WordPress: Leading Content Management System

content management systems

We wanted to find out why so many leading news organizations and publishers are using WordPress as their content management system of choice. Wired, Quartz, Forbes, The New York Times, USA Today, Fortune.com, Reuters, Time Inc, Facebook Newsroom, TechCrunch, CNN, CBS Local, NBS, The Next Web, Metro UK, People Magazine, New York Post, TED, FiveThirtyEight, … Read more

Website Launching Ideas to Make Money in 2022

website launching ideas

Are you looking for website launching ideas that will make you money in 2022? Well, you’re not alone. The thought of earning online and breaking free of the corporate shackles attracts interest from all over the world. Whether you’re browsing Facebook, going through your Twitter feed, or reading answers on Quora, you’ll come across people … Read more

6 Top Ways to Use Real-Time eCommerce Analytics for Shopify Stores

Real-Time eCommerce Analytics

What is the main difference between brick-and-mortar and eCommerce stores? Physical stores owners can communicate face-to-face with the prospects and try to convince them to purchase and or answer their queries related to products but it’s not possible in eCommerce stores. This article will explore ways to use real-time eCommerce analytics to improve communication with … Read more

Developing A Niche Brand To Sell Online

niche brand

For Melissa, Founder and CEO of Tiny Tags, motherhood, and entrepreneurship go hand in hand. She was available to develop her niche brand with a few strategic steps. That’s because giving birth to her son inspired her business of made-to-order keepsake jewelry for mothers. Ten years later, her online shop is thriving, thanks to a … Read more

10 Pros and Cons of Crowdfunding to Consider

pros & cons of crowdfunding

Small business owners and entrepreneurs with great ideas consider crowdfunding a viable startup funding option. There are many crowdfunding sites, and all of them can increase exposure, build an audience, and leverage small contributions to fund a business. However, success rates are low and business owners should consider pros and cons of crowdfunding before starting. … Read more

Podcasts: The Next Step for Digital Marketing

podcasts digital marketing

Podcasts are everywhere nowadays. You can listen to podcasts about conspiracy theories, news, Dolly Parton, gaming trends, how the brain works, and just about anything else. They are becoming increasingly popular as everyone from Shaquille O’Neal to Seth Meyers to Neil deGrasse Tyson seems to be starting their own podcasts. But it’s not only famous … Read more

How to Use YouTube for Video Marketing Strategies

YouTube marketing

A great social media place to share videos is YouTube and it’s great for your video marketing strategies. We are going to share some information with you about the basics of why you should be using this social media site for videos. YouTube was founded by three previous PayPal employees in 2005. It’s an online … Read more