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Clickfunnels 2.0 Pricing – What Is It & Why You Should Get It

Clickfunnels 2.0 pricing is packed with awesome new features. We were fortunate enough to get in on the beta program and use it for quite some time. The best part of click funnels 2.0 compared to the original is that you can build your funnel without ever leaving the builder, which saves you so much time.

Clickfunnels 2.0 is a complete rehaul of the original funnel-building software first introduced in 2016. It’s now easier to build sales funnels with click funnels 2.0 allowing you to see all the elements that make up your funnel, creating them in seconds and automatically as a seamless process.

What Is Clickfunnel?

Clickfunnels is a web-based application that helps you build marketing funnels quickly and easily. It includes features that make it easy to set up your marketing campaigns. You can do this in just minutes by dragging and dropping elements into place. It also includes other features that let you manage those campaigns once set up. Such as analytics reports and A/B testing capabilities.

ClickFunnels is a tool that allows users to create sales funnels. These sales funnels can be used for a wide range of purposes, and they can be used on various platforms. ClickFunnels can be used to create landing pages, sales pages, and even membership sites and subscription services.

Core Features Of Clickfunnels 2.0

ClickFunnels 2.0 is a major update to the earlier versions, with many new features and enhancements.

ClickFunnels 2.0 offers these core features:

A/B testing: You can test two different landing pages and see which one converts better.

Autoresponders: Create an email sequence that automatically sends emails to users based on what they do in your funnel.

Optin funnels: Create opt-in forms at specific parts of your sales funnel to capture your customers’ email addresses or other information.

Sales funnels: Create sales funnels consisting of multiple steps, where each step has its page or page template. With links that direct customers through the process of becoming a customer and making a purchase.

Membership sites: create membership sites where customers pay monthly fees for access to exclusive content like videos, audios, downloads, etc.

Funnel features on clickfunnels 2.0 pricing plan

Source: Russell Brunson

Clickfunnels is an online sales funnel creator that assists you in developing and marketing your service or product. It’s a powerful tool with many features, and the pricing can be confusing at first.

The good news is that Clickfunnels has a free trial period. So you can see how it works before you buy. If you’re just starting, you might want to start with one of the free plans to get an idea of how it all works.

There are three basic plans:

Startup: $97/month (billed annually) – This plan has everything you need to build your website. Including unlimited pages and funnels, mobile apps, email marketing, and more. All this is included in the price!

Growth: $297/month (billed annually) – This plan includes everything in the Startup plan plus advanced features like A/B testing, custom domains, etc.

Enterprise: $997/month (billed annually) – With this plan, you get all the benefits of the Growth Plan as well as 24/7 support via phone or chat, custom training for your team, and unlimited users on your account.

You should look at two primary plans?

The ClickFunnels 2.0 pricing is simple, but there’s a lot of confusion.

The main confusion comes from getting a 14-day free trial and then upgrading to one of two different types of plans.

There are two different types of plans:

1) The “Entrepreneur” plan costs $97 per month and includes basic features such as sales funnel creation, landing pages, and email marketing.

2) The “Marketing Agency” plan costs $297 per month and includes all the features in the Entrepreneur plan plus advanced features like A/B testing, custom domains, live chat support, and more.

How much does each of them cost?

ClickFunnels is a hosted sales funnel software platform that helps companies with their sales process. It allows marketing folks to concentrate on what they do finest: creating amazing content. Without specialist knowledge or coding abilities, they can create marketing funnels in minutes with Clickfunnels.

Pricing for ClickFunnels

The cost of Clickfunnels begins at $97 per month and rises to $297 per month. The 14-day free trial is ready if you wish to acquire it.

You also get a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the service provided by Clickfunnels.

However, there are some limitations, such as:

1) You will have only one domain name per account, so if you have more than one domain name, then it will not work with Clickfunnels 2.0 pricing.

2) Your account will be locked if any of your affiliates use click funnels 2.0 pricing; hence there should be no affiliate activity on your account before upgrading from the 1.0 version of click funnels.

Is Clickfunnels 2.0 Pricing going to be higher than the 1.0 Pricing?

If you have a 1.0 account and are paying monthly, we will automatically upgrade your account to 2.0 at no additional cost. If you have a 1.0 account and are on an annual payment plan, you will still be able to continue paying annually for the lifetime of that account.

You would only see a change in price if you were on the free plan or if your 1.0 account expired and you tried to upgrade it back into an active state again.

We would need to charge at least $97/month to cover the cost of hosting and support; this price would also include all-new features/upgrades/updates as they become available.

What are the major distinctions between the two Schemes?

Source: Gusten Sun

The most prominent and extensively utilized ClickFunnels 2.0 pricing tier. It has been designed to be a great fit for most businesses and startups, but it also comes with some limitations that may not suit everyone.

The cost of this plan is $97 per month, billed as a yearly payment of $997. The fee includes access to all features, but there are also some limitations that you should consider before choosing this option.

This very powerful plan comes with everything you need to get started with your online business – landing pages, funnels, email marketing, mobile apps, and more.

The main difference between the two plans is that there are no restrictions on traffic or leads in the Pro version. You can use up to 10K visitors per month and unlimited contacts in your funnels.

What will you do if you’re undecided about a course?

If you’re not confident about which plan to choose, consider the following alternatives.

If you are running a small business, you can go for the click funnels 2.0 pricing plan at $97/month. This will put aside a significant amount of time and money.

If you are running an eCommerce store or a membership site, you can also go for the same plan but with additional features like sales funnel builder, email integration, and affiliate program builder.

If you are running an enterprise-level business or have a large audience base, the best option is to go for the enterprise plan, which costs around $297/month and comes with all the features you need to run your business smoothly without any hassles.

Is there a free trial for click funnels 2.0?

ClickFunnels offers a 30-day free trial. On the other hand, this trial edition is only good for 14 days and does not need a credit or debit card.

The free trial has a monthly limit of 20 funnels, 100 web pages, and 20,000 visits. It’s fairly generous for a marketing platform, but it’s not unlimited.

No credit card is expected to join the ClickFunnels 14-day challenging task. You’ll get full access to all the features of ClickFunnels 2.0 and support from their team during your 14-day trial period. If you decide to upgrade after that time, you’ll receive a $20 discount on your first month’s payment.

What is the Clickfunnels refund policy?

The ClickFunnels refund policy is very simple, and it’s one of the most generous in the industry. Clickfunnels offers a 100% money-back guarantee on all their plans, which means that you can test out their software without any risk to your wallet. They will gain a comprehensive return if you cannot use the product within 60 days of joining up.

Final Words

Overall-clickfunnels have some great features. In conclusion, you get a lot of value with clickfunnels 2.0 pricing if you are a web designer or running an e-commerce site. The only thing that might slow you down is the 2.0 price tag, but it is worth it if you take full advantage of the software and market your business well with it.


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