Craigslist Marketing: A Simple Guide to Success in Digital Marketing

Craigslist can genuinely be a boon for marketers if one knows how to use it. The key to marketing on craigslist is a clear, concise, and to-the-point ad. However, there are thousands of ads popping up on craigslist every day, so you must know how to make your ad stand out from the crowd. If one knows how to write a craigslist ad properly, digital marketing can be a piece of cake. So let’s get started and see how to craft an awesome digital ad: 

Think of a Great Heading To Lure the Consumer Into Your Ad

In order to draw your audience’s attention, you must place a clear and crisp heading. Still, an attention-grabbing heading does not mean that you write everything in caps. ALL CAPS posts give the feeling as if someone is shouting over the head. Also, keep it low with the exclamation marks, asterisks, and other special characters.

Go for a heading that describes your product or service in as few words as possible. You do not need fancy adjectives to sell your ad to the audience. If people are looking to buy, they will click your ad. Sell one item per post. Do not try to sell your chair with your phone in the same ad. Post your ad in the relevant category. For e.g., if you have a clothing store, there is no use in placing the ad in the furniture category. 

A Well-Thought-Out Ad Body Is the Heart of Your Digital Advertisement

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Once your listing has been clicked, you must maintain the user’s attention throughout your ad. The easiest way to do this is to make your posts more readable. This means adding bullet points and paragraph breaks whenever applicable. Do not give the readers a plain slab of text. This helps people to follow your ad with ease.

Always begin your ad with a clear and concise product description. List any and all useful information about the product or service. Always mention the state of your product- new, used, etc. Never forget to mention the price. When it comes to price, you must leave room for the buyer to negotiate. Therefore the listed price should be a little higher than the actual price. But make sure the price isn’t ridiculous.

It’s wise to add a little humor and creativity to your ads but do not overdo it. Remember that craigslist also has moderators. Do not exaggerate your posts. Simply tell the truth. Craigslist has its own terms and conditions, do not do anything to violate them. So if you post multiple ads for the same item or try other spamming methods, your account might get banned altogether. Also, keep the length in check. The full ad must not take more than 2-3 scrolls to read, including the photos.

Photos Are a Visual Pull for Readers To View Your Ad

As craigslist has an option to sort out listings with photos, it is always smart to have at least one photograph in your ad. Use original photos, preferably taken by yourself, that cannot be found elsewhere on the internet. Never ever use stock photos. You must note that more than half of craigslist traffic is via mobile devices. Therefore, photos must be resized suitably to be viewed on tablets, phones, and other mobile gadgets.

Try to take high-quality photos and include detailed photographs if you are selling a product. Avoid gifs, colored backgrounds, or anything else that is too flashy. You can link your photo albums from Picasa or Flickr directly into your ads. But be careful not to add too many pictures, or else the page may not load quickly.

Do Not Forget To Leave Your Contact Data

People tend to go for products that have the seller’s contact information within the ad. You must make it clear how one can contact you. If you are skeptical about giving out your contact number to strangers, you can just give out your email address. If your deal is done before the post is expired, especially in the case of electronics and real state, make sure that you take your ad off, or you may have emails pouring in for inquiring about an already sold product. If you have given out your contact number, mention the best timings to contact you.

The above steps, if followed correctly, will surely help you write a better craigslist ad. Still, a buyer’s attention also depends upon the specific product or service that you are offering. 

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