Define Your Target Market, Stop Wasting Money & Hit Your Niche

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Whether you’re a marketing professional, a startup founder, or a business owner, you can probably relate. But in this day and age, things are a little different. It’s easy to track what’s working and leading to sales conversions and what isn’t, and if you’re not making use of this knowledge then you’re wasting time and … Read more

Marketing to the Millennial Generation: Basics and Statistics

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According to the U.S. Census Bureau, millennials are the largest consumer group in United States history. They even surpass baby boomers by over 15 million people, making them some of the most frequent shoppers out there. With their spending totals nearing $600 billion each year, marketers are doing anything they can to come up with … Read more

Business Strategies: Smart Companies Go-To-Market, Creating Value and Generating Growth

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As there are just so many different kinds of businesses out there, business strategies are always constantly changing and while we will discuss some of the more common ones below, there really is no one-size-fit-all strategy that can be applied to any given industry. The key thing to remember is that if it works in … Read more

Drive Results Through Target Marketing

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We are in a marketing revolution. The business industry is changing from being a mass-market to practicing target marketing. Businesses that want to be successful need to focus their campaign on a selected target market. A variety of tools are available these days to help make the transition. This includes powerful new technologies such as … Read more

Benefits of Marketing to FSBO (For Sale by Owner) Clients in Real Estate

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There is quite a bit of literature published about how a real estate agent can help an FSBO (For Sale By Owner) client, but not very much about how FSBO sellers can benefit real estate agents. You have to understand that real estate is a vast market and that there is a virtually unlimited number … Read more

How to Use Offline Marketing to Increase Traffic to Your Sites

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While Online marketing is the more popular method used nowadays, there are still many traditional offline marketing techniques that can boost your internet marketing efforts. If you are into online marketing, you should use any available marketing technique to boost your sales.  The Internet is full of every kind of information and business. If you … Read more

Is Email Marketing Etiquette Really Important?

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To have a successful email marketing campaign, you want your messages received with a positive impression.  This could mean the difference between having your email read or deleted without a second or even, a first thought. You certainly don’t want to offend anyone and you want to make reading your emails as pleasant and enjoyable … Read more

Firms Use Differentiated Targeting Strategy Because It Is Highly Effective

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We’ve already discussed Segmentation as a part of the STP process. The second step is targeting. It is an indispensable part of marketing because identifying and targeting a specific audience dramatically improves the efficacy of a marketing plan. However, marketers go a step further by using a differentiated targeting strategy. How Is Targeting Useful For … Read more

Developing A Marketing Concept

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Marketing your business is a crucial part of being successful. In this article, we will explore why marketing principles are important and what they can do for your business. There is a lot that has changed since then, for instance, the advantage of the internet, and subsequent development of social media platforms. However there is … Read more

How To Identify Your Target Audience

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If you are launching a new product, service, or adding new content, you should first ensure your target audience is going to benefit from it. Finding the target audience for your brand is an absolute necessity. Understanding the market and identifying your target audience also helps you produce relevant content for your website, improving the … Read more