Chain Marketing – an Easy Way to Make Money

On this earth, relationship matters most to all human beings. If one really wants to enjoy the beauty of life by gaining fame, name and money then it’s only possible through contact or any sort of relation with others and a bit of luck. It may be sounding like a thunderbolt but truth is always truth. Just go and ask the old people who are on the verge of completing their official duty and probably the answer will be either one of the above-mentioned reasons. All these explanations are to make one realize the importance of being in touch with our mates whom we call with different names of brother, sister, cousin, uncle, friend and so on. 

The real point is- what is the relation of this with chain marketing?

Definitely, the question answered is perfect to the context. Chain marketing is nothing but a theoretical form of spreading contact to fulfil needs. I hope, relations are not being taken in pessimistic sense of using it for material and selfish gain. Marketing is a term which has a broader meaning and which is not limited to buying and selling of goods. It includes everything from manufacturing of a commodity to consumption of commodity like selling, buying, promoting and satisfying customer needs and grievances. Marketing has become an effective part of our life as in some or other way one is attached to it. With chain marketing, there is almost a new concept of fulfilling one’s need with maximum profit and minimum effort because the burden of work is highly shared by so called ‘contact’.

Basically the idea of chain marketing follows in the listed way:


Become partner of any chain marketing company. It may employ you to invest a certain amount of money to accept you as the beginner of the chain marketer. Don’t fear. You will get back all your money, that too, in multiples. I cannot guarantee anyone but can assure, as I am part of such a company.


Once you become a member of that company, you need to make two or three members under you. This is the time when one needs to utilize the efficiency of contact. Members are needed for continuing this chain that further will have to make two or three under them and the process continues. Remember, it’s a MUST.

If you feel that you have the ability to sell a product, it’s well and good. Go ahead and explore your potential to convince others, thereby making a deal. Moreover, it’s not necessary and completely rests on one’s discretion of earning more and more commission.


This does not mean end of marketing but end of the efforts applied. One can take rest and see money flowing in pocket, in the form of huge commission.

It’s simple and easy as one can read and feel it here. Believe me if you can. I have no motive to divert anyone rather love to help and solve others problems. You will be earning because the partners you made will be adding another partner and the process goes on, thereby everyone investing a fixed amount. Just imagine the number of members that will be added in your list because of the chain. It’s in a multiple of two and can go endless. So, there is no fear of invested money getting lost or no commission earned. One may start earning from the first day itself or the day member is added.

Lastly, I would suggest that there could be a certain amount of possibility of the chain getting halted after a tingling amount of saturation. 

In such cases, the company tends to run away as it becomes too heavy to pay commissions to each and every member. Therefore, read terms and conditions very well before joining and only then take a full ride in wonderland before it really approaches you. Even if company collapses, by that time one must have earned something beyond expected imagination

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