Restaurant Marketing Tools: 13 Steps to Promote a New Restaurant

restaurant marketing tools

Most of restaurant marketing tools come down to building strong relationships with customers online and offline. The 13 steps below walk you through the process. With all of the tools available to communicate with your customers and community, using various tools for marketing your restaurant can quickly become one of your favorite regular tasks as … Read more

9 Common Small Business Financing Mistakes Owners Make

small business financing mistakes

You have started a new business, one of the most rewarding activities of an entrepreneur. But with great rewards comes great risk, especially when it comes to having a sound financial plan as well as outlining the cost of everything. These have led many small and medium-sized businesses to make some common mistakes that can … Read more

Optimum Outsourcing: What Roles Should be In-House vs Outsourced?

optimum outsourcing

By necessity when just starting out, business owners wear several hats within the company. Possibly all the hats, at first. They are the CEO, CFO, lead salesperson, marketer, manager, and more. And as an entrepreneur who’s fully invested in their business, it’s hard to let go of the reigns in some areas of the business … Read more

Small Business Holiday Tips: Business Owner’s Guide to Holiday Sales Season

small business holiday tips

For some small businesses, the holidays are the most bustling time of the year. With holiday shoppers coming through the doors and not a break in sight, keeping all orders straight, staying fully staffed, and managing inventory can be tough. But for other business owners, the holidays are the slowest time of the year. With … Read more

The Top 25 Data-Driven Marketing Tools to Boost ROI in 2022

data-driven marketing

Data-driven marketing is simply the act of using data collected through consumer engagements with a website to make marketing decisions like creating relevant products, optimizing your website to match what your visitors want, and them showing relevant ads and promotions in the future. First, A Few Questions What will be your digital marketing business’ primary … Read more

How To Write An Executive Summary Marketing Plan

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An executive summary is a written document that enables one to develop strategies for reaching the target audience and driving conversations about the products. When launching a new product or a business, a marketing plan facilitates the establishment of overall market goals. With this, all the marketing activities are well guided and coordinated. Some marketing … Read more

How to Plan an Exit Strategy for Your Small Business

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Ask most business owners about their exit strategy, and you’re likely to get a blank stare in return. That’s because the last thing on their minds is often when and how they’ll leave a business that they’re concentrating on making as successful as they can. But John M. Leonetti (pictured), founder and CEO of Pinnacle … Read more

How to Develop a Winning Product Business: Tips From Successful Business Founders

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A great product has the ability to stretch the imagination, create entirely new markets and even completely transform society – just look at how Steve Jobs’ Apple creations have changed the world. However, starting and running a product business is no easy task; with IP challenges, competitive and populated markets, high production costs and low … Read more

Business Plans and Planning for Social Enterprises and Nonprofits

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Let’s start with some definitions. “Business plans” traditionally refers to a lengthy, bound, and laminated document, written before a business launches, detailing its every element with charts, research, and projections. Even social-sector business plans are traditionally laden with unnecessary formality and time-consuming minutiae. Modern social-venture business plans differ in three major areas from their more … Read more

How Connected is Your Business Planning?

In the world of business planning one of the hottest buzzwords in the market lately has been the concept of “connected planning”.  Seems like a twist on the concept of Integrated Business Planning (IBP) which has been around for years with plenty of research on it produced by the likes of Gartner and Ventana Research.  … Read more