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Also known as Multi-Level Marketing, this is a business model that depends on recruiting representatives whose job is to market products and services as well as invite more people to join. The business is highly dependent on networking skills, but can be an effective marketing strategy for products when done right.
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Recruitment: Should You Join Network Marketing or Run The Other Way?

Many companies spend a lot of money hiring sales and marketing professionals and a lot of money on advertising. In a Network Marketing business the...
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Prospecting for Your Network Marketing Business

The enthusiasm you have for your network marketing or multi-level marketing business will often tempt you to pitch your opportunity to everyone with a...
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Absolutes for Success in Network Marketing – What Guarantees It?

We all recognize how simple Network Marketing can be. We also know that it can be challenging. The level of success in Network Marketing...
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Consumer Direct Marketing: 10 Things You Need to Know Before Joining...

In our search for what we considered the best network marketing company to be in business with, we discovered many things to look for...
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MLM: Network Marketing

That question might seem like it has a plain answer to it, you will be surprised at how many MLM professionals who do not...
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The Hidden Secret to Duplication in Network Marketing

Every person who's been in network marketing knows the concept of duplication and understands that duplication in network marketing is necessary in order to...
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How to Choose the Best Network Marketing Company

Many factors will contribute to your success in being the best network marketing company owner: the company, your core beliefs, commitment level, ability to...
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Surviving Your First Month in Network Marketing

My fiancé and I joined our Network Marketing company to gain the financial freedom we dreamed of. However, the only training we initially received during our...
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Network Marketing is a Lot like Corporate Marketing: In Both Cases,...

A lot of people hate network marketing (aka, multi-level marketing) because its practitioners blatantly turn social relations into cash, but corporate marketers do the same thing....
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Five Network Marketing Company Truths that Only Sound like Myths

If you have ever been approached by someone looking to recruit you into a network marketing company, you have probably heard one or more...