A profitable practice can be easy and inexpensive to achieve. If you want to increase the number of new patients there are new electronic marketing strategies that can work effectively. For doctors, marketing can be difficult, but we can help with that.

The goal is simple – match your practice with your patients’ needs. You have confidence in your diagnosis and treatment skills and that’s the message potential patients need to know.

Using electronics with traditional communications as a means of getting exposure can be a cost-effective means of reaching more people in a short amount of time. Here are ten very effective ways you can advertise using electronic mediums, and not all of these are the internet.

Email List: Collecting email addresses along with other patient information can be a very beneficial list to have for doctors marketing their services 

Sending out weekly or bimonthly emails about new treatments, trends in healthcare, or special procedures you can do is a good means of advertising. Emails get forwarded to friends and acquaintances with medical conditions and email accounts.

The Internet: The internet offers an infinite number of ways to gain attention as doctors marketing their services

Every time you do something that ends up or is published on the internet, the more you increase the odds of people finding your name while doing a search. That includes being a member of a medical association that has a website, publishing an article for a medical journal, or having a website of your own.

Website: Here is a very flexible way to give potential patients a glimpse into your practice. 

You can have a simple two or three page website. Or you can go big-time with streaming video and flashy graphics. Whichever way you go, you want your website to accomplish one important thing; convince potential patients why they should choose you as their physician.

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Social Network Sites: Using these sites can put you in touch with people who would have been hard to reach. 

These sites give you the opportunity to let people know what you are up to on a day-to-day basis. By being selective about what you post on these sites, this can also assist you in “creating that image.”

Yahoo and YouTube: These websites give you the opportunity to post videos that other people can watch. 

That segment you did for the local TV news, that talk show interview, or the video you were in from that conference, can all be watched several times after they aired thanks to These websites. They will also provide you with a link for your video that you can add to your website or include in emails.

Business Networking Websites: These business-oriented networking websites have quickly become a valuable tool for many professionals. 

The flexibility of these websites is especially appealing because this allows you to do networking in a specific profession. So, doctors marketing their services can use these platforms to professionally communicate with others in the gield.

With little start-up cost and in a relatively short amount of time, you can use these methods to draw potential patients to your practice. You may have access to one or most these mediums already and not realize their profit increasing potential.

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