Best Affiliate Marketing Books For Beginners To Learn From In 2022

affiliate marketing books

So, you’re wanting to learn all you can about affiliate marketing and you believe that books are probably a solid place to start… But which ones are actually the best affiliate marketing books for beginners. You may even want to take it one step further, by looking into which of those literary greats are the … Read more

Direct Mail Marketing Tips: The Ultimate Guide

direct mail marketing

Direct mail marketing campaigns deliver physical advertising materials to the mailboxes of targeted customers. It’s more affordable than magazine ads, and generally enjoys higher response rates than email. It’s best for businesses with a mailing list looking to promote a new product or service, an event, or a seasonal offering. Keep reading for our ultimate … Read more

Step-by-Step B2B Affiliate Marketing Guide

B2B affiliate marketing

Making money online and turning it into a passive income stream does not take years but it does require work and a lot of work in the early days. You will be pushed, you will become frustrated but you have to weather the storm. B2B Affiliate marketing is certainly one of the best ways to … Read more

Text Message Marketing For Real Estate Investors: Cost, Features & Providers

Text message marketing for real estate investors

Real estate investors use text message marketing as a way to engage buyers via text with information about properties and lead them through the sales cycle. Real estate texts are best for agents relying on mobile devices. Automated text messages allow real estate agents to respond to actions and communications to keep buyers interested and … Read more

5 SMS Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Short message service (SMS) marketing continues to grow and expand. It allows businesses and people to get responses from each other and to keep the communication short and sweet. By using text message best practices, businesses can improve their marketing to their customers. However, there are some mistakes that businesses can make in SMS marketing. … Read more

Examples of Brilliant Web Push Notification Campaigns and Why You Should Use Them

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Many Shopify stores use web push notifications to send out updates and promotions to their subscribers. Some Shopify stores have developed their own push marketing strategies and optimized them to maximize their conversions. In the process, other stores have figured out web push notifications best practices that work like a charm for them. In this article, … Read more

Breaking Down Direct and Indirect Distribution Channels

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A distribution channel is a network of intermediaries or companies through which a specific or already established good or service gets to the end user. Channels are further broken down into direct and indirect types. Direct channels let the consumer purchase products directly from the producer, while an indirect channel passes the merchandise through other … Read more

Steps to Direct Mail Marketing Success

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Marketers have traditionally used radio, print, and television as a means to get their advertising to customers. Many have recently turned towards direct mail marketing to get more responses from their target market. However, many CEOs are still practically clueless when it comes to direct mail. When used correctly and with careful and strategic planning, … Read more

Telemarketing Nightmares

gray home phone on wall

Telemarketing is a method used by many companies to reach a large number of people by directly marketing to them. However, telemarketing workers will tell you that there is nothing glamorous about the job. People often hang up on telemarketers once they know who is speaking, and many never pick up their phones. So why … Read more

Why Consumer Perception Is More Important in Direct Marketing

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See, feel, and touch applies to purchases, repurchases, and returns. In direct marketing, eliminating the wrong consumer perceptions is the first step-creating positive new perceptions is the second step. What are some of these wrong perceptions that consumers have? It Won’t Fit – Size Matters  Frankly, the customer may be right, for there is no … Read more