Surviving Your First Month in Network Marketing

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My fiancé and I joined our Network Marketing company to gain the financial freedom we dreamed of. However, the only training we initially received during our first month network marketing was a small pamphlet that showed us the basics of the business. Although our company later came out with an excellent training pack, our first month in … Read more

Ethics in Marketing: Landing Your Dream Job While Maintaining Your Morals

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If there is one thing a person can count on, besides death and taxes, it is the certainty that at some point in their professional career they will be faced with a decision that has lasting moral consequences. Ethics in marketing deals with the same issues.  This decision will have a permanent effect on the … Read more

Warranty Definition: What Does It Mean To Have A Warranty?

Warranties are like school nurses; they are needed to ensure peace of mind, but unless something goes wrong, you really don’t need to use them. Whereas school nurses are there to aid children who hurt themselves, warranties are put in place for defects that are unforeseen when a product is distributed to retailers. In both … Read more