Goodbye Wholesale Brands: How the eCommerce landscape Is Changing The Market Drastically

The eCommerce landscape has been growing rapidly for the last few years with equally rapid projected future growth. To date the growth has been mostly powered by existing brands moving rapidly online. Great direct-to-consumer brands like J. Crew realized this early, got out ahead of the curve, and are reaping the benefits. New companies selling … Read more

Developing Retail Business Solutions Using Retail Channel Definition

The Retail Channel Definition for Small Businesses was created by Troy Hoover, an entrepreneur who has been active in the retail industry for over 35 years. In order to create a robust framework for a retail business to understand the dynamics of the retail channel, he created the Retail Opportunity Model which he calls the … Read more

Product Returns: How to Effectively Solve Problems with a Retailer

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How many times have you purchased a product, only to find something was wrong with it such as possibly a missing component or part? Product returns be frustrating and time-consuming to get the problem corrected. Possibly you just changed your mind or maybe found the product cheaper somewhere else. Regardless, you have the right to return … Read more

Behavioral Marketing: How To Get Discounts From Almost Any Online Retailer


You may have noticed how that cute-ish dress you’ve had your eyes on started popping out in web banners or even Facebook’s newsfeed. Retargeting or behavioral marketing is more of a fancy way to describe the tactic of showing ads to people who visited a website. Online shop owners can use Google’s and Facebook’s advertising … Read more

Tips for Cashiers: What Retail Cashiers Should Know About the Job

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Getting a job as a retail cashier is not too difficult. As long as you have basic knowledge of math, have good observation skills, good communication skills, and enough patience to deal with grumpy customers while having to stand most of the time (depending on where you work), you’re good to go. Although most employers would … Read more

Retail Channel Network – Distribution Chain Types

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The retail channel is one of the most important parts of the distribution chain. Without the distribution, the retailer cannot distribute its products and make a profit. Each business in the retail channel performs a specific function such as purchasing goods and delivering them to the customer. There are many important functions that are performed by … Read more