Improving the Sales Process: 27 Effective Sales Strategies and Tips

improving sales process

According to a report from the Brevet Group, only 13 percent of customers believe that the salesperson attending to them actually understands their needs. Developing an effective sales strategy involves not only equipping your team with the tools they need to succeed but also actively engaging with your customers to better understand them. We asked … Read more

Using Color in Marketing To Boost Business

color in marketing

People who want to be successful in business should constantly be thinking of ways to get an edge over their rivals. There are so many aspects of a business to consider, from investments to marketing, and some facets are simply overlooked. But it’s sometimes the small details that can make a massive difference. Something which … Read more

Developing Retail Business Solutions Using Retail Channel Definition

The Retail Channel Definition for Small Businesses was created by Troy Hoover, an entrepreneur who has been active in the retail industry for over 35 years. In order to create a robust framework for a retail business to understand the dynamics of the retail channel, he created the Retail Opportunity Model which he calls the … Read more

Breaking Down The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act

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You’ve been working hard all day. You’ve just spent 8-12 hours out in a world where everything around you has the possibility of ending your life. You have just come home and you feel the overwhelming desire to recline on your couch, turn on your TV, play with your son and his action figures, and … Read more

Theoretical Overview Of A Marketing Campaign For Product Launches

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Are you wondering how to create a marketing campaign for a new product launch? A good launching plan is the cornerstone of your marketing strategy. Without this plan, you are just guessing at how the customers will react. This means that you might spend too much money on advertising and marketing without really knowing if the … Read more

How To Create A Market Need?

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In previous articles, we’ve explained how to build a client list and market to it effectively. You will probably agree that the first step to driving traffic to your website is to make yourself aware of your market. The best way to do this is by understanding the needs of your customers. This article will … Read more