Craft Marketing: Promoting Yourself As A Craft Designer

If you’re a craft designer in need of inexpensive ideas for marketing your handmade crafts, it’s time to reconsider the considerable marketing power of your business cards. Business cards are simple to reproduce and can be one of the marketing tools in your craft marketing arsenal. To really maximize the effects of business card marketing, you need to know how to get your card into as many hands as possible.h

Ensure Your Business Cards Are Available For Distribution

First of all, your business card should be in your wallet at all times without exception. Never leave home without a few. Each time you walk out the door carrying your business card, you are facing an opportunity for marketing your craft business. Make it easy on yourself by having easy access to your business cards. When you meet a person for the first time, pull one of your business cards out of your wallet and present it to them with a smile. The recipient will appreciate it as it will make it easier to remember your name if they see it in writing.

Find Ways To Distribute Your Cards

As you go about your daily activities during the day, keep an eye open for bulletin boards where you can post your card. Marketing for a craft designer means bringing attention to your craft. Be sure to carry thumb tacks with you in your pocketbook to make posting your card easy. You’ll encounter bulletin boards in such places as grocery stores, schools, libraries, health clubs, etc., on a daily basis where you can quickly and easily post your card. And, yes, this should bring in orders if you place your cards in high traffic areas. Marketing is a numbers game, and this is a simple form of marketing that doesn’t require a lot of time. Why not take advantage of it?

Another great place to leave a business card is in a restaurant. If you eat out often, take advantage of craft marketing for business. When you pay your check, enclose a business card. It might also help your cause if you’re generous with the tip. For example, one jewelry designer has been known to take his jewelry case with him when he goes to a restaurant. While he’s waiting on his food, he pulls out his pliers and creates a few pieces. The waitstaff finds this to be intriguing, and a conversation develops, which often results in several sales to restaurant workers while he’s there for his meal. That is more of a¬†buzz marketing¬†strategy, but we won’t get into details in this article.

Other places to leave your craft business card is with your hairdresser, masseuse, in every fishbowl at restaurants you encounter, on top of the stack of library books you’re returning, at fast-food drive-throughs, the bank, in the waiting room of doctor’s offices and just about any other place people congregate. Think out of the box, and you’ll come up with all kinds of places to leave your cards.

Create Digital Marketing Business Cards To Distribute Online

Even if your business is not an online business, it can use the benefits of social media marketing. You can create a digital copy of your business cards and share them on social media. If you’re not very adept at using graphics design software, you can create your design, take a photo, and use that photo as your business card. Simply add your contact details on the photo of your crafts – that’s simple enough for anyone to handle.

Give this simple, low-cost craft marketing tip a try. If done properly, it could be just the boost your craft business needs.

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