Customers Every Retail Salesperson Loves Having in Their Store

A retail salesperson juggles multiple customer personalities in their retail store everyday. Following are retail customers that any and all retail salespeople love to see standing in the crowded flock of customers that make up their department.

The Patient Customer

Patience is a virtue but in the retail world it’s a godsend. Having to deal with dozens of customers that all need things “right now” can drive a salesperson crazy. If a salesperson is able to have just one patient customer a day it makes getting through the other customers all worth it. Just the simple gesture of being understood works to lift the stress off of a retail salesperson’s shoulders and can give them the added boost to make it through the rest of the day. This rare treat known as the patient customer only comes once in a blue moon and is a breath of fresh air so cherish them while you can and make sure you show your appreciation for this noble customer.

The Informed Customer

If you’re a retail salesperson that specializes in a certain department or field, you’ll have to explain the specifics of your industry over and over again to uninformed customers (which “is” your job). You love the industry that you’re in, but you feel more like a guide in the store than an expert. Every now and then you’ll get a customer that also shares the same passion for the industry as you do. You’ll feel like you and the customer are long lost siblings or kindred spirits. You won’t believe that someone else actually knows something about your field and you two will surely hit it off. You’ll hate when these customers leave your retail store and you’ll feel like you lost a good friend after these customers are gone.

The Pacifier

In the retail world a salesperson is on an outnumbered battlefield. There will be times when a salesperson is outnumbered by as many as ten times the amount of customers as there are salespeople (Black Friday, anyone?) and would love to have a pause button in the store to stop the onslaught of customers.

The closest thing a retail salesperson can get to having a pause button in the retail store is the Pacifier customer. This customer gathers all of the angry customers and focuses their attention on something other than pummeling you over the head with their fists. The pacifier will chat it up with other customers and make them feel as though they were at a social event instead of a retail store. They’ll talk about children, products, current news events, or anything other than the slow service at your retail store. Having a Pacifier in your store will relax all of the other customers and give you an opportunity to catch up with your work.

The Promoter

Retail salespeople work very hard and hardly get any recognition outside of customers complaining. It’s a bit depressing to feel as though you are doing your best and feel that no one is noticing you. Every once in a while a retail salesperson will help a customer and get the long awaited recognition that they deserve. The promoter is so motivated by your display of great customer service that they have to tell everyone about it. The promoter is the antithesis of the complainer and won’t rest until she’s notified your manager, supervisor, and corporate office of your great deeds.

Just having one Promoter a year will get a salesperson through the year, feeling good about themselves and are motivation to keep up the good retail sales work.

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