How to Get a Job in International Development – International Development Guide

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International development is an amazing field. It gathers some of the smartest, most diverse workers, people willing to move to far-flung corners of the world to alleviate poverty. Although, getting a foot in the door in international development is hard. Most people don’t even know that this kind of work exists. And when they start … Read more

Website Security: A Guide For Shared Web Hosting Accounts

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This post presumes your website is hosted on a shared web hosting plan. A shared hosting service allows the web hosting company to setup multiple websites on one server, usually using a common IP address. We have recently had some complaints on forums about web hosts placing some restrictions on hosting accounts due mainly to … Read more

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet Marketing?

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There are so many aspects of marketing that a business owner must be aware of. However, one of the biggest and most overlooked is the mindset part. Here is an analysis of internet marketing methods. Marketing is just an application of the right marketing technique in the right scenario. And the bigger picture is to … Read more

Sales – A General Understanding

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In business operations, marketing is an essential part of operations and handles the role of understanding and meeting the needs of the customers. Marketing helps in identifying potential buying segments, understanding the needs and plan the approach of offering the services to meet the needs.Marketing will be a plat form of approaching the customer base … Read more

6 Questions To Ask To Understand The Consumer Behavior Model

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To properly understand marketing, it is inevitable that one must thoroughly study the consumer behavior model. There are many applications to study consumer practices such as their pre-purchasing habits, preferences, the psychology behind a purchase, etc. For large organizations, small businesses, or even individuals in business – consumer behavior is a helpful tool to assist … Read more