Consumer Marketing for Magazines: Convincing People by Mail Your Mag is Worth Reading

Consumer marketing for a new magazine might be considered a Herculean task today based on the overcrowded magazine market. But getting word out to consumers about a new magazine through direct mail can be a real asset today based on how unexpected it is. Most people expect to see marketing for magazines entirely in the online world. Seeing a beautifully printed piece in their snail mail box can be a welcome sight amid junk mail and bills.

When promoting your new magazine this way, would you know what to include in your direct mail piece to generate subscribers? Through the printed word and graphics, you have room to prove your magazine is worthy of being read.

Proving Good Content is the Ultimate marketing For Magazines

In your direct mailing, print some excerpts from your magazine, or perhaps give consumers a website they can visit for a free read of an article. Excellent content is going to make a huge difference in whether consumers subscribe to you or not. In your direct mail piece, you should also indicate exactly what niche you fall under so you can target the consumers you intend. Make it clear in your mailing that the magazine is devoted to a subject that people will care about and not something overly fringe.

Proving Credentials

It’s important when marketing for magazines, to acquire some quotes or blurbs from professionals who’ve read your magazine and endorse the subjects you cover. Place those quotes in your direct mailing and place them at the front so consumers will notice. Also, make sure those names are relatively known, or at least ones that can be Googled so people will know they’re real and not made up.

Asking for Feedback

If you give a URL in your mailing for people to access sample articles to read online, allow a feedback card they can mail back. While feedback can also be done online, a tangible feedback card may be preferred, especially if you have multiple choice answers they can select to save time. Many people don’t like surveys or questionnaires online because of the time they take. A simple one asking opinion through direct mail can give you plenty of consumer opinion to help you make changes to your magazine before officially launching.

Promoting a Place Online to Bring Discussion

While it may seem strange to promote something online through direct mail, an attractive mailing can compel consumers to visit your website. With so much marketing online, you may not generate that much intense interest if people see promotional efforts on social media or through online ads.

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In order to generate more interest online, promoting a place to bring in discussion about the subjects your magazine writes about can be a benefit. 

Mention a discussion forum in your mailing that gets people talking and generating buzz so your magazine will start being mentioned in social media circles.

Fortunately, you generally won’t have trouble finding a place that can print your direct mail piece to promote your magazine. Printing companies have learned themselves that direct mail is still a viable solution in promoting virtually anything now, just as long as it’s tied in with the digital world in some way. In that regard, marketing a magazine still has a foot in the days when all of the classic magazines going today were first discovered in the mail seven or eight decades ago.

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