Marketing is an important element to any business that aims to increase its market share. Although marketing is often considered a part of business operations that occur outside of the workplace, it actually works closely with these activities. Hence, it can be said that marketing is one of the most important functions within any company, regardless of whether it operates in the real or virtual world. Therefore, it is only logical that those companies who are involved in the industry should develop a solid marketing management system to ensure a positive impact on their bottom line.

Marketing management – definition and importance

Marketing management is an organizational field that focuses on the study, implementation and evaluation of marketing strategies, methods and tactics within organizations and enterprises and on the management of the company’s marketing resources and functions. A good marketing management system involves processes like data analysis, planning, research, budgeting and monitoring. This allows a company to create appropriate marketing materials, develop effective marketing strategies and know exactly where and when to produce marketing materials and when they are ready.

The role of data analysis in marketing

On the other hand, data analytics focuses on understanding consumer behavior and shopping habits. Through this process, managers can discern which promotional activities yield positive results and which ones yield negative ones. Additionally, data analytics provides information about customer loyalty, preferences, responsiveness and frequency of return visits to particular sites or products. Marketing managers can therefore use data analytics to design and implement quality marketing campaigns.

Marketing management – what do marketing managers do?

A manager’s job description on marketing therefore usually revolves around the accumulation of relevant data in order for the organization to identify, plan and evaluate marketing strategies. It should be understood by everyone within the organization that data analysis and planning are just two of the many responsibilities that lie in the job description of a marketing manager. Job responsibilities also include coordinating marketing efforts between various units within the business. Managers are also expected to initiate and coordinate new marketing initiatives and train employees in the latest techniques and tools used in the field. They also have to ensure that all marketing processes are conducted in an orderly fashion.

Marketers need to be skillful in interpersonal skills in order to effectively promote their companies. Interpersonal skills include communicating with clients, colleagues and even team members. It is therefore essential for candidates seeking a marketing executive position to master the art of communicating with people both in person and online.

The role of social media in the process

As such, marketing executives are now seeing more candidates applying for positions online. Candidates therefore need to develop good social media skills in order to attract potential candidates. The use of social media can generate a lot of traffic on the website of the candidate, which would eventually lead to increased sales. Learning how to efficiently manage a social media account is one way to demonstrate to a potential employer that one has the necessary interpersonal skills. This is because a successful marketing executive will know when and how to use social media in the best manner possible.


Job descriptions of healthcare marketing executives do not only cover the responsibilities that individuals have. Candidates who want to become marketing managers also need to build their core strengths. Core strengths refers to an individual’s ability to use their marketing skills in order to develop a clear picture of their future goals. Core strengths also involve the ability to work with people from diverse backgrounds and from a diverse range of occupational fields.

As such, marketing executives must be aware that they are dealing with people from different occupational fields which means that they need to develop interpersonal skills as well.

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