Category: Types of advertising

Covert Advertising

Product placement in any form of media secretly, as a way to get a target market to recognize a brand or product. This is an old trick that was highly successful in advertising many products - such as cigarettes in movies.

Crowdsourced Advertising

A new type of marketing, also known as user-generated advertising - where users create advertisements in response to a marketing campaign that a brand starts. This type is usually viewed as a more sincere form of advertisements because the content is created entirely by the end users.

In-Store Advertising

Any advertising that retail stores place inside the store, at the point of sale or point of purchase is known as in-store advertising. This includes the variety of ways to grab the shopper’s attention.

Niche Advertising

As opposed to trying to reach as many people as possible, niche advertising (or targeted advertising) is a method that companies use to only advertise to specific individuals. Usually, they are people who are already interested in similar products. The internet and search engine data is the most powerful force driving niche advertising.

Novelty Items

Many companies use novelty items such as mugs, pens, notebooks and others as a way to raise brand awareness. Usually, a simple logo on any item that is given away for free is used by target audiences as a way to remind them of the brand.

Online Ads

We’ve all come across advertisements as banners, popups and other parts of websites online. Any of these ads that are added to websites are known as online advertisements, and they have drastically changed the marketing field in recent years.

Outdoor Ads

Billboards, pavement designs, and other large advertisements that are placed outdoors to catch the attention of people on foot or on the road are called outdoor ads. They are usually very flashy. Often, companies use large sporting events, conventions and other large gatherings to place this kind of advertisement to utilize their full potential.

Printed Media

Advertisements have been printed on a variety of different media such as newspapers, flyers, classified ads, banners, magazines and many more. This form of advertising predates the internet and is still used by many marketing teams to this day.

Radio and Podcasting

Before television, the radio was the best way to reach millions of people. Advertisements on radio broadcasts may be restricted to sound but that pushes the creativity of marketing teams. Nowadays, companies sponsor podcasters to read advertisements in much the same way radio ads were designed.


Video adverts on television and infomercials have been in use ever since TV gained widespread popularity in the western world and globally. It is an effective way to reach millions of viewers and make a lasting impression to generate sales.

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