Creating, Communicating, Delivering, and Exchanging Offers in Network Marketing

Marketing is basically a communication process by which the public is reached into a state of readiness to accept a given offer, whether it is a new product, a special sale, or a change in the existing offerings. Marketing, therefore, refers to the act of bringing together the offering and the public through the various communications channels. The four Ps of marketing are customer, product, place, and process.

What is the first step to take when marketing your product?

When marketing an apple to a farmer, the first step is to identify the type of customer he is, i.e. what are his purchasing habits? Next, if he is a typical consumer, he will most likely go to a store to search for apples, and then he will buy from a specific dealer that sells the apples he desires. He will be more likely to buy at a lower price, and will be willing to exchange his present apple for a better one.

If, however, the farmer is a non-typical consumer, and he is able to get information about apples from many sources, he may become a more flexible buyer and be open to a variety of offers. It is therefore essential that the marketing research is targeted at identifying the characteristics of the audience. In addition, it is important that all relevant information about the market is known. It is also essential that the marketing research not only provide information about the market, but also about the influencers. The influencer marketing research should be segmented into the various types of consumers who are targeted by the marketing.

In most cases, the marketing research focuses on the buying behavior of one-to-one interactions. It involves identifying the marketing message that is perceived to resonate with consumers in the one-to-one setting. This allows marketers to focus on segments of the population more likely to purchase the product, such as moms, for example, or frequent buyers. Knowing who they are, the marketers are able to design a campaign based on their characteristics.

The meaning and importance of one-to-many offerings within a marketing strategy

The other type of market segment identified by the marketing research is one-to-many offerings. In this case, the marketing people identify the offerings being made and the channels through which they are being offered. The marketing is more focused on capturing the attention of customers, creating value and offering the best experience. It is important to note that one-to-many offerings tend to occur when the audience is large enough and that the information about them can be captured quickly.

One way to address these types of organizations is by delivering offerings that are targeted to a specific segment of consumers. For instance, the marketing research revealed that consumers in a business conference were interested in hearing about new products. To make sure that the right set of messages were being delivered, the marketing team decided to deliver an informative session on a recent breakthrough in agriculture. During this session, the farmer showcased how a new technology enabled him to grow apples from seeds in just two days using a new technique. The farmer shared the technology with the audience and invited them to attend the event in order to get a better understanding of what he was doing.

As much as it is a complex process, the result is rewarding

As you can see, creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings in the context of network marketing is very complex. However, once it is completed, it provides tremendous opportunities for marketers to connect with consumers and drive business. A good leader will never let his team down. Remember that your marketing is all about creating a powerful connection with the people who will be buying or using your product. You cannot afford to ignore the value of this component of your marketing strategy.

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