Video Monitors Marketing Products in Walmart: An Insidious New Trend You’ll Be Seeing in All Stores

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I can hear the screams now from those who hate Walmart, that they’ll soon be experiencing something akin to the movie “Minority Report,” where you can’t escape seeing a video screen in every nook and cranny of a public place pushing a particular product. Yes, leave it up to Walmart to be the first store … Read more

Strategic Marketing: 8 Steps for Designing a Marketable Product

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Strategic Marketing is a model that can be used by both small and big businesses to adapt to the changes in the environment, in order to meet their customers needs and wants. It takes into account problems, goals, priority areas and moves on to the design of specific products or services for implementation. Here are … Read more

Understanding the Five Forces Model of Competition, and How To Use It Effectively

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One of the critical processes that a business must undergo to be successful is to analyze their competitors accurately and know their position in the market. Competition affects a business, no matter how large or small it is. However, marketing specialists and economists have come to realize that competition within an industry is dependent on … Read more

The Fundamentals of Effective Marketing

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Marketing refers to various activities a business undertakes to promote or advertise the sale or purchase of a particular product, service, or asset. Marketing is usually carried out by companies to recognise and create awareness of their products or services in the market. The marketing strategies include advertising or promotional activities, sales promotion, and research … Read more

Marketing Strategy for New Businesses

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Marketing describes a wide variety of actions a business undertakes to advertise a particular product or service to a large number of potential customers. Businesses employ many marketing strategies in order to get the attention of consumers and, in turn, increase their purchases. Some of these strategies are discussed below. What Are the Four General … Read more

Fast Fact: What is a Conversational Marketing Plan?

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Marketing Strategy Should Be The Starting Point Of Marketing Campaign Planning Marketing strategy is a strategic, long term, and overall game plan for any company or organization with the basic purpose of attaining a sustainable competitive edge by knowing the desires and needs of customers. It is essential to develop and implement marketing strategies that … Read more

Four Ps of Influencer Marketing

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Marketing refers to the act of promoting or advertising a product, service, or just about anything. It is an essential part of business activity. A company will engage in marketing activities in order to advertise their goods and services to customers, gather more customers for a particular product or service, and increase brand awareness of … Read more

What Are the Best Ways of Marketing Your Brand?

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Marketing is one of the most important factors in business. Marketing refers to several activities that a business undertakes in order to advertise the sale or purchasing of a specific product, service, or item. There are many forms of marketing, including traditional marketing such as advertising in newspapers, magazines, or on television, direct mail marketing, … Read more