7 Examples in Stories of Bad Customer Service That Hurt Your Bottom Line

stories of bad customer service

We’ve all got our own bad habits—things like hitting the snooze alarm instead of waking up for that early-morning workout, procrastinating on projects, or drinking way too much coffee. But while those habits only affect ourselves, many entrepreneurs have bad business habits that make their customers nuts. Are you guilty of any of the following … Read more

Is the “Snack Hack” a Smart Marketing Move for Oreo?

person throwing five cookies

There’s not much out there better than an Oreo cookie. We’ve come across a YouTube mini-series profiling LA celebrity chefs tasked with creating new “Snack Hack” recipes using…well, Oreo cookies. This is a part of online business marketing.  What is this cookie thing all about? This promotional mini-series is based on the afore-mentioned challenge issued … Read more