for your website. If you operate on WordPress (or a similar platform) try searching for the tool that is customized for WordPress. With a 24/7 customer service, in case you need any help.

Such tools usually enable their subscribers to determine where they stand compared to their competitors. Furthermore, they help you in developing an effective link building strategy.

All in all, focusing on keywords, your site’s organic traffic rates and its position on search engine will soar high. So don’t shy away from investing here.

Improve Page Titles And Meta Description

Page Titles are one of the most important factors when it comes to attracting new visitors. Title and meta description is the key to luring in visitors as they are what the users see when they type in certain keywords. They need to be relevant, to not produce a clickbait effect. They also need to be to the point and well written. As well as SEO optimized.

First, go to Google and research your keywords of the Top 10 search results. Now you can see every web page that has a unique title and meta description. Here, you will see your keywords in bold. So, now you have an idea of what’s an eye-catching title and meta descriptions look like. Modify them so they are unique, go to your site and edit your page title and meta descriptions accordingly. Try to implement focus keywords at the beginning of your page title and include them in meta descriptions. This is to optimize them according to SEO requirements and increase ranking.

Submit To Directories

The more high-quality links you have the more search engines will be impressed by you. This directory will give your site a link juice to increase your the rate of the organic traffic as well as the ranking potential. Here we have listed down some of the best directories where you can get do-follow backlinks.

  • Google My Business
  • Bing Places
  • Yahoo
  • Brownbook
  • Yelp
  • Foursquare
  • elocal
  • Yellowpages
  • Hotfrog
  • SuperPages
  • Alignable
  • MerchantCircle
  • B2B Yellow Pages

Be sure to read the submission rules before submitting your site on the above directories.

Write As An Ghost Writer

This is for website owners who can write content. Writing an article for another site is s great option to get a backlink or get more visitors to your site. Now it’s hard to know how to write an article for others. We’re going to show you how you can easily write an article as a ghostwriter for other sites.

First things first, before posting on another site you have to read their ghostwriter’s writing rules and terms of use. Don’t forget to also check their domain authority. Try to write for sites that are popular and regularly rank high. After you select a blog where you want to post an article, go on Google and do research. We have listed down the examples below.

Note: Replace Keyword with blog names where you want to contribute as a ghostwriter.

  • Keyword “submit a guest post”
  • Keyword “guest post”
  • Keyword “guest post by”
  • Keyword “accepting guest posts”
  • Keyword “contributing writer”
  • Keyword “want to write for”
  • Keyword “This post was written by”
  • Keyword “contributor guidelines”

There are a few blogs that don’t accept backlinks from their site to your site. But if you start writing well on their sites you can get a lot of followers who you can then convert to loyal readers on your website.

Submit Articles Via Email Newsletter

This is another good method to get a lot of free traffic on your site. We always recommend asking your visitors for an email id. You can promote their content to get a lot of free traffic from email marketing. If you can build a relationship with your visitors via emails you increase the chance of getting a lot of recurring visitors on your website.

Always try to build an email listing of regular visitors who seem to be in need of your service. Subscribe to each and every newsletter and study them carefully. Visit the online archives. Select what you think will satisfy their needs and offer something useful to them via email. Email marketing isn’t the most effective way to do affiliate marketing for nothing. This way you really get many referrals.

Share On Social Media

Sharing each and every post on social media is another great method for generating organic traffic. In fact, this way you can generate most traffic. Your customers are on social media, so are your competitors, future collaborators and sponsors. Everyone is on at least one out of the popular social media platforms. And you should be too.

Social media platforms you should be on:

  • Facebook for affiliate marketing and local targeting.
  • Twitter for global targeting and tech niche.
  • LinkedIn is necessary for getting connections and establishing your authority as a professional in the field.
  • Instagram for visual and influencer marketing.
  • YouTube for video marketing.

Things you should take into consideration when developing your social media marketing strategy:

  • Platform selection.
  • Timing (for targeting your audience when they’re most active).
  • Post scheduling (regular updates according to the platform algorithm).
  • Tagging (hashtags and geotags help you trend).
  • Collaborations with popular names relevant to your business.
  • Great content (but keep it professional).
  • Sponsored posts and ads.
  • Engaging with your followers.
  • Periodical giveaways or charity campaigns.

Social media will tremendously increase your credibility. Don’t forget to always encourage your website visitors to share the posts they find helpful on social media.

Be Helpful In Forums

Follow a rule of helping others so they can, in turn, help you out. Providing information, writing a helpful post or sharing their content is an optimal way to do this.

Join a forum and post about a topic which you are an expert in. Or research member’s past posts asking questions that you can answer. Make sure you aren’t copying anybody. Make your answer as informative and detailed as possible. You can link relevant info from your website in your posts or in the comments. Search Google to discover digital places with like-minded people and professionals in your field. Try using:

  • Your keyword + forum
  • Your keyword +”message board”

Start Podcasting

Podcasting is another option to scale your blogging business to the next level. You can start uploading podcasts on YouTube and Spotify to get more free traffic on your site. Start by creating in-depth but short podcasts that will be helpful for your visitors. By podcasting, you can also connect with like-minded people.

We recommend you start on popular platforms (like the ones mentioned above) as finding the target market is much easier. Start with an introduction podcast on the feature page so that new people can get the idea behind your channel. Upload regularly. You can also collaborate with other professionals or make interactive podcasts with your customers.

Removing all the unwanted junk files can make your operating system much faster. What’s more, removing all broken links can help you increase organic traffic from search engines. Broken or dead links can damage your website authority to the point of putting it under the risk of being taken down. So try to check every month links in all of your articles. Remove broken ones and rebuild.

How do links become broken? The answer is very simple: lots of content gets deleted, removed or taken down. So if you had any of such sources linked in your articles it will direct to an empty page. Search engines rank only the quality posts so if there are any broken links, the search engine bot that gets to a 404 error during crawling detects abnormality in your post. Hence, the threat of your article (or sometimes the entire website if this happens frequently) being taken down.

Checking all your articles on a constant basis may be hard. Fortunately there are helpful digital tools that can check them for you. For instance, you can install Broken Link Checker Plugin on your WordPress. It will take care of all broken links, you will just have to check every month to stay updated.

Dofollow Backlinks are the links that during the Google bot crawling process passes a link juice from a site to another one. This is the best way to increase your domain authority and organic ranking rate. Getting a Dofollow Backlink is not easy for beginners, but it’s essential. Once you get quite popular in your niche though, Dofollow Backlinks will start flocking in.

The gist is to write unique and helpful content so that many creators can mention you in their blogposts with a do-follow backlink. If a website has mentioned you but didn’t link back to your site you can contact them and ask them to fix it. You can try to contact other blogs and ask them to add a DoFollow backlink in return for a backlink. This is the common way to increase more organic traffic lots of beginners use.

Write Testimonials

Write a quick note to or for the author while reading an ebook or a newsletter you find useful. If it’s good, there’s a chance your quick note will be published as a testimonial or a client review, with a link back to your site. Try to give honest testimonials so that people who purchase the product trust you enough to get on your website. This is also a great way to build important relationships with important people.


And that wraps up the required aspects for ranking high on search engines and getting a lot of free organic traffic from on your site. Share your experiences, ask questions or tell us what points do you find most helpful. Don’t forget to share this article and visit for more.


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