If Christians are willing to search the keyword under affiliate marketing, they will find out millions and millions of affiliate programs in which they can sign up as an affiliate. 

Google, Yahoo, Msn, Aol , Alta Vista are the five major search engines that Christian should begin their search with. Although many of these affiliate marketing programs can be a waste of time to join in, there are still many good programs that everybody can earn money with. Christian can earn money by using their writing skills and also can earn money with affiliate marketing programs. The following are only a few affiliate marketing programs that will be specifically suitable for Christians to earn money:

1. Sign up as an affiliate for Online Christian Book Distributors

Among many popular online Christian Book Distributors, there is an outstanding one that any Christian needs to consider with when thinking of earning money from affiliate marketing Programs.Christianbook.com is a well known and unique Christian book distributor for 30 years and one of the largest Christian bookstore with an attractive pay affiliate program for any affiliate to promote their products and make sales from it(10% for general merchandise and 5% for music downloads) . 

They have different kinds of products such as Bibles, Christian books, Christian music CDs. Worship video and gifts. This is an excellent affiliate marketing program for Christian to earn money, except Christianbook.com has some specific guidelines for any affiliate who wants to join their program. 

To be an affiliate of Christianbook.com, you must be aware of the three following basic requirements:

(You can immediately see all the details once you visit their website and click their affiliate program)

2.  Sign up as an affiliate for Christian magazine

There is another way for Christians to earn money with affiliate marketing programs, that will be to sign up as an affiliate for Christian magazines. Christian magazines need subscriptions from their readers. In order to promote their magazines, Christian magazines are always looking for people   and websites to do marketing for them. And this is how the affiliate programs fit in.

For example, Christianity Today and Charisma are two of the most popular magazines for Christians. Of course what they emphasize will be different,(Christianity Today will be more suitable for Evangelical Christians but Charisma magazine on the other hand, will be more suitable for Pentecostal or Charismatic Christians)but both of the magazines have their many distributors who are using affiliate programs to increase subscription for these two magazines.

Among all these distributors, one of the highest paying affiliate programs will be magazines.com. This is a distributor who will pay 35% of commission to its affiliates to promote the top 10 Christian magazines.( and other magazines as well) Christian can surely earn money from affiliate programs like this.

3.  Sign up as an affiliate for Christian T-shirts

As long as people need T-shirts in this world, there will always be a market for T-shirts. Don’t think that you can make a good profit from just one T-shirt because the price for T-shirts are usually from 10-30 dollars. How can Christian make profits from this kind of wear then? 

Because Christian T-shirts serve a large market in the church and different kinds of Christian groups, it then will be a great opportunity to make money for Christians. Christians love to wear their T-shirts for different purposes. It can use T-shirts as a witness for the Christian faith or use it to encourage one another, and also use it as a gift idea to the non-Christian population. Thus, it is a good way for Christians to earn money with the T-shirt affiliate marketing programs.

In fact, there are many different programs for Christians to participate in affiliate marketing

Sometimes there is no requirement for the affiliates to sign up with their own website but of course, it is always good advice to have one for any promotion. A tip for any Christian who wants to earn money from affiliate marketing programs: start to build up your website right now (if you don’t have one) before signing up for any affiliate program. But if you already have your own website, go forward right now and start making money today. May you experience God’s blessing in your finances through affiliate marketing programs.

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