PR Tips For A New Business – Get Noticed

PR Tips For A New Business

What are some PR tips for a new business to get noticed? A very wise person said ‘from redundancy comes the most incredible things’… and they couldn’t have been more rights. It may sound biased but PR is one of the most credible tools for reaching potential customers both quickly and cost-effectively. So, if you’ve … Read more

Marketing Funnel Strategies – Increase Sales

Marketing Funnel Strategies

What are marketing funnel strategies to increase sales? But wait, is the marketing sales funnel dead? I don’t know. Did consumers stop experiencing varying levels of interest in response to your marketing efforts? Do prospects now only hold ONE level of interest across the board and at all times?!?!If the funnel is old news, what … Read more

How IoT Data Helps Accelerate Digital Space

How IoT Data Helps

How IoT data helps accelerate digital transformation? The utopian idea of digital transformation continues to flourish all over the net, making digital transformation consulting even harder than ever. Why harder? Because consultants have to crash the rose-tinted glasses and “reveal” that chaotic and unreasonable investments in digitalization are time-consuming, expensive, and hence useless. Yes, you … Read more

Win Holiday Season Marketing – Relevance & Timing

win holiday season marketing

How do you win holiday season marketing? Retailers stand to benefit substantially from the holiday shopping season, so act on your holiday marketing strategy early. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. There’s nothing like a classic holiday scene. Snow dusts the ground, smoke climbs from the chimney and Hershey’s Kisses “Christmas Bells” ads … Read more

An Advanced Content Promotion Strategy

an advanced content promotion strategy

So, you are having challenges distributing your content and getting the traffic your article deserves. If you depend on the spray-and-pray method to promote your content, you’ll have a tough time seeing significant results from your work. We’re on a journey to grow an e-commerce blog from 0 to 50,000 visitors a month, which we … Read more

Restaurant Marketing Tools: 13 Steps to Promote a New Restaurant

restaurant marketing tools

Most of restaurant marketing tools come down to building strong relationships with customers online and offline. The 13 steps below walk you through the process. With all of the tools available to communicate with your customers and community, using various tools for marketing your restaurant can quickly become one of your favorite regular tasks as … Read more

Top 21 Best Startup Marketing Tools You Should Not Miss

startup marketing tools

Marketing has been growing at a surprisingly rapid pace with the enhancement of new technologies and tools. Startup marketing tools come in various forms, including social media campaigns, automated email marketing campaigns, and many more. You want your business to grow and thrive, so you may certainly look for some powerful and appropriate startup marketing … Read more

Beginners Starting An Online Business: A Guide

beginners starting an online business

The majority of people that try to build a work-at-home internet business usually fail at making money on the internet for one reason or another. In this guide for beginners starting an online business, we’ll show you how to start an online business from home successfully and as close to free as possible. As well … Read more